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Shopware Order Attachments: With this module, the customer can upload the attachments in the orders while buying the products online. During the checkout process or after placing the order the customer can add the attachment (Images, PDF) in the order.

The admin can accept or deny the attached file, after that the order status will be changed automatically. The admin can view, cancel, and accept the attachments uploaded by the customer.

Highlighted Features

Specify file type to allow

The admin can set file formats, file max size and the number of files from backend.

Enhance customer experience with attachment

Customers have an additional option to share a specific requirement by uploading a downloadable file on the product.

Add the number of attachment on a single order

This module supports multiple file upload with a single order, specified by admin.

Ability to view order attachment

Both admin and customer can view attachments on ordered products.

What is the need of the Shopware Order Attachments Module?

In a general scenario, multiple times additional information needs to be attached during checkout and even after order processing to understand customer requirements completely.

Order attachment module can let customers add downloadable files and used for various use cases such as doctor’s prescription, technical description, drug products, licenses and fitness certificates on online customer’s orders.

Order attachment is often used by online pharma shops which facilitate to customer buy medicine from the online shop by uploading prescription in the format as defined by admin PDF, DOC, DOCX, JPEG, JPG, PNG.

Restrict File Number, Size & Supported Format

The admin can configure and specify the maximum attachment file size, allow file type and maximum file number to be upload.

  • The admin can set the maximum number of files 10 and the minimum one.
  • The customer can upload prescription files configured by the admin.
  • The file size should be greater than 0 and less than 10 MB.
  • The admin can configure/set the max prescription file size from the backend.
  • This module supports PDF, DOC, DOCX, JPEG, JPG, PNG format for attachment.
  • Admin can specify the allowed file type extensions for the attachment file.

Ability to Upload Files After Placing Order

The customer can add the order attachments along with the order or after placing the order.

  • If the customers want to add the attachment file at the time of checkout then there would be an option to upload the file over comment on the checkout page.
  • If the customers want to add an attachment after placing the order, then need to go order attachment add then can attach the required file.
  • The admin can approve/disapprove the uploaded attachment file on the checkout page.
  • The customer can configure by the admin such as File format, max file size and the number of the prescription files.

Comment Box with Attachment

This module gives the option to the customer to add attachment files to the comment box.

  • The customer can add the order attachment along with a comment message while placing the order and after placed.
  • Ability to view an attached file and comment on the ordered product in Order View under My Account section.
  • Furthermore, customers can also see the attachment status as accepted or denied after verified by the admin.
  • The customer needs to write a message in the comment box if they want to attach any required document to order.

Multiple Attachment Support

The admin can define the maximum number of attachment files that can be upload from 1 to 10 in the configuration.

  • The customer can attach more than one file from their panel depends on the admin configuration.
  • In case uploaded file size and allowed type will not fit or number fo attachment is greater than specified, the customer gets the error message.
  • Multiple downloadable files can be uploaded on a single product whether the product has placed and going to be in the ordering process.

Edit Attachment Status

After placing the order, The admin will have an option to see the comment and change the attachment status as Accepted or Denied.

  • By default, the status shows denied until it will not modify from admin.
  • To change the status of attachment, the admin needs to click on the checkbox to accept the attachment file from the admin backend.
  • If the admin disapproves prescription file then the customer can upload a new prescription file.
  • This module enables the admin to allow order attachment for the picked product.

Option to the Print Attachment

This module provides inclusive functionality to admin, to print order attachment document from the admin backend uploaded by their customer.

  • The admin can simply process the order with the printed attachment.
  • Adding attachments along with order makes it easy to find them whenever needed.
  • With this module, admin not only set the attachment required status but also can print the attached file.
  • The admin can get a printout of the prescription document against an order when needed.


  • Add the order attachment at the time of checkout.
  • The customer can add multiple attachments at the time of placing an order.
  • The customer can add/upload the order with the attachment while placing the order.
  • The admin can deny or accept uploaded order attachments.
  • The customer can add comments while uploading order attachments.
  • The code is open-source so it can be easily customized.
  • Ability to attach files along with the message, if you have any comments.
  • Support the format as selected by the admin – PDF, DOC, DOCX, JPEG, JPG, PNG.
  • Supports multiple file upload with a single order.
  • Customers get an error message for the wrong file type upload or exceeding the size limit for order attachment.
  • The admin can edit/delete the attachment from the backend.
  • The admin can restrict the size of order attachment uploads and specify allowed file attachment types from the configuration.
  • The attachment list attached by the customer can get from the admin backend.


For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/

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