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Opencart Multi Vendor Marketplace

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Opencart Marketplace: Marketplace module of Opencart is quite flexible in functionality and works out of the box. This module will convert your Opencart store into Marketplace with separate seller product collection and separate seller with feedback support and rating.This module also contains the custom shipping feature, where the sellers can add their own shipping rate according to shipping region and weight of the product. Customer can view the details of seller profile he can add the feedback for seller based on their product. Marketplace Supports All templates and theme including Journal 2, Journal 3 from ThemeForest.

Convert your OpenCart Multi Vendor Module into fully native mobile apps for Android and iOS devices; Opencart Marketplace Mobikul Mobile App

Also available for Opencart version 3.x.x.x

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Opencart Marketplace:  Multi Seller module of Opencart is quite flexible in functionality and works out of the box. This module will convert your Opencart store into Marketplace with separate seller product collection and separate seller with feedback support and rating.This module also contains the custom shipping feature, where the partner can add their own shipping rate according to shipping region and weight of the product.  The customer can view the details of seller profile he can add the feedback for the seller based on their product.

Mobile App - Convert your OpenCart Marketplace into fully native mobile apps for Android and iOS devices; Opencart Multi Seller Mobikul Mobile App

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 Opencart Marketplace Extension Features:

  • Opencart Multi-vendor Marketplace supports Multi-stores.
  • Opencart Multi-seller Marketplace supports the Multi-Lingual feature.
  • Multi-store select option for the Marketplace.
  • PayPal email ID is verified through PayPal API.


  • Admin can add commission based on category.
  • Automatic approval of products and sellers setting on the admin side.
  • Admin can restrict the account menu options and sequence.
  • Admin can select the order status for the seller.
  • Admin can create template-based emails for Marketplace which will be used, according to Admin selection.
  • Admin can find total sale by each seller and the admin income from any particular seller under “Marketplace Income”.
  • Admin can track the seller’s income, total order, total buyers, and latest order using dashboard field under edit sellers page.
  • Admin/Seller can change order status of each product. The admin can assign specific product categories to sellers.
  • The admin can map product attributes with the categories for the sellers.
  • The admin can pay to all sellers at once using Mass Payout and print invoice.
  • The admin and the sellers can preview product on the front-end.
  • Restrict the purchase quantity for the products which have any discount or special price.
  • The admin can set the minimum cart amount for the checkout.
  • The admin can manage the seller review fields.
  • The admin and the partners can view notifications for orders, products, and reviews.


  • Each seller has a separate seller profile page & can edit their profile page on their own.
  • The seller can add banner, shop logo custom HTML text and also customize store as per any color theme.
  • Feedback and review system with an interactive star rating.
  • Seller will have own dashboard to manage orders.
  • The seller can add Simple and Downloadable product.
  • Custom Field - Partner can add the custom field by Marketplace Multi-vendor module and these custom fields will show on Product detail page.
  • The sellers can add tax information from the front-end.
  • Sellers can use Seller-Customer Switcher to hide Marketplace menu.
  • Only selected order status will be used by the seller for changing their product order status.


  • The customer can checkout with multiple sellers product at the same time.
  • Customers can view the estimated date of the delivery on the product page.

 Compatible with Multiple Themes

Opencart Multi Vendor Marketplace works with many third-party themes such as  - Journal 2, Journal 3, eMarket and more. You can boost your sales with various awesome themes and can also provide an excellent user experience to your customers.

Webkul provides theme patches for many popular themes inside the module zip directory. If a theme is working fine with the default Opencart store platform, it will also work with Opencart Multi Vendor Marketplace extension as well.

  • Theme patch files are included
  • Supports many popular themes
  • Fully responsive design
  • RTL themes are also supported
Compatible with Multiple Themes

 Commission Management

Opencart Marketplace module provides the commission management for shop owner. In base marketplace module store owner can set commission on a global level as well as vendor / seller level. You can also choose the commission based on categories.

  • Global Commission management for all Sellers.
  • Category based commission management.
  • Fixed and Percentage based commission.
  • Calculate commision on unit price.
  • Calculate commission with tax.
  • Set commission priority.

Check out Opencart Marketplace Advance Commission add-on, that allows the admin to set commission based on seller specific products or categories. The admin can create commission rules according to price and set fixed or percent based value. It also supports CSV file upload feature.


