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Marketplace Indonesian Shipping for Magento 2


Marketplace Indonesian Shipping for Magento 2: Now, the Indonesian customers can easily shop online and can get their products delivered using the available Indonesian shipping courier methods. The customers need to select their preferred shipping method at the checkout page. After placing the order, the customers can see the shipping cost along with the shipping methods selected by navigating to their order history.

The customers can also receive the tracking information after the seller has added the same from their end. This extension is an add-on to the Webkul's Multi-Vendor Marketplace extension. To make use of this extension, you must have first installed the Webkul's Magento 2 Multi-Vendor Marketplace.

Highlighted Features

 Save Account Credentials

The sellers can also save their Indonesian shipping account credentials

 Choose API URL

Sellers can choose corresponding API URL for their respective account type

 Select Origin Type

The admin and the sellers can choose their origin type as city/sub-district

 Increase/decrease shipping rates

Increase or decrease the shipping charges by some value as required

 Display Shipping Rates

Customers can view the shipping cost for the various courier methods

 Add Tracking Information

Customers will receive tracking information for their shipments

What is the need for this extension?

This extension comes handy if you are running a webshop and want to ship your products within Indonesia. It allows the customers to check the available shipping methods for their location along with the shipping cost as well. Thus, assisting the customers in receiving their package from their favourite sellers via one of the best shipping services that support and provides multiple courier methods for shipping the products within Indonesia.

Module Configuration

Once the module has been installed, the admin needs to configure the module settings before use. To do so, the admin will -

  • Enable the module for checkout
  • Select the respective API URl for your account type like - Starter Pro,
  • Enter the selected API URLs respective password
  • Set the title of method visible at the checkout page
  • Set the method name for the extension
  • Select the admin’s origin type as city or subdistrict
  • Select the allowed Domestic shipping couriers
  • Select the allowed International shipping couriers
  • Add or subtract the shipping price by some amount as required
  • Allow seller to save their Indonesian shipping details under their account panel
  • Set the origin of their store

Seller Configuration

After the admin has configured the module and allowed the sellers to save their Indonesian shipping details under their account panel, the sellers will be able to

  • Select respective API URL from the drop-down option as per the account type
  • Enter the respective API key for the selected API URL
  • Select the Origin Type as – City or Sub District as required
  • Select the Domestic shipping carriers that will be available
  • Select the International shipping carriers that will be available
  • Set the origin of their store under their account panel

Customer Workflow

The customers in Indonesia can now quickly get their products delivered using one of the best shipping services. After searching the respective seller products, the customers need to add the products into the cart, and on the checkout, they can select the shipping method as required. Here, the customers will be able to

  • Add products to the cart and proceed further
  • See the Marketplace Indonesian Shipping at the checkout page
  • Select the respective shipping courier from the list of available shipping methods
  • Check the details of the selected shipping courier
  • Receive the Tracking details of their order

Seller Management

After the order gets placed, the seller can check the received order details by navigating to their my order history. Here, the seller can manage the order by generating the invoice and the shipping slips.

  • The sellers can check the customer's selected method for shipping the products
  • The sellers can add the tracking information for the respective orders
  • Add tracking information for the orders
  • Provide tracking information to the customers

Complete Features List

  • Admin can enable or disable Marketplace Indonesian Shipping method.
  • Admin can set the Marketplace Indonesian shipping title name that will be shown from the front side.
  • Admin can allow sellers to save his/her Indonesian Credentials.
  • Admin can increase or decrease shipping charges by some value.
  • Seller can choose Starter/Basic/Pro api version.
  • The seller can set Sub District his/her as the origin.
  • Indonesian shipping rate will be calculated from the seller's address.
  • The seller can track the shipment.


For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/.

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