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Odoo Website Promotion BarThe Whiteboard of your Odoo website page is an indigenous advertising portal in itself. Appropriate tools can help you to attract more visitors and convert those visitors into customers.

A simple and effective tool is a promotion Bar also called Announcement Bar on the webpage of your Odoo website.

A promotion Bar is usually a thin banner that is displayed on the web page with some content in it. Now, the content can be molded to suit the type of website and occasion the admin wish to convey to the visiting people.

Odoo Promotion Bar is also designed so you can notify and attract the customers on your Odoo website. You can place the promotion bar on any side on the webpage.

The website owner can choose to display new arrivals, discounts. upcoming sales, current promotions, important messages, changes in store policies, etc.

 Odoo Website Promotion Bar Features

  • The module allows you to add Promotion bars to any webpage on your Odoo website.
  • The position of the promo Bar can be set by the Odoo user as Top, Bottom, Left or Right.
  • The user can configure the time period for which the Promo Bar would be visible on the Website.
  • The visibility can also be set as public or portal from the Odoo backend.
  • If visibility is set to the portal, only those clients who are logged into their Odoo website account would be able to see the promotion bar.
  • Public visibility allows the announcement bar to be visible to all the visitors.
  • The admin can also display multiple promotions in the same promotion bar. The promotions would display one after another via slide effect.

 Make the most out of your Webpage whiteboard Space in Odoo

The Announcement bar is one of the most effective ways of advertising and directing information regarding promotions, sales, etc. towards your customers.

1.) Flexible Space

Since the promotion bar can be placed on any side on the page, it allows you to use it as you wish so it does not hinder in the way of the customer.


2.) Non-Intrusive

In contrast to the big pop-ups appear immediately on opening a website and cause inconvenience to customers, the size of the promotion bar makes it ideal to remain visible and yet not interfere with the customer’s navigation and actions of the page.


3.) Promotion Bar Stands Out

The appearance of the promotion bar can be changed to one’s liking so it stands out on the webpage. It becomes much more noticeable among other elements of the webpage (images, text, etc.)

In short, the eye-catching promotion bar would certainly draw visitors’ attention towards itself allowing for more clicks.


4.) A Promotion Bar Increases Visibility

The announcement bar can be used in a number of ways apart from displaying discounts. it can be used to redirect the customers to a specific page on which you wish to increase the traffic.

It can also be used to cross-selling and upselling during the seasonal shopping spree. The links and advertisements provided on the promotion bar increase the visibility of those products towards the customers which can also lead to increased conversions.


5.) Accommodate Multiple Promotional Content

You can also change multiple promotions in the same promotion bar to maximize the space advertising on your webpage.

The multiple promotion bar would show the content of one promotion after another and the customer can click on a promotion to open the pop-up to get more info about the promotion.

 Dedicated Support For Your Odoo Website Promotion Bar App

Webkul's dedicated support provides you with the customizations and troubleshooting solutions for your Odoo Website Promotion Bar Module.

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