 Seller Dashboard

Marketplace dashboard gives an overview of the store to the sellers. The sellers can view various statistical data about the store performance. There are various features of the dashboard as follows:

  • Total Orders.
  • Total Sales.
  • Total Buyers.
  • Low Stock Products.
  • Order Status - Processing, Completed, Canceled.
  • Sales Analytics - Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly.
  • Location of customers on the World Map.
  • Latest Orders with details - Order ID, Customer, Date, Price.

 Marketplace Income

Using Marketplace module shop owner can find total sale by each seller, commission, admin amount, remaining amount to pay. Store admin can also pay to the seller.

  • Admin can pay to the seller.
  • Store owner can find seller name, seller commission, seller's total amount.
  • Admin can find remaining amount.
  • The Admin can use Mass Payout to pay all sellers at once.
  • Print invoice for marketplace transactions.
Marketplace Income

 Marketplace Category Attribute Mapping

The admin can do the mapping of product attributes according to the categories. So whenever any seller adds a new product and selects a category, its mapped attribute will appear itself.

  • Add, edit, or delete mapped attributes.
  • Add parent or child categories.
  • Seller can add multiple categories.
Marketplace Category Attribute Mapping

 Marketplace Notifications

The admin and the sellers receive various types of marketplace notifications. The sellers can view their notifications from the frontend. The following types of notifications are visible to both admin and the sellers:

  • New order placed.
  • Order status changed.
  • Order return requested.
  • Product approved.
  • Out of stock product.
  • Product review received.
  • Seller review received.

For integrating SMS notification functionality in OpenCart Marketplace, please check out Opencart Marketplace MSG91 SMS Notification or Opencart Marketplace Twilio SMS Notification modules. The admin, sellers, and customers can receive SMS messages on various marketplace notifications.


Marketplace Notifications

 Marketplace Seller Review

Logged in customers can give reviews and ratings to the sellers. The admin can manage these reviews from the back-end. The following options are available to the admin:

  • Enable or disable review status.
  • Create seller review fields.
  • Add, edit or delete a review.
Marketplace Seller Review

 Seller Order Management

The admin can allow the sellers to manage their orders. The sellers can view the complete order details about the customer, product, shipping address. The following options are available for marketplace order management:

  • Seller can print an invoice.
  • Seller can cancel an order.
  • Seller can add comments in the orders.
  • Seller can change order status.
  • Admin is notified when order status changes.
  • The admin can select order status for sellers.
  • The admin can set order status sequence.
  • Minimum cart value for checkout can be set.
  • Product quantity restriction for discounted products.
order management

 SEO Management

Opencart Marketplace offers various SEO tools for increasing the user traffic on the website. Create search engine friendly (SEF) URLs that are meaningful to the users and the search engines.

  • Add meta title, description, keywords for products.
  • Use SEF keyword for the shop (screen name).
  • Create SEF URLs various pages of the store.
  • Customize the product SEF URL format.
  • Add any extension with SEO URLs.
SEO Management

 Marketplace Custom Shipping

The sellers can manage shipping method from the front-end. They can upload CSV file mentioning the country, zip code, weight, price, and max days. The admin can upload CSV file for multiple sellers including its own store.

  • Set custom shipping method title for the front-end.
  • Select shipping method - flat, matrix, or mix.
  • Add tax class with the custom shipping.
  • Customers can view estimated delivery date.
  • Download sample CSV file for reference.
  • Add flat shipping rate for all products and zip codes.
Custom Shipment

 Seller Separate View

Now, the sellers of the marketplace can have a separate seller view just like the admin. This will be available for use after the admin has set the respective setting in the configuration of the marketplace to enabled. The sellers will be able to have the front-end view as of the admin's.

  • The admin can allow a separate vendor dashboard.
  • Sellers can make use of the separate view just like the admin.
  • Sellers can hide the separate view under their account panel.
  • Seller’s view will be in accordance with the OpenCart version installed.

 Full Arabic Language Support

OpenCart Multi-Vendor Marketplace supports many language translations including the Arabic RTL (Right to Left) design. To know how to translate the module language, please visit -

  • Compatible with all the RTL theme templates
  • Complete Arabic language support
  • Easily editable language CSV file
 Full Arabic Language Support

 Opencart Marketplace Mobile App

This is a technology based era where everything is simplified even the online shopping. We all know about shopping apps and its advantages-how it reduces and makes our shopping experience hassle proof. So it is very important for all the Store owner to have a shopping app for providing more convenient way to shop from their online store and now Webkul's has launched its new app Opencart Marketplace Mobile App.

