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      About Company

      Jaguar Imports is one of the largest wholesalers of self-defense and protection products in the USA. It offers a large selection of knives, pepper spray, stun guns, crossbows, batons, handcuffs, swords, tactical flashlights, and airsoft.

      Jaguar Imports

      Entrepreneurial Journey

      We requested Mr. Nawaz to share with us his entrepreneurial journey and tell us how Jaguar Imports became a successful business venture in personal security and defense products.

      “I started this business in 2005 from the garage of my home selling online. Within a few years, the business grew and we moved to a new office. What started a small venture from home today, it is now a multi-million dollar wholesale company that is well known in the USA for outdoor hunting and self-defense products.

      We always want to be different and offer better products and prices compare to our competitors. We have a team of people that always working on new ideas and how we can make improvements to our products and company.

      When we started this business we faced many challenges and the most important was the capital to run the business. As a small company, it was very difficult to keep inventory and keep growth same time.

      Jaguar Imports

      We always keep our customers in mind and focus on market demand. Our company is known for King of Self Defense and we have well established our brand in the USA. We attend more then 12 trade shows a year in the USA and offer new products and ideas to our clients.

      As of today, we have more than 6000 registered customers who buy from us on regular basis. We are a team of 15 people who work very hard to serve the needs of our customers. From office to warehouse our team is committed to 100% customer satisfaction.”

      “I have been using Webkul services for almost a year now. They are very professional and knowledgeable people. Always deliver on time and if needed will go out of the way to help me out. It is always a pleasure to work with them on new projects.“

      Jaguar Imports
      Babar Nawaz
      United States
      How was Webkul helping Jaguar Imports?

      “We have been working with Webkul for a few years now. What started as a small purchase of plugin for our website today we feel that Webkul is our partner in online presence. We use Webkul’s OpenCart POS System on regular basis in our office and whenever we do a trade show.”

      Jaguar Imports

      “Before using Webkul POS we were writing orders with hands and sometimes we made mistakes. We had to wait until the trade show finishes and then we have to input each order to our accounting system. With POS now we can take an order online and transfer it to our accounting system in seconds. It has saved us a lot of work and make our system smooth. I hope with time we can continue to work with Webkul.”

      Mobikul Mobile App

      We also developed a fully native mobile app for Jaguar Imports allowing registered customers to shop for wholesale self-defense and hunting products from their fingertips. By downloading this app you can receive deal alerts, shop online, track orders, and contact customer service.

      Jaguar Imports

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