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      Magento, 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x

      POS French NF525 for Magento 2

      POS French NF525 for Magento 2: POS French NF525 for Magento 2 will help the store owner and sales agent to comply with French Law. This plugin will allow the display of the digital signature on the invoice, POS Order details and receipt copies. Hence, allowing the admin to keep a record of the verified orders in POS orders. It helps the POS sales agent to provide its customers with a completely authentic invoice.


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      POS French NF525 for Magento 2: The POS French NF525 for Magento 2 will allow the French Merchant to get secure order recording. The sales agent can remain ensured about such transactions by viewing the signature in 'order success page' and 'invoice'. This Magento 2 plugin can help in the standardization of the order management process with which the customer is created.

      Please Note:

      Highlighted Features

       Record Digital Signature

      The admin can see a list of verified orders along with the signature.

       Authenticate POS Orders & Invoices

      The digital signature on order and invoice will give an assurance of legal data.

       Unique Digital Signature Records

      This digital signature is a unique entity for each order.

       Security & Compliance

      It helps to build a sense of reliability in the physical store.

      Why use POS French NF525 For Magento 2?

      This French NF525 in the POS system will avoid the sales agent from doing any sort of fraud. This functionality in the POS complies with the French Law. This will make the POS authentication procedure more effective with a unique encrypted signature.

      POS French Law NF525 Certification

      The admin can simply configure the module by enabling it as per business requirement. This module abides by the French Law for the Physical store owner to manage the store. Here the encrypted signature is created from the data present in the orders which are verified automatically in the POS.

      • Branding of the Store which authentic document.
      • Complete customer reliability service.
      • The unique digital signature for appropriate validation.

      NF525 Digital Signature - POS Sales Receipts

      The sales agent can view the signature in the front end on the Order Success page and Invoice. This signature is visible on all copies of the invoice. The customer can also view the signature on the invoice.

      • Encrypted code to avoid any manipulation.
      • Available on all the documents.

      POS Orders - NF525 Certified

      In the backend, the admin can see the verified order in the POS order section. It is a unique code that is auto-generated for each order.

      • This digital signature allows the admin to keep a record of valid orders.
      • The Physical store operating in French areas will have no legal issues.
      • The store owner does not worry about any sort of invalid order creation by the sales agents.


      • The module is compatible with POS 3.0.*
      • Admin can enable/disable Frech NF 525.
      • The orders invoices and receipts will be digitally signed.
      • A unique digital signature is signed to each transaction done via POS.


      For any issue related to this module, please create a support ticket here at - https://webkul.uvdesk.com/en/customer/create-ticket/ or send an email to support@webkul.com

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      Frequently Asked Questions

       How can the module help the French POS store owners?
      The module introduces the feature of the digital signature in the invoices and orders of the POS to increase the validation.
       Can the Digital signature be manipulated manually by anyone?
      No, Digital signatures are a set of encrypted code which cannot be manipulated by anyone.
       What is the usage of this French Law in the POS?
      This French law will protect the orders placed by the sales agent on the POS. The code generated here is verified in the admin end to check the authentication and avoiding any fraud or missing orders in the store.
       How the extension helps the customers in the physical store?
      There is not much direct use of the functionality to the customer. However, indirectly it builds a sense of branding among the customer with an authenticated invoice.

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      Version 3.0.0
      • + Module is compatible with POS 3.0.*
      • + Admin can enable/disable Frech NF 525
      • + The orders invoices and receipts will be digitally signed
      • + Unique digital signature is signed to each transaction done via pos