Opencart Marketplace Mobile App converts your marketplace store for Opencart into a mobile app. Your customers can easily purchase products on the go. They don't need to have a laptop or desktop, they can easily explore your store through their smart phones. It will not only benefit the store owner and customer it will benefit the seller's too. Sellers can see their dashboard, order history through the mobile app. So what are you waiting for, you must now have a Opencart Marketplace Mobile App to be a step ahead.

  • Seller list.
  • Seller Collection.
  • Seller Profile.
  • Seller Dashboard.
  • Seller Order History.
  • Customer can contact to the seller.
  • Market Place Sell Page
  • User can review seller.
  • Seller Location is mentioned on map.
marketplace mobile application

 Opencart Marketplace Supported Add-ons

To see a complete list of recently added Opencart marketplace add-ons, please visit -

Checkout & Order Add-ons

  • Opencart Marketplace Split Cart (Buy Now)
  • Opencart Marketplace Split Order (Buy Now)
  • Opencart Marketplace Single Seller Checkout (Buy Now)

Message & Notification Add-ons

  • Opencart Marketplace Buyer Seller Chat (Buy Now)
  • Opencart Marketplace Buyer Seller Communication (Buy Now)
  • Opencart Marketplace MSG91 SMS Notification (Buy Now)
  • Opencart Marketplace SMS Notification (Buy Now)

Marketing & Promotion Add-ons

  • Opencart Marketplace Advertisement System (Buy Now)
  • Opencart Marketplace Affiliate System (Buy Now)
  • Opencart Marketplace Daily Deals (Buy Now)
  • Opencart Marketplace Follow Seller (Buy Now)
  • Opencart Marketplace Pre-Order (Buy Now)
  • Opencart Price Comparison Marketplace (Buy Now)
  • Opencart Marketplace Reward Points (Buy Now)
  • Opencart Marketplace Seller Coupons (Buy Now)

Mobile & POS Add-ons

  • Opencart Marketplace Point Of Sale System (Buy Now)
  • Opencart Multi-Vendor Mobile App (Buy Now)

Seller Add-ons

  • Opencart Marketplace Membership (Buy Now)
  • Opencart Marketplace Seller Badge (Buy Now)
  • Opencart Marketplace Seller Central (Buy Now)
  • Opencart Marketplace Seller List (Buy Now)
  • Opencart Marketplace Seller Locator (Buy Now)
  • Opencart Marketplace Report System (Buy Now)
  • Opencart Marketplace RMA (Buy Now)
  • OpenCart Marketplace Seller Sub Account (Buy Now)
  • Opencart Marketplace Seller Vacation (Buy Now)
  • Opencart Marketplace Store Manage (Buy Now)
  • Opencart Marketplace Tax Manager (Buy Now)
  • Opencart Marketplace Vendor Attribute Manager (Buy Now)
  • OpenCart Marketplace Vendor Subdomain (Buy Now)
  • Opencart Marketplace Wholesaler (Buy Now)

Product Add-ons

  • Opencart Marketplace Advanced Booking Reservation System (Buy Now)
  • Opencart Marketplace Auction (Buy Now)
  • Opencart Marketplace Booking Reservation System (Buy Now)
  • Opencart Marketplace Clone Product (Buy Now)
  • Opencart Marketplace Seller Custom Option (Buy Now)
  • OpenCart Marketplace Product Label (Buy Now)
  • Opencart Marketplace Product Mass Upload (Buy Now)
  • Opencart Marketplace Product Question Answer (Buy Now)
  • Opencart Marketplace Product Quote System (Buy Now)
  • Opencart Marketplace Product Size Chart (Buy Now)
  • Opencart Marketplace Recurring Profile (Buy Now)

Shipping Add-ons

  • Opencart Marketplace Advanced Custom Shipping (Buy Now)
  • Opencart Marketplace Aramex Shipping (Buy Now)
  • Opencart Marketplace Canada Post Shipping (Buy Now)
  • Opencart Marketplace Correios Shipping (Buy Now)
  • Opencart Marketplace Delivery Time Slots (Buy Now)
  • Opencart Marketplace DHL Shipping (Buy Now)
  • Opencart Marketplace FedEx Shipping (Buy Now)
  • Opencart Marketplace Multi Shipping (Buy Now)
  • Opencart Marketplace Per Country Per Product Shipping (Buy Now)
  • Opencart Marketplace Store Pickup (Buy Now)
  • Opencart Marketplace The Courier Guy Shipping (Buy Now)
  • OpenCart Marketplace Ultimate Shipping (Buy Now)
  • Opencart Marketplace UPS Shipping Management (Buy Now)
  • Opencart Marketplace USPS Shipping Management (Buy Now)

