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Marketplace DIBS Payment for WooCommerce: No customer would like to suffer any monetary loss while placing an order online. Therefore, a sound payment gateway is a key behind an online e-commerce store’s growth. DIBS is one of the most secure payment gateways and offers its customers a smooth transaction experience that is just one click away.

Marketplace DIBS Payment for WooCommerce offers an easy solution for commission split between the admin and the sellers. It an effective solution for payment transactions as the customers can simply add the card details and place the order. This way, a hassle-free payment process is offered to the customers.

Note - To use this plugin, the user must first install WordPress WooCommerce Multi-Vendor Marketplace Plugin.

Highlighted Features

 Split Payment through DIBS

The DIBS is known to split the commission between the admin and the sellers when products of both are added in the order.

 Commission Transfer

The commission amount is transferred to the admin DIBS account.

 A Secure Payment Method

It is comparatively secure and safe for making payments online.

 Supports All Cards

It supports cards including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Maestro and VisaElectron.

Why choose DIBS Payment services?

Customers always expect that if they make any transaction online, it should turn out to be a smooth and hassle-free experience. For instance, there are cases while recharging our phones online, the site suddenly crashes during the transaction. The money is deducted and the recharge is balance is also not credited.

This shall definitely disappoint the customer and you may lose one of your valuable customers. DIBS Payment Method, which is one of the secure payment gateways which offers its customers a single click payment process. At the checkout, the customers add their card details and simply place the order. This way the DIBS optimizes the payment process and ensures the integrity of the customer’s transaction as well.

Retrieving the Merchant ID and the MD5 keys:

It is essential that an online store must be configured with easy to go and a reliable payment gateway so as to offer a convenient and secure online payment solution to the customers. DIBS is one such payment method which eases the process of payment or commission split amongst the admin and the seller

  • The admin of the site will require the Merchant ID and the MD5 keys.
  • For this, the admin will have to log in to the DIBS Payment website.
  • The admin will have to click on the “Get A Test Account" to receive the credentials.
  • The admin needs to choose "Create a D2 test Account" in order to create a test account.
  • This redirects to a page where the user needs to add the basic details such as Name, Email Id, etc.
  • The admin shall receive an email including the credentials- Username and Password.
  • A link present in the same email needs to be hit which redirects the admin to the DIBS Dashboard.
  • The credentials received need to be added before logging in into the DIBS Dashboard.
  • The admin will find the Merchant ID and the MD5 keys under Integration > MD5.

Admin/ Seller Permissions

The admin can configure the settings in the admin panel once the module is successfully installed. After installation, the admin shall gather the Merchant ID and the MD5 keys. The owners of online sites must integrate opt for DIBS Payment Method to offer a sorted and smooth payment solution so that the customers do not face any monetary loss while making payments online.

  • On receiving the Merchant ID and the MD5 keys, the admin can configure the module under Settings > Payments.
  • It includes the DIBS payment method option along with other payment methods.
  • The admin needs to simply click “Manage” so as to set or edit the configurations of the DIBS payment method.
  • The title and the description can be configured by the admin.
  • The admin retrieves the Merchant ID, MD5 K2 and the MD K2 from the DIBS website.
  • The admin may enable a test mode for DIBS.
  • A default language may be chosen by the admin.
  • The seller needs to login to the seller panel so as to configure the DIBS payment method.
  • Under Seller Profile tab, the seller can add the DIBS Payment Gateway details.
  • The seller configures the Merchant ID, MD5 K1, and MD5 K2 keys.

Customer End Workflow

Through the DIBS Payment Method, the customers can make online payments online with just one click. It offers extremely secure and sound payments with an assured hassle-free after-payment process.

  • The customers can make a purchase in the usual way and proceed to checkout.
  • In the checkout page, the customer will have to add the required billing details.
  • From the list of payment options given, the customer needs to choose the Marketplace DIBS payment method.
  • As the customer selects the DIBS option, “Pay via DIBS” along with the fields to add the card details shall appear.
  • The customer needs to add the card details and place the order in a usual way.
  • The admin can the seller can view their respective commission in the DIBS dashboard by adding the credentials received in the email before.
  • On logging in to the DIBS dashboard, the admin or seller can view their share of commission amount under Payments > Captured.
  • The order details can also be viewed by clicking on the transaction ID.

 Complete Features List

  • The DIBS payment method facilitates payment split between admin and seller when products of both are added in the order.
  • Commission charges go directly to admin DIBS account.
  • Very secure payment integration.
  • Checked and utilized both Test and Live server modes on the payment gateway.
  • Supports almost all kind of cards including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Maestro and VisaElectron.
  • Well integrated with WordPress WooCommerce Marketplace.


For any query or issue, please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/

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