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POS Order Return for WooCommerce: Offering refunds to customers can turn out to be favorable for business. No doubt it shall enhance the relationships with the customers and develop a trust factor as well. The customer knows that even if they end up buying a faulty product, it shall be returned and they won’t suffer any kind of monetary loss as the order amount will be refunded.

Therefore, POS Order Return for WooCommerce is one such add-on that allows the POS manager to exchange or repay the amount to the customer for a wrong-sized product or a faulty product or if another product is delivered mistakenly. This would provide the customer satisfaction that you have their back and would indirectly affect the conversion sales for a store.

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Highlighted Features

 Process Repayment

The POS manager can initiate a refund for the orders placed by the customers.

 Partial or Complete Refunds

The POS manager can either repay the complete amount or some amount for the order.

 Refurbish Product Inventory

As soon as the POS user generates a refund, the inventory of the products included in the order is updated, automatically.

 Repayment, Only Once

For order, a POS manager can only allow one refund i.e. one refund for one order.

Why Do We Need POS Order Return for WooCommerce Plugin?

Customers are the main entity of any business so It is very important to build trust and a healthy relationship with them. POS Order Return for WooCommerce plugin enables the business owners to achieve this functionality by providing an excellent return, refund, and exchange for faulty and unsatisfactory products.

So this plugin is beneficial for business owners who have an e-commerce business or any business where they want their customers to purchase their products again and again.

Benefits and Significance

It is not likely that every time a customer leaves a store satisfied. Therefore, offering refunds to your customers can be a good option.

Through POS Order Return a POS manager can repay the amount to the customer for the orders to they wish to return.

  • The customers can take a chance on a product knowing that they can return it.
  • Customers' request refunds in case of a faulty product, or incorrect product or size, if another product is delivered, etc.
  • The customer can return the products/ order within the time specified by the admin.
  • Helps in developing loyalty and a trust factor with the customers.
  • Leads to higher conversion rates, as it initiates more sales.

Placing Orders with POS

POS or Point of Sale System has become an imperative part of any business. The pace with which it has replaced the cash registers is incredible.

Most of all, using a POS system has surely diminished the rate of errors as the data is processed digitally. It saves a lot of time which is wasted in entering the data manually.

  • On logging in, the POS user has to add the cash drawer amount.
  • The customer will select the products from the store and simply add them to the cart.
  • The customer can make payment via card or even pay in cash for the Order.
  • An invoice is generated as soon as the payment is made for the order.
  • POS has grabbed a place in the e-commerce industry as it processes the order comparatively faster.

Processing Refund and Exchange Requests

Providing exchange and refunds to the customers is the most important aspect for any business and when integrated with the POS system it will result in benefitting the business to a great extent.

A POS manager can process a refund or exchange request for the customers by simply choosing the order from the Order List.

  • Under the “Order” tab, the POS manager can choose an order from the Order list for which the refund or exchange has to be processed.
  • Click on “Return” and the products included in the order are added to the cart.
  • The POS manager may either refund the complete amount or some amount.
  • For one order, a refund can be processed only once.
  • An invoice will be generated including the details of the refund processed by the POS manager.
  • Also, Customers can exchange products at the POS. The difference amount must be paid by the customer.

Automatic Product Inventory Management

Product management is one of the concerns if one is running a store. It becomes quite hectic to update the inventory of the products manually. It is quite obvious that if a customer places a request for a refund and returns the order, the inventory of the products included in the order must be updated in the respective outlet.

  • The admin can edit the outlet and view the product inventory under ‘POINT OF SALE > Outlets’.
  • A specific inventory is assigned to each product in the outlet.
  • If a customer places an order, the respective number of products purchased is deducted in the outlet’s product inventory.
  • Once a refund request is processed and the amount is refunded, the product inventory is managed/ updated automatically, for the products included in the order.
  • It reduces the labor of manually updating the inventory every now and then.

 Complete Features List

  • POS users can generate refunds for the customers.
  • The status of the order which the POS user refunds alters from 'completed' to 'refunded'.
  • A POS user can either refund the complete amount or partial amount, as per the requirement.
  • It generates invoices for the orders which the POS user refunds.
  • A refund can be generated for an order, only once.
  • The product inventory is updated automatically, as the POS user generates a refund for an order.
  • The admin can view the updated product inventories under the Outlets section.
  • POS users can generate the return receipt for the products that are being returned.


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