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Marketplace Pre Order Plugin for WooCommerce


Marketplace Pre Order Plugin for WooCommerce: If you to want a solution that can gauge a level of demand for pre-launch or out of stock products. Then, WooCommerce Marketplace Pre-Order module is one such solution.

Using WooCommerce Marketplace Pre-Order extension, the registered customer can place orders for upcoming products and out of stock products. The customers can pay in advance and get their orders shipped when becomes available. The customer can pay either a full or partial payment of the product. The seller can configure the pre-order product availability date. And, can even charge the additional fee for pre-orders placed by the customers.

Note - This plugin is a marketplace add-on, to use this add-on you need to install Woocommerce Multi Vendor Marketplace first.

Highlighted Features


Sell and accept orders for upcoming and out of stock products.

 Customer Demand

Analyze customer demand and initial sales of the products.

 Advance Booking

Pay in advance and book items to guarantee assured delivery.

 Advance Payment

Accept partial or full payment for pre-order products.

 Arrival Date

Specify the product availability date.


Notify customers when a pre-ordered product comes in stock.

Pre-Order Product Configuration

WooCommerce Marketplace Pre-Order module is useful for the products which are about to be launched or not in stock. So, the customers can pay in advance and book their items to guarantee assured delivery. The seller can configure the following settings

  • Select the product which will be available for pre-order.
  • Define payment for pre-order for the customers – Full Payment or Partial Payment.
  • Configure Pre Order Price if payment method selected as “Partial Payment”.
  • Set the quantity of product available for customers to pre-order the product.
  • Set the availability date of the pre-order product.
  • Set status as “Enabled” or “Disabled” as per the requirement.

Product Page

The module works with simple, downloadable, virtual, variable, and grouped products. On the product page, the customer will see various information about pre-ordering the product such as

  • Payment Info – Amount of pre-order product’s price needs to be paid by the customer.
  • Product Availability Date -Date of pre-order product availability.
  • Product Availability Time- Time of pre-order product availability.
  • Pre Order button – Pre Order button to place the order for the pre-order product.
  • Pre-Order Stock – Available pre-order stock will also be displayed.

Note: The pre-order product should have stock status as ‘Out of Stock’ and pre-order option as ‘Yes’.

Placing Order

  • Registered users can place the pre-orders successfully.
  • The customer can place the pre-order either by making the full payment or partial payment as per the configuration.
  • For the full payment, the customer will make the full payment including the shipping cost and place the order.
  • And, when the product comes back in stock, the customer receives an email notification.
  • But in partial payment, the customer first pays some percentage of the product’s price plus the shipping cost.
  • And, when the product comes back in stock, the customer receives an email notification for making the remaining payment using the second order ID.

Completing Pre-Order

  • Placing the order by the customer will not reduce the inventory. The product inventory will decrease only when the seller completes the pre-order.
  • When the product will be in-stock, the customer will get an email notification for completing the order and pay the remaining amount.
  • The customer will not pay the shipping charge at the time of pre-order completion.
  • The customer cannot update the quantity of pre-ordered product on the shopping cart page.
  • Once the order is placed, the customer can view the pre-order information “My Orders” section.

 Complete Features List

  • The buyer can order products that are not available in stock if pre-order enabled for those products.
  • Works with every type of product like Simple, Downloadable, Virtual, Variable, and Grouped products as well.
  • The seller can set pre-order status and availability date.
  • The seller can set the custom amount to be paid for the preorder product.
  • By using this plugin customer can either pay the entire amount at once or can pay the partial amount for the order as per the configuration.
  • An email notification will be sent to all registered users for the new pre-order product.
  • The email notification will be sent to the customers once the pre-order product gets available in stock.


For any query or issue, please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/

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