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    Official OpenCart Gold Partner and Core Code Contributor
    Working for OpenCart since 2010 and contributed to latest stable release v3.0.3.7

    OpenCart POS Barcode Label

    OpenCart POS Barcode Label: Now you can design and print customized barcode labels for your products. Upload custom logo, set height & width, select barcode text to display, set the order of product attributes to show on the labels.

    OpenCart POS Barcode Label OpenCart POS Barcode Label OpenCart POS Barcode Label OpenCart POS Barcode Label OpenCart POS Barcode Label OpenCart POS Barcode Label OpenCart POS Barcode Label OpenCart POS Barcode Label
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    OpenCart POS Barcode Label - sing this module, now the admin can design and print customized barcode labels for your products. Upload custom logo, set height & width, select barcode text to display, set the order of product attributes to show on the labels. You can reduce human work (manually entering information) with the help of this module.

    This module can help the store owner and customer to know the details of the product by seeing the product. The labels are the most important component of the product on a physical store as it gives easy identification to the product which is not visible directly.

    Please Note - This module is an add-on of Webkul Opencart Point of Sale System extension.

    OpenCart POS Barcode Label

    Highlighted Features

     Custom Barcode Label

    The store owner can easily customize the barcode label text, logo, unique id, text formatting, etc.

     Custom attributes

    The store owner can choose custom attributes and set the order of attributes.

     Multiple Barcode Labels

    The store owner can generate and print multiple barcode labels at once.

     Identification Of Products

    The customer and agent can quickly identify the right product via product label information.

    Why need POS barcode Label Extension for Opencart?

    Opencart POS barcode label can assist the business owner and customer in learning more about the product by allowing them to see it. In a physical store, the labels are the most significant component of the product since they allow for easy identification of items that are not readily apparent.

    The barcode can assist the salesperson in adding the item to the basket, allowing for a quicker checkout procedure. By looking at the information on the barcode slip, the product may readily be distinguished from others.

    Benefits Of The POS Barcode Label Module

    • The barcode saves time for the sales agents to enter the product information by manually.
    • The sales agent scans the barcode and adds the product to the cart which will allow a faster checkout process. 
    • The product can be easily identified from other products by viewing the details displayed in the barcode slip. 
    • The admin can alter the information that is being displayed in the barcode label.

    Easily Customize Barcode Label Information

    The module is highly useful for the physical store owner who wants to print the personalized barcode label which can be added to the product. The admin can customize information being displayed -

    • The admin can choose product attributes to display on the barcode label like name, price, logo image, model number, formatting of text, etc.
    • Order of the attributes/ information can be changed.
    • The admin can now make the organization's logo visible on the barcode label.
    • The admin can even adjust the dimensions of the logo as it appears in a barcode label.
    • Store owner can set the dimension and background color of the barcode label as well.
    Easily Customize Barcode Label Information

    Generate Multiple Barcode Label

    Store owner can easily generate & print the barcode label and attach with their products -

    • The admin can generate multiple barcode labels at once and single barcode label as well.
    • The module can work much effective when integrated with Opencart Point of Sale Barcode Inventory for better utilization of the barcode added to the product.
    Generate Multiple Barcode Label

    Easy Identification of product

    The addition of barcode thought this module in your POS system could be a cost-effective solution. This is majorly due to complete information tracking can be conducted via the barcode label.

    • Saves Manual effort of noting the detail information of the product.
    • An efficient solution for better management of Physical stores.
    • The Inventory can now be managed in a better way.
    • The admin can add barcode label which could be helpful for the sales agent to add the products to the cart. 
    • The barcodes for multiple products can be printed altogether.
    Easy Identification of product

    Unique ID for Barcode Generation

    The module provides the configuration that the store owner can set the different unique ID (SKU, EAN, UPC, Product ID) to generate the barcode -

    • The store owner can hide/show the unique id value in the barcode label.
    • The store owner can set the position of the Unique ID with respect to the barcode. 
    • Size of the barcode can be changed as well.
    Unique ID for Barcode Generation

     Complete Features List

    • Enable/disable the module
    • Upload custom logo and set height & width for the barcode product labels
    • Set barcode label width and height
    • Select what barcode text to display  - SKU, EAN, UPC, Product ID
    • Set text position - left, right, center
    • Select which product attributes will be displayed on the barcode label
    • Set the order of the product attributes
    • Set text formatting for general text display 
    • Mass print barcode labels for multiple products at once


    For any query or issue please create a support ticket here

    You may also check our quality Opencart Extensions.


    Product Version2.1.0.7
    Released5 years ago
    Last UpdatedOctober 10, 2023 (9 months ago)
    Supported VersionsOpenCart  2.x.x.x  3.x.x.x  
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     Frequently Asked Questions

     What is the use of Barcode Label?
    The barcode label contains information about the product. It helps to reduce human work & manually entering information.
     Can we generate the barcodes selectively?
    Yes, the admin on product list page can select the barcodes which they want to get generated.
     What is the best module to generate product barcode labels in Opencart?
    If you want to have a module for generating customize barcode label then you can use our OpenCart POS Barcode Label module.
     Can the store owner change the logo in Barcode label?
    Yes, in the module configuration the store owner can change the barcode label logo and dimension of the logo as well.
     Can we change the unique id to generate barcode label?
    Yes, the admin can choose unique ID - SKU, EAN, UPC, Product ID.

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    • + Features
    • * Bugs
    • * Fixed issue for Sort Order is not working for the product name.
    • * Fixed issue for print label dialogue box is not aligned in all OC versions.
    • * Fixed issue in OCMOD file for print label button is not showing in POS Product page in all OC versions.
    • * Fixed issue for print barcode label more than 1 quantity in all OC versions.
    • * Git issues resolved
    • * Keyword is not found issues resolved from OCMOD file
    • * Fixed the issue in all versions Barcode Label is not printing for all the selected products
    • * Fixed issue in printing the Barcode Label for multiple products in OC V3.
    • * Fixed phpcs issues
    • * Resolved git issues
    • + Versioning completed in all versions
    • * Changed modal text
    • * Fixed single quote issue
    • * Fixed pos printing color issue
    • * Important links updated
    • * Changed in language
    • * Fixed git issues
    • + Few changes made in code end
    • + Added the module features