Payment Add-ons

  • Opencart Marketplace Braintree Payment Gateway (Buy Now)
  • Opencart Marketplace Cash On Delivery (Buy Now)
  • Opencart Marketplace Citrus Payment Gateway (Buy Now)
  • OpenCart Marketplace iyzico Payment Gateway (Buy Now)
  • OpenCart Marketplace MercadoPago Connect Payment Gateway (Buy Now)
  • OpenCart Marketplace Moip Payment Gateway (Buy Now)
  • Opencart Marketplace Paypal Adaptive Payment (Buy Now)
  • Opencart Marketplace Payment Restriction By Product (Buy Now)
  • Opencart Marketplace Payment Restriction By Seller (Buy Now)
  • Opencart Marketplace Stripe Payment Gateway (Buy Now)
  • Opencart Marketplace Wepay Payment Gateway (Buy Now)

Miscellaneous Add-ons

  • Opencart Marketplace Advance Commission (Buy Now)
  • Opencart Marketplace Blog Post (Buy Now)
  • Opencart Marketplace Customer Reverse Auction (Buy Now)
  • Opencart Marketplace Hyperlocal System (Buy Now)
  • Opencart Marketplace Transaction (Buy Now)
  • Opencart Marketplace Web Services API (Buy Now)

 OpenCart Marketplace Support

For any issues related to this module, please create a support ticket at - Also, for any further queries or customization requirements, you can send an email to


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Posted On - January 8, 2019
Great service and support
A great explanation about why the Error 404 was displayed, after correct it, the error disappear. Thanks Vivek.
Posted On - December 26, 2018 (Vietnam)
Amazing cool product and support
We are so happy with your product quality and support. Thank you very much! Everything is working really well now. Exactly, all of features I need for a marketplace. Thanks a lot.
Posted On - December 7, 2018
A Great Effort from Helpful Support Team
With Journal3 theme, the extension still have many compatibility issues or at least to my site. This is my first time with Webkul, and I wasn't so sure at first about their support But the Webkul team has put an effort to fix the issues, one after another. It's helpful supports I've received by far. And I hope they continue to provide quality support along with better products yet to come. Thank you.
Posted On - June 29, 2018 (South Africa)
Arun Kumar give Excellent Support
I had numerous instances due to different plugins giving issues and Every time my tickets get assigned to Arun Kumar they get fixed first time around. Unfortunately i had bad support from one agent where each time he fix an issue, he never properly test and the ticket got re-opened over 16 x. Overall Webkul support is great
Posted On - June 13, 2018
Happy to use your product
I am happy to use your product.
You can solve the problem very well.

I thank you again
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 Opencart Marketplace Frequently Asked Questions

 Q1- Can the admin add a seller?
A1- Yes, the admin can add a seller.
 Q2- How to add the tax on a product?
A2- You have to make tax rate according to region or geo zone and assign that tax rate to a tax class. When you create a new product. You have to assign a tax class in data option of a product.
 Q3- Can an admin assign a product from one seller to another seller?
A3- Yes, an admin can assign a product from one seller to another seller.
 Q4- In how many types, we can manage the commission in OpenCart Marketplace?
A4- You can apply commission these ways:
  • Fixed commission(Global ).
  • Commission on Category.
  • Commission on sub Category.
  • Commission on the seller.


