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OpenCart Point Of Sale System (POS)

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Opencart Point Of Sale System: Using Opencart POS System module, the merchants can now take the orders from their physical stores and sync sales, inventory, customers data into the Opencart online store. The admin can manage multiple outlets, with separate inventories, create sales agents, print barcodes, and much more.

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Also available for Opencart version 3.x.x.x

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Opencart POS System - Point Of Sale (POS) is a system which allows the merchants can create orders from his physical store. Using POS integration, these orders will be synchronized and created on the Opencart online store.

The advantage of Opencart POS system is that it gives an option to the customers to walk-in to a physical store and pick-up products directly. Instead of going online and completing the checkout process and waiting for the shipment, Opencart POS can be used.

With the help of Opencart POS System module, merchants will be able to manage their sales, inventory, and customers. Plus, the most important thing is that they can easily manage their day-to-day transactions without any hassle.

Opencart POS System module is a powerful tool to manage sales and revenue. The admin can also set up and manage multiple physical stores/outlets along with the existing online Opencart store.

Please Note:

  • Opencart POS connects only to the printer, and barcode reader (It does not connect with cash drawer or card swapping machine)
  • Opencart POS requires a web browser to work on it.
  • You cannot add a new customer during Offline Mode.

Opencart POS System Add-ons:

 Highlighted Features

 Multiple Outlets

Create and manage multiple POS outlets.

 Sales Agents

Create and manage multiple sales agents for POS outlets.

 Customer Management

Create an order for registered as well as new customers.


Check the reports for POS products and sales.

 Supply Management

Manage suppliers and their products.


Separate inventory management for POS products and Opencart products.

 Search Product

Search using the product name, model, SKU, and Barcodes well.

 Custom Product

Add the custom product to the cart like additional service, product warranty etc.

 Home Delivery

Charge the home delivery fees if the customer wants the order to be delivered at home.

 Hold Cart

Hold the cart and proceed to the next transaction whenever required.


Apply discount offers as fixed amount or percent (%) value on the total cart value.


Apply coupon code on the order.

 Payment Mode

Accept payment by cash, card and credit balance.

 Split Payment

Supports split payment for POS orders.


Return the POS orders easily.

 Order Management

View and manage the POS orders.


Mass print and regenerate the barcode products.


Create a request for low stock products.

 POS Modes

POS system work in online and offline mode both.

 Real Time Sync

The module supports real-time data synchronization.

 Multiple Sell Points

Now you can easily expand the revenue generation scope for your business by using Opencart Point of Sale module-

  • Sell products from both brick-and-mortar outlets as well as from online sales channel; e-store
  • A store owner can create the orders from a physical store using the POS and the same order will be synced to the e-commerce store.
  • Enables the store owner to sell e-commerce/online products from the retail stores.
  • Create multiple outlets for the store and manage them by creating POS sales agents.
  • Sales agent can log in the POS system from front-end to manage the outlet.
 Multiple Sell Points

 Sales Agent Management

Sales agent are the helping force of any point of sales system, but their working also needs to be managed and monitored for having a successful Point of Sales system. The admin can:

  • Create multiple sales agent account using easy configurations of the module.
  • Manage the outlets by assigning sales agent to an outlet.
  • Multiple sales agents can be created for each outlet.
  • Create a log-in ID and password for respective sales agent accounts.
 Sales Agent Management

 POS Products

There is a separate section to view and manage all the POS products -

  • The admin can assign the store products to the outlets as per the choice.
  • The admin can also define the product quantity assigned to the outlet.
  • Can even print and regenerate the barcode of the individual products.
  • The admin can also mass print and regenerate the barcode of the products easily.
  • In a single click, the admin can assign all the products to the outlet.
  • The module supports simple and downloadable product type only.
 POS Products

 Inventory Management

The module has a separate inventory management feature for your POS products and Opencart products.

