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Point of Sale (POS) System for Shopware
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Point of Sale (POS) System for Shopware: Shopware Point of sale system is a perfect solution for the sales agents and the customer at Point of sale. A Point Of Sale (POS) is a place where the consumer completes the payment for products and services. It is the spot where the retail transaction concludes.

The modules make it quicker for the sales agents and the customer to perform the whole payment process. The sales agent has the liberty to add or edit the customers to the POS System. The store owner can add many sales agents and can assign the outlets to them. The customer can pay via cash or card without any restrictions.

Highlighted Features

 Multiple Outlets

Create and manage multiple POS outlets.

 Custom Products

Add the custom product to the cart like additional service, product warranty, etc.

 Hold Cart

Hold the cart and proceed to the next transaction whenever required.


Apply discount offers as a fixed amount or percent (%) value on the total cart value.

 Payment Mode

Accept payment by cash, card, and credit balance.


Return the POS orders easily.

 Order Management

View and manage the POS orders.

 POS Modes

POS system work in an online and offline mode both.

 Real-Time Sync

The module supports real-time data synchronization.

 Check End Day Report

The merchants can check the end day report daily.

 Proper Stock Management

Well-mannered inventory management with secure access.

 Customer Satisfaction

With lesser checkout time, customer repetition will be increased.

 Quicker Checkout

Rapid and easy checkout process.

 Interactive POS Panel

Provided with dynamic features and search process to access products.

 Offline Order

Synchronize all the offline sales data with the online store whenever going online.


Generate a barcode for simple as well as variable products.

Stock Control

Shopware Point of Sale system efficiently manages the inventory. When it comes to inventory management every single product becomes prior and necessary. This module creates multiple outlets and associated products are assigned to those outlets.

  • By this module, the store owner can create multiple outlets.
  • The products can be assigned to any outlet.
  • Stock management can be done by the admin by adding or deleting the products.
  • The product assignment will be done as per the available quantity.

Outlet Assignment

A store owner can have multiple stores in different areas. For managing multiple branches the Shopware POS allows the store owners to create an outlet for each store.

  • Store owners can easily activate or deactivate the outlet.
  • The outlets can be added or edited by the store owner.
  • Every Sales agent/ User will be assigned to its associated outlet.
  • Multiple products can be assigned to a single outlet.

Multiple Sales Agents

To manage a store and customers the store owner needs to have multiple sales agents/ users who can handle the POS system.

Customer Management

When it comes to the greater number of customers then it is a must to manage the inventory for the customers too. In this module, customers are managed by the sales agent in a very seamless manner.

  • The Sales agent/ User can add a new customer.
  • Customer details can be edited/ deleted only by the store owner/ admin.
  • A separate section is present for the customer in the POS Panel.
  • Users can add the new customer at the time of checkout also.
  • Details of the customers can be edited by the Sales agent/ User.

Split Payment Availability

Just at the point of sale, it may happen that the customer does not have enough cash to make the payment. Shopware Point of Sale determines this very comfortably to ease the checkout process.

  • The cashier can split the payment in cash and card.
  • The customer can pay the bill via card or cash as desired.
  • Full payment can also be done by the customer via any of the methods i.e. cash or card.
  • The multiple ways to pay in POS will make the check out more comfortable for the customer.

POS Sales Receipt

After the successful checkout, the customer should not forget to collect the sales receipt provided by the sales agent. In this module, the sales receipt can be generated easily by the user.

  • The Shopware Point of Sale provides the customer to experience the amazing Point of Sale.
  • The sales agent can create the sales receipt easily by clicking on the Print Invoice.
  • The invoice slip includes the Sales agent name, customer name and the product details.
  • The product list that is purchased by the customer will be visible with their name, price, quantity and amount.
  • The POS sales receipt will help the customer to review the order details.


  • The admin can manage the multiple outlets for POS.
  • Multiple POS users can be managed by the admin for an outlet.
  • The admin can manage both online and physical stores.
  • New customers can be added by the sales agent at the time of checkout also.
  • A separate front-end panel is provided to the Sales agent/ User.
  • The admin can see the details of the orders.
  • The admin can assign multiple products to outlets.
  • Complete orders, customers, inventory synchronization between Shopware and POS.
  • The admin can easily manage the inventory.
  • Print a sales receipt with complete information.
  • The POS agent can add new customers to the POS panel.
  • The customer can make payments either by card or cash at the POS.
  • Trouble-free checkout process.
  • The sales agent can update the currency in their profile.
  • The POS easily operates in offline mode as well to provide better processing.
  • The products can be added to the cart in two ways- on clicking the product, through Barcode Reader.
  • POS support simple as well as configurable products.
  • Default customer assignment to the POS for easy checkout.
  • You can create a barcode product-wise.


For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/

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