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OpenCart POS Subdomain - Using Opencart POS Subdomain, the admin easily creates the POS sub-domain URLs. The POS sub-domain URLs will be created on the basis of the POS outlet name. This way the admin can have POS sub-domain which can be accessed by POS users for accessing the POS panel/outlets. The admin can also add a prefix for the sub-domain URLs.

Please Note - This module is an add-on of Webkul Opencart Point of Sale System extension.

Highlighted Features

 Easy Configuration

Easy settings to create POS sub-domains URLs.

 Sub-Domain Basis

The POS sub-domains URLs will be created on the basis of outlet names.


Add a prefix for the sub-domain as per the choice

 Easy Access

The POS users can easily access the POS panels/outlets.

Why Sub-Domain Is Required?

A sub-domain is a subsection of the website that can exist as a new website without having a new domain name. Sub-domains can be used to create memorable URLs for different content areas of your site

  • Similarly, Opencart POS subdomain module allows the admin to have the POS sub-domains.
  • This module creates memorable sub-domain URLs for each POS outlet.
  • The separate web page address will be created for each outlet automatically as per the outlet name.
  • Using the module, the subdomains are very simple to create and the POS users can use them like any other site.

Sub-Domain Configuration

The module has easy settings to configure the module

  • StatusEnable or disable the module as per the choice.
  • URL Prefix – Enter the prefix for the subdomain URL of the POS.
  • Redirection – If Enabled then, user login from root domain will be redirected on the sub-domain. Else, set Disabled

Note – For using this module, Wildcard must be configured and mapped to the root folder on your server.

POS Sub-Domain–Disabled

If the POS Sub-Domain module is disabled, then the POS panel login URL will work and appear normally.

POS Sub-Domain – Enabled

The admin can easily create the POS subdomains using the existing POS domain which the admin already own. The subdomain will be created on the basis of POS outlets.

For Example –

Windsor Outlet is a POS outlet. Now, the prefix Webkul and the outlet name Windsor outlet will be added to the POS base link pos-oc.webkul.com– and creates the sub-domain URL as –webkulwindsoroutlet.pos-oc.webkul.com for the POS users assigned the Windsor outlet.

 Complete Features List

  • Enable or disable the module.
  • Every POS outlet gets a unique URL.
  • Sub-domain URL is based on the outlet name.
  • Redirection is available after the login to the main URL.
  • Add any prefix for the subdomain URLs.


For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/

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