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Point of Sale System for Magento 2 (POS) Sale

Point of Sale System for Magento 2 (POS)

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Point Of Sale System for Magento 2: The POS system for Magento 2 is a perfect solution for management of a physical store. It gives the store owner the liberty to have multiple outlets for a store. This module will easily manage customer and orders for swift processing of the store. The admin and salesperson can also see cash drawer to compute the profit incurred in a financial day. The POS system is a bridged solution for managing online and physical store inventory. This module can be very helpful for an increment in the sales on the store.

Also available for Magento 1
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Point Of Sale System for Magento 2: The POS system for Magento 2 gives the advantage to the store owner to manage the Physical store in a fast, simple and effective way. The store owner here can create outlets for each physical store. The outlets here are linked with products for management of the physical store inventory and online store inventory separately. The sales agent can even manage the customer's data here to create a good customer-seller relationship. It even gives the customer the power pay through a split mode which will divide the payment into card and cash. This module can be said as a streamlined way for management of the day to day activities of the physical store. Thus, it can help in generation of revenue to a higher gradient.


  1. The Magento POS connects only to the Printer, and barcode reader, whereas it doesn't connect directly with the cash drawer and card swapping machine.
  2. POS requires a browser to work on it.
  3. POS supports 7.5 screen size minimum.
Magento 2 POS System

 Point Of Sale System For Magento 2 Features -

  • The admin can create multiple physical outlets for his/her online store and associate products with them.
  • Separate Panel for sales agent for sales management.
  • Admin can Print Barcode Slip.
  • New customer can be added from the Sales agent POS panel.
  • Easy real-time synchronization of sales and transactions.
  • Easy centralized inventory and sales management for the admin.
  • The products can be added to cart in three ways- on clicking the product, through SKU and through Barcode Reader.
  • The agent can Put the POS in Fullscreen mode.
  • The Product list and Category list can be refreshed from the frontend.
  • Hassle-free payment and checkout process.
  • Sales agent can hold an order for later check-out processes.
  • Sales agent can change among multiple languages and currencies.
  • The sales agent can view the cash drawer for computing the profit generated in a day or days by them.
  • Sales agent can even file the return and generate cash memo for the product(s).
  • Product type supported - simple and virtual.

Multiple Physical Store

Magento 2 POS expands the revenue generation scope by increasing the points of sale stations in the store. The POS owner can easily divide the store into multiple outlets or stores for systemized functioning. Various products can be associated with the outlet to provide the perfect inventory management.

  • Admin can assign sales agent to each outlet created.
  • The sales agent can log in the POS from frontend to manage the outlet.
 Multiple Physical Store

Sales Agent Management

Sales agent are the helping force of any point of sales system, but their working also needs to be managed and monitored for having a success Point Of Sales System. The admin can manage the salesperson in this module by allocating them to the various outlet.

  • The admin has the power to create multiple sales agent by entering their login and other details.
  • Admin can give them login id and password for respective POS system.
  • The admin can check the cash drawer to know their sales.
 Sales Agent Management

Addition of New Customer by Salesperson

The salesperson can easily add customers to the POS and select them at the time of checkout. The addition of customer to POS system can make the functioning of the store easy as everytime the customer comes the salesperson can easily find them on the list of customers.

  • The added customer can be seen in Customer List.
  • Additional addresses can be added and previous addresses can be edited in the existing customer's details.
  Addition of New Customer by Salesperson

Adding Product to Cart

The sales agent can complete the purchase process by adding products to the cart. The sales agent can add products using following three methods:-

  • Click On Product- The sales agent can simply click on the product to add them to cart. The clicks on the product will increase the quantity of product in the cart.
  • Scan Barcode- The product can be added to the cart via a barcode reader device which scans the barcode on the product. It makes the product search easy as sales agent need not scroll through the whole list of product.
  • Enter Product SKU- The product can be added to cart via SKU, which is entered in the pop-up screen appearing on POS system.
 Adding to Product to Cart

Hardware Support

The POS connects easily with the hardware like Printer and Barcode Reader. The devices can be connected to your system externally. As the POS is web-based so it doesn't have any hardware dependency. So if you are using a Magneto 2 POS you need not worry about the specific device for using it. All you need is a browser for the using the POS.

