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Marketplace Event Manager for WooCommerce
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Marketplace Event Manager for WooCommercee: Keeping the requirements of the customers in mind is a must for any e-commerce site. The site owner must ensure that a customer does not have to run from pillar to post. Incorporating event products to your site may be a good idea as it eases things for the customers.

The customers will not have to go hither and thither to book tickets as it becomes easy for the customers to buy tickets just like a normal product is purchased. This way the conversion rates for the site will be more and the site will create goodwill among customers.

Please Note - Marketplace Event Manager for WooCommerce module is a marketplace add-on, so you must install Webkul WooCommerce Multi-Vendor Marketplace Plugin first.

 Highlighted Features

 Separate Product Type

The admin, as well as the sellers, can create event products under E-Tickets product type.

 Custom Option Feature

To offer customers pocket-friendly prices, the admin and sellers can create custom options for the tickets created.

 Search Events on Google Map

The customers can look for nearby events on a google map by entering the location.

 Add Event Details

The admin and sellers can add the event details such as start and end time, event location etc.

Importance and Benefits

If one wishes to ease things for the customers, then what better than allowing your customers to purchase events products from your site itself. Adding to this, customers can buy event products as a normal product.

The hassle-free process of making a purchase in a few simple steps is what customers look for. Through Event Manager Plugin the customer can easily buy tickets for Event Products. The customer will not have to visit various websites and look for the tickets.

  • Easily buy tickets for events in a few simple steps.
  • The event type products are created under E-Tickets.
  • The event start and end time are set for customers ease.
  • The admin also provides the details for the venue of the event.
  • The customers can add the event to Google Calenders.
  • The customers can choose from the multiple custom options.

Admin End Management

Once the configurations of the Marketplace Event Manager plugin are set, the admin can add new events in the backend. The admin is navigated to Add New Product Page. The admin can select the product type as E-Tickets and proceed to create an event product against Product Data tab.

The admin will have to tick the checkbox for a Virtual product. Thereafter the admin can configure the event product details like price, custom options, manage stock etc. accordingly.

  • The admin can create new event products in the backend.
  • The product type will be selected as E-Ticket by the admin.
  • A regular price can be set by the admin for the event product.
  • The admin can also set a sale price for the event product.
  • Admin can enable the stock management and also provide the set the stock quantity.
  • The low stock threshold quantity is also set by the admin.
  • The admin can set the event details like event term, event start time, event end time, event location.
  • Custom options for the event product can be added for the new event product created by the admin.

Seller End Management

As the admin can create Event products in the admin panel, similarly, the seller can create Event product in the seller panel. The seller can simply log in to the seller panel in the frontend and create the Event product.

In the add product page, the seller can choose the categories, and select the product type as E-tickets. The seller then needs to add the details of the Event product like the name of event, SKU, price etc. The seller needs to configure the E-tickets and also create the custom options.

  • The seller can create Event products in the seller end.
  • The product type will be selected as E-Tickets by the seller.
  • The seller can add details like Event name, image, SKU, regular price, sale price, description.
  • The seller can configure the event start and end time and the event location.
  • The seller can also add the custom options.

Customer End Workflow

Marketplace Event Manager is one such Plugin which binds the customers to a site. The customers can simply book tickets for any event just like a normal product. The admin and sellers create event products and also add event details for the customers' ease.

Also, the admin and sellers create pocket-friendly custom options. It’s the customers choice so as to which ticket type the customers wants to book for the event

  • Under upcoming events, by simply adding the location, the customer can view the nearby events.
  • The customer can click on the Buy Ticket button under the event type product on the product page to book an event.
  • The customers can add the event to the Google Calendar.
  • Customers can also choose any of the custom options for the respective event.
  • Eases things, as the customer can purchase tickets simply like a normal product.

 Complete Features List

  • The site owner or the admin can add event type products in the admin panel.
  • The events products are created under E-Tickets product type.
  • The admin can enable the stock management for products.
  • For event products, the admin can add regular as well as the sale price.
  • The start-time, end-time, event venue details are provided by the admin.
  • The custom options are created by the admin for the event tickets.
  • The sellers can create the event type products in the seller panel.
  • Sellers can add the event product details, start-time, end-time, event venue details.
  • The sellers can add the custom options for the event tickets.
  • The customer can check the nearby events by entering the location under upcoming events.
  • The customer can check the event locations on google map.


For any query or issue, please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/

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