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Module code is completely open that means anyone can customize the code as per his / her need , as the developer of the module we also provide customisation and development of the module please contact us for module customisation (Paid Service)
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  • + Features
  • * Bugs
  • * Resolved some undefined issues on admin order page for Opencart All version.
  • * Fixed bug of profile page in OC_3.x
  • * Resolved issue of the commission on the product option
  • * Resolved design issues on seller profile page at front end in journal2 theme in OC_3.x
  • * Resolved some query issues in opencart all version.
  • * Edit product in the Multi Store case.
  • * Resolve add product page issue on the seller end in the eMarket theme
  • * Resolve some design issues at seperate seller end in OC_2.0.x and OC_3.x
  • + Added theme_patch of so-topdeal theme in OC_3.x
  • * Remove twice code of ocmod file in OC_2.0.x
  • + Journal 3 theme_patch added for OC-2.3
  • * Order status for the seller issue resolved for the multi-language.
  • * Ocmod issue resolved in the Burnengine theme
  • * Added missing code of custom field code in journal3 ocmod.
  • * Resolved issues of adding seller details thrice on product page.
  • + Membership code added in Separate Seller View in OC-V3.
  • * Resolved issues that seller cannot change the order status for the Journal 2 theme in OC3.x
  • + Theme patch so-supermarket
  • * Fixed the journal3 theme issue in extension/module/marketplace at frontend.
  • * Fixed seller profile issue.
  • * Fixed fatal error issue on homepage in OCV3.
  • * Corrected check for multi-shipping in Marketplace Custom Shipping
  • * Resolve journal 3 seller profile on sell page issue in OC V3.
  • * Resolve journal 2 seller image overlap issue on profile page in mobile view in OC V3
  • * Resolve journal 2 menu overlap issues on mobile view in OC_2.3
  • + Added, assign mail template to seller (which mail will send to seller after admin change the Order status) when admin change order status.
  • * Resolved Jquery not supported issues in Journal3 in OC3.x
  • * Resolved filemanager issue in Journal3 , OC3.x
  • * Resolved issue that when the user change language to Arabic the interface does not be RTL in OC_3.x
  • * Resolved issue in mobile view menu was not showing(journal2 OC3x.x.x).
  • * Resolved the issue at registration page Google captcha show above seller checkbox(journal3 OC3x.x.x).
  • + Resolved design issue in journal3 OC 3 VERSION
  • + Added a new ocmod file for OC Version 2.0
  • + Theme patch so-topdeal
  • * Resolved Journal 3 theme patch issue.
  • + Added mime_content_type method for Opencart 3.x , 2.3.x , 2.2.x , 2.0.x
  • * Resolved Journal3 theme patch CSS issue.
  • + Added Journal3 theme patch for OC3.x.x.x
  • * Fix seller filter removed when approve and delete seller product.
  • * Resolved redeclare clean issue
  • * Resolved small issue in OC 2.3
  • * Fix Javascript issue order_info page
  • + Added function to delete seller activity on deleting a seller
  • * Git issues fixed for whitespace
  • * Mails issue fixed for whitespace
  • * Mail not sending issue resolved in version 3.x
  • * Multiply commission with quantity in catalog/model/account/customerpartnerorder.php line no-163
  • + Added wkautocomplete function inside catalog wk_common.js
  • * Responsive issue fixes for dashboard
  • * Responsive issue fixes for add product page
  • * On Sell page, added compare link and text
  • * Resolved issue of showing validation message on registration in OC 3.0
  • * Responsive issues fixes
  • * Resolved separate seller view issue
  • * Resolved journal2 theme patch issue
  • * Resolved seller category issue
  • + Filter Added in the Information page at seller end
  • * Resolved admin dashboard Seller Categories and information page Issue
  • * Resolved seller profile issue
  • * Resolved seller name not coming in mail when approved by admin
  • * Resolved category issue in journal2
  • + Theme Patch for theme OXY was added
  • * Some issues were resolved
  • + Added category approve notification
  • * Removed unnecessary commented code as it was showing error in log.
  • * Added filter in seller category
  • * Resolved seller information issue
  • * Keyword {seller_id} was added in Mail Configuration
  • * Resolved journal2 filemanager issue in version 3
  • + Added validation in seo keywords
  • * Resolved seller information issue
  • * Resolved sql injection issue
  • * Resolved sef link issues
  • * Resolved seller information pages issues
  • * Resolved approve link issue at admin section for Opencart version 3.x.x.x
  • + Added option to show store logo as seller dashboard logo for Opencart version 3.x.x.x
  • * Resolved seller category issues
  • * logancee theme patch added for Opencart version 2.3.x.x
  • * Fixed some journal2 theme issues
  • + Added seller review listing at seller end
  • * Resolved Journal2 quick view issue in profile page
  • + Added seller information pages
  • * Resolved some journal2 theme issue
  • + Added seller category creation menu
