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Akeneo Custom Action Rule Conditions


Akeneo Custom Action Rule Conditions: Akeneo Custom Actions Rules Conditions module provides a robust feature in Akeneo for maintaining the product information process faster. The extension allows you to automate the product maintenance process. Create customized rules and conditions to perform actions for updating the product attribute values.

For the Akeneo installation, your Akeneo server should meet these system requirements.

Highlighted Features

 Add attributes to rule

The user can add several attributes to create multiple conditions for a rule

 locale basis rules

The user can create a rule and apply the rule as per the locale

 Execute the rule

The user can execute the rule to replace the value with the other attribute value

 Create a rule

The user can select conditions and actions to create a rule

What is the use of this module and why should I use it?

The module provides the feature in Akeneo to update the product information in bulk on the basis of custom action rules. Using the module the users can update the product information in a go and all the products where the condition gets applied will get updated accordingly.

The users can create the rules on the basis of several conditions and action to be applied to the certain attribute of the products so when the user executes the rule the products attribute values get updated accordingly.

Create a New Rule

  • Create rule-based on conditions and actions.
  • User can add an attribute to apply a condition to it.
  • User can select the condition to apply on the attribute.
  • User will add value for the condition that needs to be applied to the product.

Add Action to the Rule

  • Add the attribute to which the rule action will get applied.
  • User will select the action to be applied to the created rule.
  • User can view the rule created under the item rules.
  • User will execute the rule to apply the changes.

Executing the rule

  • The user will execute the rule created.
  • A success message will be shown for the successful execution of the rule.
  • Users can view the changes applied to the products after successful execution.
  • Users can also generate the rule as per the locale.

Scope Filter

  • The admin can filter the data in attribute local and channel-wise.
  • The admin can select a channel that defines the scope for product values.
  • The admin can select locales that define the localized product value to export.
  • Only in selected locale and channel attribute values get updated accordingly.

Complete Features List

  • Add several attributes to create multiple conditions
  • Select a channel in condition
  • Select a local in condition
  • Perform action to concatenate the value
  • Perform action to remove whitespace
  • Add different attributes to perform multiple actions
  • Perform action to replace with the other attribute value
  • One-click button to execute rule on all products
  • View, edit or delete all the created rules, conditions, and actions.
  • Add values in attribute local and channel-wise.

Akeneo 5.0.x Compatible

  • There are 5 major changes Automation, Governance, Quality, Connectivity, and Productivity in this latest version Akeneo 5.x came with.
  • Enhancements in the new Akeneo feature are like new import/export capabilities, an enhanced user experience on our product grid, and a more insightful process tracker that will increase productivity.
  • Enrich product data collection like New associations types, Enrichment in the variant products, Enhanced measurement families
  • Moreover, with the new Akeneo, it will be easier to manage the data quality with the new revamped data quality dashboard, spell-check modifications, and new “Missing image” rules
  • We have made all our Akeneo modules compatible with Akeneo 5.0.x and for a better experience, Akeneo implemented a new API, known as the “Events API” to better integrate the third-party application.

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For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/

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