  • Basically, the admin can reflect the separate inventory of the same product for Opencart store and outlets.
  • This enables the easy tracking of inventory of the same product when sold on Opencart store and physical store.
  • While assigning the Opencart products to the outlet, the admin can define the product quantity assigned.
  • Opencart main inventory and the outlet inventory both will get updated whenever an order is placed from POS outlet.
 Inventory Management

 Product Search

The sales agent can complete the purchase process by adding products to the cart. The sales agent can perform a quick search and add products to the cart using the following methods -

  • Product Name - Search for the product by entering the name of the product in the search field available.
  • Product Model - Search for the product by entering the model of the product in the search field available.
  • Product SKU - Search for a product by entering the SKU of the product in the search field available.
  • Scan Barcode - The product can be searched via a barcode reader device which scans the barcode on the product.
 Product Search

 POS Cart

The sales agent can create multiple shopping carts and can hold the transactions at that time. And, can easily proceed to next the transactions without deleting the uncompleted order/hold order-

  • The sales agent can add the products to the cart and select the customer for the order.
  • The sales agent can even add the custom product to the cart like additional service, product warranty etc.
  • Charge the home delivery fees if the customer wants the order to be delivered at home.
  • The sales agent can give the discount offers as fixed amount or percent (%) value of the total cart value.
  • The sales agent also can apply the coupon code.
  • The sales agent can put the cart on-hold whenever required.
  • The products can be returned for the order placed.
 POS Cart

 Easy Payment

The Opencart POS provides the functionality for accepting the payments in an easy and sorted format-

  • The POS majorly has multiple payment methods to ease the checkout.
  • Cash Payment -The complete payment can be made in a single go by paying in cash
  • Card Payment - The customer can even pay through the card be it debit or credit.
  • Credit Balance -The complete payment can even be made using customer credit.
  • The admin can add the credit balance to the customer which they can use while making a purchase.
  • Split PaymentIf the customer doesn’t have enough cash or money in the card, the remaining part of the payment can be made using customer credit balance.
 Easy Payment

 POS Online/Offline Mode

The module is important for businesses that combine offline and online presence in their operations.

  • The system can work on both online as well as offline mode.
  • Online is the general mode when the store has an internet connection.
  • The agents can complete orders for the customers by adding the product to the cart.
  • When the store is having poor or no internet connection then the POS panel can work offline too.
  • In offline mode, all the orders and transaction are saved locally.
  • And when the internet is available for use, the agent can easily synchronize the offline data to the online data.
 POS Online/Offline Mode

 Customer Management

The sales agent can manage the POS customers and place the order for them conveniently -

  • At the time of checkout, the sales agent can choose/add customer for which the order has to be made.
  • The sales agent can choose a customer from the registered customer list.
  • Search registered customers by name.
  • If a customer is not registered to the store, the sales agent can add the customer.
  • Additional addresses can be added and previous addresses can be edited in the existing customer's details.
  • The added customer will be seen in the registered customer list.
 Customer Management

Multi-Vendor POS System

If you are looking for a POS system for your Opencart marketplace store. Then, Opencart marketplace POS is one such module.

  • The marketplace sellers can easily expand revenue generation scope for their business by using Opencart Marketplace Point of Sale module.
  • The marketplace point of Sale (POS) refers to a system where the seller can create order from his physical store using POS and order will be generated in e-commerce store.
  • The module enables the seller to sell the e-commerce products in the retail stores.
  • The seller can create multiple outlets for the store and can manage them by creating POS salesperson.
  • Multiple sale person can be created for each outlet.
Multi-Vendor POS System

 Complete Features List

  • Admin can easily manage the inventory and sales.
  • Admin can create more users to operate the POS system.
  • It also works in offline mode or in poor internet connection.
  • The agent can add the custom product which is not in the inventory into cart directly(A service or a product not available in the current inventory, etc,.).
  • Custom price update for any product which is already added to cart.
  • Additional Payment Gateway.
  • The agent can request for the update of the low stocks.
  • Admin can manage both the store inventory (offline & online) with this single module.
  • Generate Barcodes for the products automatically via the admin panel.
  • Print the barcodes and add the barcodes to your products.
  • Set the barcode size from the backend.
  • Regenerate new barcodes.
  • Admin can manage the customers’ data.
  • Real-time synchronization.
  • Separate POS Order management.
  • Employee management.
  • Easy transaction process.

