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Adobe Commerce Marketplace Advanced Booking System module introduces new product type Booking Products. This will allow the marketplace sellers to sell booking services as a product. This will convert the store into a dynamic event-driven site. And let your customers purchase and book everything online including Appointments, Event tickets, Rental products, hotels, tables etc.

Please Note:

Types Of Booking Product

  • This module is an absolute solution to host a Booking and Reservation website conveniently.
  • The seller can create various Booking product like Appointment, Event, Rental, Hotel, and Restaurant Booking.
  • This module offers flexible module settings to create the different types of booking product for your store.

Appointment Booking

  • The seller can add appointment bookings for doctors, meetings, therapists etc.
  • Define time slots for continual and intermittent days.
  • Flexible settings to configure the time slot information like quantity, time span.
  • Set the contact information like address, location map for the customer.
  • The customers can select the date from the calendar and time slot for which they want to book the slot.

Event Booking

  • The module is easy-to-use to sell tickets for various events like seminars, movie, concerts, conferences, exhibitions etc.
  • The seller can create different ticket types tailored to the event type like common, vip, regular, senior, child etc.
  • Easy configuration to specify ticket name, price, and quantity of each ticket type.
  • The significant ticket price will be automatically added to the base price once a customer adds the corresponding ticket type to cart.
  • Displaying the location where the event will be held using a Google API key.
  • The customers can view a map of the event on the product page.

Rental Booking

  • Now, you can easily manage your rental booking business for renting the properties like car, cycle, bike etc.
  • There two types of renting available – Hourly based and Daily Based
  • The customer can hire the renting property either on Hourly Basis, Daily Basis or both.
  • Configure the multiple time slots and it’s price & quantity per slot.
  • The significant price of the selected time slot will be automatically added to the base price once a customer adds the corresponding renting product to the cart.
  • Add images for the property which will help the customer to visualize the property condition.

Hotel Booking

  • The module allows booking for all types of hotels, motels, resorts, apartments, villas etc.
  • The sellers can create hotel booking as a normal magento product with various features and functionalities.
  • Flexible settings to create the hotel variants like room type, room view, bed type, bed size etc.
  • Additional services are an essential part of the hotel services. So, various amenities can be configured such as wifi, doctor, parking etc.
  • The module uses the Google Map API. This will enable the sellers to display a Google Map showing the location of their hotel on the product page.
  • The customers can view the location of the hotel on the map and can plan their trip activities accordingly.
  • Booking calendar enables customers to select the check-in and check-out date.
  • The customers can even ask questions or queries they will have regarding the hotel.

Table Booking

You can even enable your customers to book the table for dining on your Magento store. While booking a table the customer can even add the additional note for the seller if in case, the customer wants any special arrangement. The seller can manage table reservation configurations like -

  • Configure the charge basis like per table, guest, plate etc
  • Set the charges per quantity like per guest, table etc.
  • Set the maximum number of guests the table can be booked for.
  • Can add slot information also like - Slot Duration, Break Time b/w slots and Prevent Scheduling.

Contact Information

The seller can configure the address for each booking product, so that customers can find the location easily. And can even add the contact information like:

  • Set the location name which will be visible on the product page.
  • Show the map of the location using Google API. This will help the customers to navigate to the exact location.
  • Display “Contact Us” link on the product page which will allow the customers to contact the admin.

Time Slot Management

The seller can easily manage the time slots created for the Booking product like:

  • Add start and end date for the slots.
  • Set the time interval of a slot.
  • Define the break time between the slots.
  • Set the minutes to prevent the booking before the start time of the slot.
  • Can also define the stock value as per each time slot.

Create Multiple Booking Slots

  • The seller can define multiple time slots as per each day.
  • And can also create time slots for continual and intermittent days.
  • Set available slots for bookings and reservations for each day as per the choice, e.g. reservations can be made only from 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
  • Instead of disabling the complete bookings and reservations for a particular day, the admin can remove a particular time slot for a day.

Default Booking Product

  • Two types of Default Booking Product Available - Many Bookings In a Day and One Booking for Many days.
  • The seller can add default Booking product type – Many Bookings In a Day and One Booking for Many days along with the advanced Booking Products to the catalog.
  • The seller can also manage default Booking product and their orders as well.
  • Just like Advanced Booking product, the customers will place the order for Default Booking Product conveniently.

Booking Product Management

  • The seller has a separate section to view and manage the booking products and their orders.
  • The sellers can view and manage their respective booking products and orders only.
  • But the admin can even view and manage the booking products and orders of all the sellers.
  • After placing the orders, the customers can view their Booking order details.

Features -

  • Dynamic Booking product creation for Booking and reservation.
  • The seller can add Booking product like Appointment, Event, Rental, Hotel, and Restaurant Booking.
  • Admin can configure the mail template for contact to the seller regarding Booking Product.
  • The seller can set the location name of the Booking product.
  • The seller can enable to show the map of the location of the Appointment, Event, Rental, Hotel, and Restaurant Booking.
  • Dynamic time settings like create multiple time slots and also set the time span of the slots.
  • The seller can set the break time between the slots.
  • The seller can set the minutes to prevent the booking before the start time of the slot.
  • Days/Slot-based quantity can be configured. Customers can book the booking product.
  • Brilliant UI and UX for event display and booking.
  • Built on top of the Magento MVC and ORM system.


For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/.

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