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Laravel eCommerce Pre Order: Laravel eCommerce Pre Order Module comes with very important features, through which the admin can easily allow their customers/guest users to pre-order the upcoming product and out of stock products.

The customers can pay in advance and get their orders delivered when the product will be in stock. The customer can pay either a complete or partial amount of the product's price.

Laravel eCommerce RMA - Allow customers to create an RMA request for their product returns, refunds, exchanges, and order returns. 

Highlighted Features


The admin can sell and accept orders for upcoming and out of stock products.

 Demand Forecast

Analyze customer demand and initial sales of the products.

 Advance Booking

Pay in advance and book items to guarantee assured delivery.

 Advance Payment

Accept partial or full payment for pre-order products.

 Product Availability

The admin specifies the product availability date on the product page.

 Email Notification

Notify customers when a pre-ordered product comes in stock.

What Is The Need Of Laravel eCommerce Pre Order Module?

Laravel eCommerce Pre Order Module is a must-have module for those who always looking to forecast the demand of their pre-launch or out of stock products. This module helps the seller to manage their demand and supply of the products.

By using this Laravel eCommerce Module both registered customer and the guest user can pre-order for upcoming product and out of stock products. The admin will allow their customer whether to pay the full or partial payment in advance.

Module Configuration

Laravel eCommerce Pre-Order module allows the customer to pre-order the out of stock product. The admin can configure the module for the proper workflow like -

  • Pre-Order Payment Type - Full Payment or Partial Payment.
  • Pre-Order Percentage - Admin can set the pre-order percentage in the partial payment type.
  • Custom Message - Admin can configure the custom message which will be displayed on the pre-order product page.
  • Pre Order Quantity - The admin can set the pre-order quantity from the back-end.

Pre Order Product Page

This module works with both simple and configurable products. On the product page, the customer will see the various information about pre-ordering the product such as:

  • Partial Payment Info – The partial amount of product’s price needs to be paid by the customer.
  • Pre Order Custom Message – Custom message for displaying the additional information for the customer.
  • Pre Order button – Pre Order button to place the order for the pre-order product.
  • Pre Order Availability Date - Displaying the pre-order product availability date.

Placing Pre-Order

  • Registered and guest users both can place the pre-order successfully.
  • The customer can place the pre-order either by making the full payment or partial payment.
  • On the product page, the customers can view the pre-order payment information.
  • For the full payment, the customer will make the full payment including the shipping cost and place the order.
  • And, when the product comes back in stock, the customer receives an email notification.
  • But in partial payment, the customer first pays some percentage of the product’s price plus the shipping cost.
  • And, when the product comes back in stock, the customer receives an email notification for making the remaining payment using the second order ID.

Pre Order List

  • The admin can see all the pre-orders received from the customers along with the detailed information.
  • The admin can select the orders in bulk and send emails to those selected ones.
  • The module also has a separate section to view all the pre-orders received from the customers.
  • The admin can see the Order Id, Payment Order ID, Product Name, Customer Name, Customer Email, Paid Amount, Remaining Amount, Pre-order Type, Pre-order Status.
  • The admin can even notify the customers manually about the product availability.

 Complete Features List

  • The customer can pre-order only out of stock products.
  • Works with Simple and Configurable products.
  • Set a custom message to display on the pre-order product page.
  • Admin can set pre-order status and availability date.
  • Using this module customer can pay full or partial payment.
  • Customers can receive an email notification when a product is in-stock.
  • Guest users can also use the pre-order feature and place the orders.
  • The admin can display Free Pre-order Note to customers.
  • Multi-Lingual support/All language working including RTL.
  • The code is fully open & you can customize it according to your need


For any issue related to this module, please create a support ticket here at - https://webkul.uvdesk.com/en/customer/create-ticket/ or send an email to support@webkul.com

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