 Opencart Point Of Sale System Support

For any query or issue please create a support ticket here


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Elmer Diaz
Posted On - May 31, 2019
(United States)
Awesome customer service
Awesome customer service. The Webkul folks are very quick in responding to your inquiries and even faster fixing whatever problem you have.
Vagabond Elmer
Posted On - May 22, 2019
Awesome Team!
Awesome Team! Just got a POS from WebKul and they did a great job at following up with me and answer all my question.
Posted On - May 7, 2018
Thumbs up!
Thumbs up! Great Product. Life saver for both Large and small shop that desire to organize and keep track of their front office retail outlets.
Babar Nawaz
Posted On - March 30, 2018 (United States)
They are very professional and knowledgable people
I been using Webkul services for almost a year now. They are very professional and knowledgable people. Always deliver on time and if needed will go out of way to help me out. Its always pleasure to work with them with new projects.
Posted On - August 17, 2017
(United States)
Webkul Opencart POS Interface
After working with other POS solutions, my employer and I both agreed that Webkul POS for Opencart provides, the most efficient and effective platform for the POS sales portion of our company's Opencart business. The search function is very straightforward, intuitive, fast and easy to understand. The ability to print sku numbers and use them for imputing products at the point of sale is very helpful. As we have thousands of products, we find these features to be very helpful and we are very happy that we can create several cashier logins and we do not have to pay for a separate license for each terminal as the module is on our Opencart site and not installed on a specific machine. This is a great value for the money.
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 Frequently Asked Questions - OpenCart Point Of Sale System (POS)

 How does OpenCart POS work with offline mode?
In offline mode all data already loaded in POS, you can manage orders with offline mode. Whenever POS connects with internet all the data or orders will be synchronized with admin panel automatically.
 Will products having zero quantity be shown in POS panel?
Yes, products having nil quantity can be shown in POS. The admin can configure the option to display or hide zero quantity products from POS Module>General Settings.
 Can we assign multiple sale agents at a single outlet at a time?
Yes, you can assign multiple sales agents at a single outlet at a time.
 Can we manage the different quantity of the products for the different outlets?
Yes, you can manage the different quantity of the same product for the different outlets.
 What kind of information is shown on the receipt or invoice?
You can show store logo, store name, store address, order date, order time, order ID, cashier name, shipping mode, payment mode, order note in the invoice for the extra information (like TIN No., GST No.). You can manage all the information accordingly.
 How does a barcode scanner work with POS?
Firstly, You can print barcode from admin panel and label product with the same barcode.After you have to connect barcode scanner with POS. When a customer wants to buy a product, you just scan the barcode which is associated with the product. All the information related to the product will be displayed on POS system.
 In which mode does return feature work?
The return can be made only in online mode.
 Can sales agent update the product price?
Yes, the sales agent can change the price for a product which is already added to the cart. The sales agent needs to tap on the product’s price when it’s in the POS cart.
 Can use the credit balance in offline mode?
The credit balance can be used only in online mode.
 How the product inventory is managed after return?
The admin will manually update the product inventory after the return settled.
 What are the product types supported by this module?
The module supports simple and downloadable product type only.