 Hardware Support

Methods Of Payment

The Magento2 POS provides the functionality for the payment in an easy and sorted format. The POS majorly has the multiple payment methods to ease the checkout. They majorly are-

  • Cash- The customer can pay through cash and the salesperson can select the method for it.
  • Credit/Debit Card-The customer can even pay through the card be it debit or credit.
  • Split Payment-The POS salesperson can allow the customer to pay in a split form which involves partial payment via Cash or credit/debit card.
 Methods Of Payment

Point Of Sale System For Magento Support -

For any query or issue please create a support ticket here


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Babar Nawaz
Posted On - June 5, 2018 (United States)
Best Magento 2 Point of sale Software
I started this business in 2005 from garage of my home selling online. Within few years business grew and we moved to new office. What started a small venture from home today its multi million dollar wholesale company that is well knows in USA for outdoor hunting and self defense products.

We always want to be different and offer better products and prices compare to our competitor . We have Team of people that always working for new ideas and how we can make improvements to our products and company. When we started this business we face many challenges and most important was capitol to run business. As a small company it was very difficult to keep inventory and keep growth same time.
We always keep our customers in mind and focus on market demand. Our company is knows for King of Self Defense and we have well established our brand in USA. We attend more then 12 trade shows a year in USA and offer new products and ideas to our clients.
As of today we have more then 6000 register customers who buy from us on regular basis.
We are team of 15 people who work very hard to serve needs of our customers. From office to warehouse our team is committed to 100% customer satisfaction.
We been working with Webkul for few years now. What started as a small purchase of plug in for our website today we feel that Webkul is our partner in online presence. We use Webkul POS on regular basis in our office and when we do trade show. Before using your POS we were writing orders with hands and some time makes mistakes. We had to wait till trade show finish and then we have to input each order to our accounting system. With POS now we can take order online and it transfer to our accounting system in seconds.
It has save us a lot of work and make our system smooth. I hope with time we can continue to work with Webkul.
Rene Gomes de Mattos Faria Neves
Posted On - November 15, 2017
Brilliant Support
I have purchased and customized many Webkuls magento extension, those modules are really awesome and worked fine for me. I have used Webkul on a number of ecommerce platforms. What I like best is their customer support, they are highly active and responsive to all my support tickets, Skype conversations and e-mails. I really appreciate their attention on our customizations. Their team were always up to do it. Its a pleasure working with Mister Rajat and Mister Suraj. They are my contacts during the pré-sale and customization proscess. I highly recommend webkul.


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  • + Features
  • - Bugs
Version 2.0.5
  • + Cash drawer print option.
  • + Edit Address of customer.
  • + Product sync in background.
  • + Options details in invoice.
  • + Custom discount to cart items.
  • + Offline mode through configuration.
  • + Login credetials to cashier via email.
  • + Invoice Logo option from configuration.
  • + Dafault customer and address assignemnt to outlet.
  • + Product inventory division for web and pos through configuration.
  • + Mass inventory assignment to outlet / All inventory assignment to outlet.
Version 2.0.4
  • + Bugs Fixed.
Version 2.0.3
  • + Improved Layout.
  • + Currency conversion issue fixed.
  • + Offline Mode implemented, configuration driven.
Version 2.0.2
  • + Fixed few layout issue
Version 2.0.1
  • + Generate barcode from any of the unique text type product attribute.
Version 2.0.0
  • + Discount Coupon.
  • + Split Payment Added.
  • + Multi Lingual Support Added.
  • + Multi Currency Support Added.
  • + Order Return/Credit Memo Operation included.
  • + Credit Card payment mehtod included (virtualy).
  • + Keyboard shotcuts added for operation, mentioned in readme.txt.
  • + Single Login of cashier for integrity, Optional from configuration.
  • + Use of Indexed DB for faster and better promice based operation on browser.
Version 1.1.1
  • + Pos Payment included.
  • + Pos Shipping included.
  • + Tax calculation included.
  • + Works with custom option.
  • + Works with simple and virtual product.