  • * Resolved product price filter issue
  • * Resolved product quantity issue in add product
  • * Resolved issue for OCMOD files
  • + added files for theme patch pav_xstore
  • * Resolved issues for theme fastor
  • * Resolve opencart version 3.x.x.x issues
  • + added jetimpex theme patch for OC_3.0
  • * Resolved extra string issue on cart popup
  • * Resolved separate seller panel issue in version
  • * Resolved SEO-URL issues when product name contains special characters
  • * Resolved journal2 theme issues
  • * Resolved separate seller panel issues
  • + Added separate seller panel functionality
  • * Resolved issue of Required Shipping option of the product
  • * Resolved sellerAdminData function issues
  • * Resolved Multi-language issue for notification page
  • + added fastor theme patch for OC_2.1 and OPC theme patch for OC_2.3
  • * Resolved issue of Modification file marketplace1.ocmod.xml
  • * Resolved issue for globe theme patch
  • * Resolved issue of low stock link
  • * Resolved issue regarding Seller Notification on Seller Profile page
  • + Updated for Opencart version
  • + Notification
  • + Vendor product preview
  • + Invoice of mass payout
  • + Category attribute mapping
  • + check commission flow and add admin option that commission will add on product unit price
  • + change category selection process at seller end and give admin option to category is mandatory
  • + Seller review attributes + Minimum cart value
  • + Product quantity restriction for any discount or special products
  • + Added category assign per vendor
  • + Added product preview
  • + Added multistore marketplace setting
  • + Added tax info and delivery time estimation for custom shipping
  • + Added seller customer switcher
  • + Added Maxshop theme patch
  • + Added filemanage for image upload in profile and add product page
  • Admin End Changes
  • 1) Marketplace Module configuration setting
  • + Commission Calculate On Tax
  • + Auto Generate Sku, Meta Description
  • + Low Stock Notification
  • + Low Stock Quantity
  • + Allowed Categories For Seller
  • + Allow Seller To Manage Orders
  • + Make A seller Review On Only Order Purchase
  • + Hide Seller Information
  • + Seller's Information At Product Page By Module
  • + Low Stock Mail To Seller
  • * sell tab summernote image upload resolved
  • 2) Marketplace
  • + Admin's products assign to seller features is added in a separate tab in seller profile
  • + Admin can create a seller from backend
  • + Admin can create seller review from backend and enable or disable the seller review
  • + Admin can approve or disapprove the seller order to manage
  • * Partner and vendor name changed to 'seller' in all language files
  • * admin's products assign to seller features is added in a separate tab in seller profile
  • * server end validation added in backend when admin pay to the seller in transaction page
  • * custom field issue resolved in the product form page at backend
  • Catalog End Changes
  • + Seller information added in the product page
  • + Low stock and order report addred in dashboard
  • * seller information on seller page css resolved
  • Admin End Changes
  • 1)Marketplace Module configuration setting
  • + Marketplace Version Added
  • + One extra order tab is created and shipping all order related to this tab
  • + Marketplace default image is fixed below the admin mail
  • + New option is added "Seller Name In The Cart" Description - Seller name will show in the cart pop-up
  • * "Customer can contact Sellers" issue fixed
  • + New option is added "Product Delete after Seller Delete" Description - If seller delete then product will be deleted
  • + New option is added "Product Shows after Seller Disable" Description - If seller is disabled then product of that seller will not show on the front end
  • + New option is added "Seller Can Buy their Product" Description - whether seller can buy their own product or not
  • + New option is added "Seller List Limit" Description How many seller will show in the sell page
  • + New option is added "Seller Product List Limit " Description How many seller's products will show in the sell page
  • 2) Marketplace
  • * Pagination Issue on manage shipping solved
  • * Location of seller issue solved
  • + Separate order page for change order status for each and individual product.
  • Catalog End Changes
  • * Pagination issue on manage shipping page solved.
  • * Shipping CSV format issue solved.
  • * Product option on edit product solved.
  • + Shipping cost will show on seller invoice ,if shipping charges goes to seller.
  • * List and Grid view after refresh issue solved.
  • * Seller product price currency while add or edit product issue solved.
  • + Customer can see each end individual ordered product status
  • * Order status changed when a seller change his order status issue is solved.
  • + Changed the language flag image path.
  • + Passed config currency code in the currency format function at admin end and in catalog end used currency code from session.
  • + Changed tpl file loading format at the catalog end.
  • + Used summernote class inserted of script at the admin end.