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  • + Features
  • * Bugs
  • * Unused barcode table mapping removed while loading the products in the POS.
  • * Resolved git issues.
  • * Resolved Quantity decrement issues for OC all VERSION.
  • * Resolved the tax class id issue for the non-existing product.
  • * Resolved CSS issue for Opencart all VERSION
  • * Added Tax calculation on the basis of the discount.
  • * Tax issue resolved for coupon removed.
  • * Resolved git issues.
  • * Resolved product search issue
  • + Implemented some suggestions
  • * Added status check on all the POS link, Showing error of required fields
  • * Fixed tax price not showing in the front end in v3
  • * Fixed query fail issue on gettinglarge amount of data
  • * Fixed hold order adding after checkout issue
  • * Fixed warning issue
  • * Added check in the model
  • * Resolved some suggestion issues from git
  • * Get product query optimization
  • * Made some changes regarding booking products
  • * Resolve issue of updating cart product quantity
  • * Added Check for quantity in POS manage for online order
  • * Added empty check for sku, ean, upc while generating barcode
  • * Corrected check for barcode while adding product to cart
  • * Corrected check for Pricelist in the frontend product controller
  • * Resolved issue of editing outlet having outlet_id not found
  • * Resolved a small issue related to cart's due balance
  • * Resolved a small issue related to sales report and price list
  • * Set return action as mandatory input
  • * Set reload on changing language and currency in frontend POS Setting
  • * Resolved issue of showing payment method in order
  • * Resolved issue of selecting country in module setting in Opencart-2.0.x.x credit issue while selecting customer after registration
  • * Resolved some issues
  • * Added all updates in OC Versions 2.0-2.3
  • * Fixed some git issues
  • * Fixed some git issues
  • * Fixed some issues
  • + Added Update for 2.3
  • + Updated for POS Credit
  • * Resolved previous issues
  • + Updated for Pricelist
  • + Updated for RTL
  • + Added Returns in POS frontend, Home Delivery, Customer Credit
  • + Added option to Enable and Disable Online/Offline mode
  • + Added POS Report Section
  • + Added Search by Barcode
  • + Added Search by product model and sku
  • + To Update Product Quantity through input
  • + Added show option value at invoice and minimum invoice page
  • * Total folder is deleted in version 2.0 & 2.1 & 2.2
  • * Resolved issue accept negative number Popular product.
  • + Add Pos front end search by model and sku
  • * Resolved product load issue front end
  • * Resolved form validation admin end
  • + Add check validation date formate front end in product option.
  • * Resolved issue in updating cart coupon when customer is changed
  • + Added Option for barcode image (horizontal, vertical)
  • * Resolved issue in updating cart price
  • + Added Button to regenerate the barcode
  • * Resolved cache issue of barcode image
  • * Resolved XSS attack issue
  • * Resolved issue for Thermal print paper size
  • * Optimized the add to cart section
  • * Resolved the issue of invoice printing from Safari
  • * Resolved address related bug in version 3.x
  • * Resolved a bug related to product option price calculation
  • + Added address outlet-wise
  • * Optimized the tax part
  • * Fixed issue in product options
  • + Added the functionality to add product all products to an outlet in one click
  • + Added product information on button
  • * Fixed for responsiveness
  • * Other small fixes
  • + Added the functionality to add product manually from the pos panel
  • + Product price can be changed
  • + Taxes are added to work
  • + Card payment added
  • * Small fixes
  • + Added for Opencart version 3.x
  • + Added fixed/percentage discount option on whole cart
  • + Added the coupon redeemer
  • + Added fixed/percentage discount option on whole cart
  • + Added the coupon redeemer
  • + Added fixed/percentage discount option on whole cart
  • + Added the coupon redeemer
  • * Resolved the issue of option price addition/deduction to product's price
  • + Order note functionality
  • + Customer add functionality from pos end
  • + Receipt print after order complete
  • + Offline logout
  • + Added time in hold orders
  • + Delete functionality in hold carts
  • + Added popular products
  • + Added selected category name
  • + Added home page text field at the module
  • + Added POS orders panel in the backend
  • * Resolved special price in cart issue
  • * Configured balance due
  • * Replace invoice id with txn id for offline orders
  • * Configured categories
  • + Update to versions 2.0.x, 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x
  • + Added the CSS for responsiveness for tabs and mobile
  • + Added different panel for assigning POS products
  • * Resolved order issue
  • * Resolved account update issue
  • First Release