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POS App for Magento 2: Now there is no need to develop two separate Native apps for the Android and iOS platforms. This single app can be used on both platforms.  Using this Flutter Native app, your cashiers can make use of this single application on their Android or iOS devices for your multiple physical stores. The app will provide a user-friendly experience to your cashiers as they can easily handle the application on their tablets.


Highlighted Features for POS App for Magento 2

 Offline Mode

The cashier can place the orders even if there is no or low internet connectivity.

 Easy Product Search

Now search the products using the product SKU, characters, and name. The product search also displays the search suggestions.

 Barcode Scanning

Add products to the cart quickly using the barcode scanning functionality that utilizes the camera of the tablet or device.

 Add/Edit New Customer

Cashiers can add a new customer on the POS app or can also use the default customer to make a quick checkout.

 Cart Management

Manage the cart by adding products, increasing their quantity, or deleting them and managing the order records.

 Discount Coupons

The cashier can also apply discount coupons for the products within the cart.

 Generate Credit Memo

The Cashier can generate the credit memo for any of the products to update the product quantity for the respective items in the order.

 Cash Drawer Details

Check the complete in cash and out cash for any day of the year using the calendar and print the details.

 Change Category

Easily change the default category by selecting another the required category or their sub-category as required.

 Refresh Product & Category List

Easily refresh the products and categories on the go to sync the products and category at the store.

 Image for Cashier

Upload the default image that is visible to all the cashiers under their account panel.

 Multi-Currency Support

Change the currency of the POS system by choosing the currency within the POS panel options.

Offline Mode

Offline mode allows the cashier to place the orders even if there is no or low internet connectivity. It surely helps the business as the cashiers do not have to wait for the internet to revive and can place orders.

  • It is beneficial for businesses that combine an online & offline presence in their operations.
  • No internet or poor mobile signal it still works in offline mode.
  • After the internet is revived the offline orders get synchronized automatically.
  • All the orders & transactions are saved locally when in offline mode.

Sales Order

The cashier will be able to manage the orders using their mobile device by -

  • Viewing all online & offline orders.
  • Select the date range to filter the specific orders.
  • View order details like - order ID, customer name, address, date and time for a placed order, payment mode, etc.
  • A calendar to select start and end dates.

Select & Add/Edit Customer

The cashier can select the default customer that is set by the admin from the module configuration settings to complete the purchase without asking for customer information.

Apart from that, the admin can also add a new customer from the POS panel at the front end and after that can make a checkout for the respective customer. The cashier can also search for the customer if the customer already exists else the cashier can also add a new customer.

  • Select your valuable customers for checkout
  • Guest checkout is supported, no need to select the customer while making a checkout.

Search For Products

The cashier can easily search for the products by tapping the search icon available within the POS app. The cashier can also make use of the tablet camera to add the products to the cart using the barcode. The cashier will be able to easily search for the products within the Flutter Native app by -

  • Searching the products using SKU.
  • Searching the products using characters.
  • Searching the products using product name.
  • Add the products to the cart using the barcode

Change Category

Cashiers can swiftly change the categories within the Flutter Native app as per the requirement. The cashier can reach any of the child categories of the available parent category simply by tapping the respective icon present.

The cashier can also go back to the admin set default category by tapping the return button for the category.

  • Select any parent category and reach its child category
  • View products within the parent category
  • View product within the child category
  • Easily maneuver to the respective category
  • Get back to the admin set category

Cash Drawer

The cashier will be able to check the cash drawer details by these options, i.e., close counter, Today's cash, and Sale history pages.

  • In close counter check the other payment sales, expected amount in the drawer, difference, and total return.
  • The agent can add the remark as well.
  • Check today's cash section to check the opening drawer amount, cash sale, and other payment sales.
  • Check previous sale history.

Ease of Cart Management

The cart can be easily managed by the cashier using the Flutter Native mobile applications on their tablets. The cashier can - -

  • Add single/multiple products to the cart as required
  • Increase the quantity of products within the cart
  • Swipe left to delete the product from the cart
  • Make use of the customer credit card to manage the order record

Refresh Category & Product list

The cashier has the option to refresh the category and the product list within the POS app. It syncs the categories and products within the app with the online store. The cashier can refresh the category and product list to sync the data between the mobile application and the online store.

  • Refresh the category list
  • Refresh the product list

Category Navigation

The cashier has the option to change the category at any time as required. Changing the category displays the respective products within that category. The cashier can easily navigate back to the main category by just making a small tap on the respective button.

  • Change product categories as required
  • All products displayed under the selected category
  • Option to navigate back to the main category
  • Going back displays the default category set by the admin
  • Navigate to the sub-categories of any main category.

Credit Memo

It might happen that a customer sometimes wants to return the items within an order. The cashier can generate a credit menu so as to return the product quantities. To do so the cashier will -

  • Update the return quantity for the respective items in the order
  • Generate the credit memo for the order
  • Check the details of the generated credit memo
  • Check the complete description of the credit memo


For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/.

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based on 5 reviews
Christian Barone
Posted On - January 25, 2023
The team is professional, reliable, and smart
Mobikul delivered the app before the deadline due to its organization and management skills. The team uses a ticketing system to monitor every task and goal in the project.
Arvanitis Ioannis
Posted On - March 17, 2021
Congratulations to the team!
POS App for Magento 2, works perfectly, and has solved many of my salesman problems
Any configuration i needed, the Webkul responds immediately and I can say it worked hard
Your team is impeccable!
Your team is impeccable! You have worked hard to solve every problem for me.
Congratulations to the team.
asimibodypiercing.gr/ (GR)
Posted On - January 15, 2021
Great customer service!
Webkul has excellent customer service!
Trust the webkul experts.
Is the only company where you can find everything.
Milton Hilara
Posted On - June 11, 2020
Fast and adequate support
A fantastic experience when it comes to providing solutions, fast and adequate support that help you achieve your goals in your project.
We are satisfied with the support provided and the support during the customization.
Joel Pascoal
Posted On - December 26, 2019
Excelente equipe Andróide
Excelente equipe Andróide, recomendo..
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