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Point of Sale Barcode Inventory for Magento 2

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Point of Sale Barcode Inventory for Magento 2: This module is meant for better management of inventory of products. This can be done by simply scanning the product barcode. The admin can view the detail of the product and assign it to an outlet accordingly. Now the admin can quickly examine the stock and divide it among the Outlets and Website.


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Point of Sale Barcode Inventory for Magento 2: When the physical store owners have multiple outlets to operate along with the website, it becomes a complex process and compulsory for them to divide their inventory.

However, this task becomes easy when we introduce a barcode reader to it. The barcode reader allows you to scan the code and display all the information related to the product in the system. These products can then be divided among outlets to give efficient inventory management.

Please Note -

 Highlighted Features

 Quick Stock Management

The Product stock can be quickly managed by the admin with the help of a barcode reader.

 Even distribution of Inventory

The stock of goods and services can be evenly divided among various outlet keeping in mind the online inventory.

 Sales and Demand Management

The product which is having the high sale in a particular area. The admin can assign the maximum quantity of product to the respective area to meet the demand.

 Easy Product Search

The admin need not toggle in whole product section to look for the product and its detail. Rather they can scan the barcode and get complete product details.

Inventory Management

The stock of the product can be managed by the store owner by dividing the complete inventory of the product. The division is done on the basis of web-based and physical inventory. Further, the physical inventory is divided among various outlet.

These outlets can be assigned product to a particular quantity. In order to know the details the admin just need to scan the barcode.

  • Easy Update of stock of goods and services.
  • The admin just needs the barcode to update the quantity of product and get the complete details of the product.
  • The barcode here is related to the SKU of the product(default Magento).

You can more efficiently manage the stock of product on the website with the integration of our module- Out of Stock Notification for Magento 2.

 Inventory Management

Search Product

The barcode scanning can make the search for a product much efficient. The admin needs to just scan the barcode. The barcode is linked with SKU(Default Magento) of the product which opens up the detail of product in the form of a pop-up.

This makes the search for a product much easy. Henceforth, assignment of the product much efficient.

  • Avoids the need for looking the pre-assigned of the product.
  • Saves time by easily fetching out products and details.
  • A much efficient and effective process of POS management.
 Search Product

Outlet Management

The store owner can manage the outlet in a perfect manner with the help of the add-on. The outlet can be provided with a specified quantity of product.

In case of a large store, the division of outlet and proper assignment of the product can be highly helpful.

  • Sales of an outlet can be made verified easily.
  • Assignment of product quantity can be done by examining the sales.
  • The frequent update can be easily carried on the outlet inventory.
 Outlet Management

Use Case

The plugin plays a very vital role in real life scenario the barcode plays a very vital role for better management of the inventory. With this module, the admin can take full advantage of barcode and derive the details of the product. This functionality is highly useful for the places where the inventory of the product is quite large.

The functionality of the module is useful majorly in areas like Book Shop, Medicine shop, and many such places.

  • The admin can directly scan the product and manage the product inventory.
  • The admin can allocate product stock to the POS outlets without hassle.

If you wish to have more flexibility of accessibility of your store we have a mobile based solution that has no dependency of a platform in the product- Mobikul POS - Point of Sale.

 Use Case

 Complete Features List

  • Admin can manage the inventory of the products directly
  • Admin can manage the inventory of the products by the barcode scanner
  • Search for products using barcodes
  • Assign products to an outlet using a barcode scanner


For any issue related to this module, please create a support ticket here at - or send an email to


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Version 2.0.0
  • + Admin can manage the inventory of the products directly
  • + Admin can manage the inventory of the products by barcode scanner