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Magento 2 Marketplace Adyen Payment: Adyen Marketplace Payment Add-On enables the customer to pay through the Adyen payment gateway. The Admin can configure the payment method so that it can be visible at the time of checkout.

The admin can also use Adyen Payment integration for processing the vendor payouts. The payment made by a customer gets split and admin will pay the amount to the seller through a payout request acceptance.

The admin can even refund the amount through the module if the buyer has requested for the refund.

Please Note - Magento 2 Marketplace Adyen Payment module is a marketplace add-on, so you must be using Webkul Magento 2 Multi-Vendor Marketplace module, otherwise Magento 2 Marketplace Adyen Payment will not work.

 Highlighted Features

 Support Multiple Credit Cards

Accept payments from various cards like Visa, Mastercard etc.

 Easy Payout

The admin can easily process payouts to the sellers.

 Easy Refunds

The seller can make a refund through the Adyen account.

 Email Notifications

Mail notifications to the admin and the seller for every payout event.

Why use this module?

Nowadays, online transaction frauds are very common. So everybody pays extra attention while making any online transactions. In between providing a safe, secure, fast, and reliable payment option for your customers is a must for every online merchant.

It helps the store owner to build a strong relationship between the customer and the store. Using the Adyen Payment, the admin can facilitate their customers with the best payment methods.

It supports various cards such as Debit cards, Credit cards including American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, JCB, Diners, Maestro, UnionPay.

 Easy Adyen Settings

The admin can enable the module and set the desired configuration, which will make the payment method visible to the customer at the time of checkout. Admin can set the configurations for the module by entering-

  • Firstly Enable the module.
  • Then set the name of the payment method that will appear at the time of checkout.
  • Select an environment in which module will work.
  • Enter the Adyen account details with which admin has registered in the Adyen payment Gateway.
  • Enter the username and Password of all the Webservices that interact with the payment gateway.
  • Assign the order status when payment is made via Adyen account.
  • The type of credit cards which will be allowed if the payment methods are selected.
  • Enter the token key of the library of live or test account.
  • Select the allowed countries for the payment gateway.
  • Enter the minimum and maximum amount of order details.
  • The order in which the payment gateway will appear in the checkout page.

 Seller Payout Request

  • The module is the best solution for the marketplace sellers to accept online payments on the Magento Marketplace store.
  • To use the Ayden Payment gateway, the seller needs to enter the Ayden account details.
  • These account details contain International Bank Account Number (IBAN), TIN, Account Holder Name, Business Identification Code, Bank Name, Bank Country, and Bank City.
  • The seller can add multiple bank account details.
  • The seller can even delete the existing account details.
  • The seller can receive payout amount in the mentioned bank accounts.
  • The seller can submit a payout request for the orders which are completed.

 Convenient Payout

  • The payout is the amount given to the seller post deduction of the commission.
  • The seller can submit a request to the admin for the payout payment.
  • Mail notification to the admin for every payout request made by the seller.
  • Even the admin can submit a payout request on behalf of the seller.
  • Both the seller and admin can submit a payout request on behalf of the seller.
  • The payout payment request can be accepted or declined by the admin.
  • Mail notification to the seller for every payout accept or decline.
  • The requested amount is sent to the seller in their desired account for the opted orders.

 Easy Refund

  • This module provides the flexibility of managing the refunds of the orders.
  • Make easy refunds to the customers if any of the customers cancel their order and want a refund.
  • The seller can send its customer the order amount directly by the Ayden account.
  • The transaction gets recorded in the Adyen account as a statement.
  • The seller can generate a credit memo for returning the order amount.
  • The admin can check refunded order in their Adyen Account as ‘SentForRefund’ status.
  • This gives more ease and clarity to all admin, seller, and customer in case of returns.

 Complete Features List

  • Accept credit cards that Adyen supports.
  • Used Adyen client-side encryption for payment processing.
  • The admin can enable or disable the module on the front-end.
  • All the payment is first authorized then captured later when an invoice is created either by admin or seller.
  • It supports split payment between the sellers and the admin.
  • Once captured and order complete seller can request for payout.
  • The payout can be requested for all the completed orders or specific orders.
  • A seller can add IBAN details to request a payout.
  • A seller can delete IBAN details.
  • The admin can add bank details to the seller.
  • The admin can request a payout for a specific seller.
  • The admin can accept or decline payout requests.
  • Sellers will receive an email for payout accept or decline.
  • The admin will receive an email for each payout request.


For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/.

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