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CS-Cart Advanced Backup Management


CS-Cart Advanced Backup Management - When it comes to vital information, it’s important for businesses to make sure that their data is protected and backed up in case of an emergency. Data is the most important aspect of your site.

Sometimes, due to any reason when your data is lost or destroyed then in that case you can save your data through the backup. In order to protect and restore your data when something goes wrong, “CS-Cart Advanced Backup Management” add-on is developed.

By this add-on you can create a data backup and store your data in a secure location, and making it safe.

This add-on is used to create store installer of CS-Cart site. After creating installer an admin can create a fresh site on any other location server and database.

An Admin can set cron for clearing logs, cache, thumbnails, database optimization and also can create the backup of files, database, full backup and also installer. Backup can be uploaded on Dropbox.

CS-Cart Advanced Backup Management Features -

  • Well integrated with MVE/CS-Cart.
  • Option to create Store Installer by admin.
  • An admin can Clear Log, Clear Cache and Clear Thumbnails of site through cron.
  • Option to "Optimize Database" through cron is provided.
  • Admin can create backup of files, database , full backup as well as Store installer through cron.
  • Admin can delete old backups after creation of new backup through cron.
  • Functionality of uploading backup to Dropbox through cron.
  • An admin can upload backup of "Database", "Files", "Full Backup" and "Store Installer" to Dropbox.
  • Set email notification for sending backup report after backup completion.
  • Easy to use and manage at admin end.

 CS-Cart Advanced Backup Management -Support

For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com

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