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Multi Vendor Social Feeds for WooCommerce


Multi Vendor Social Feeds for WooCommerce:  This module facilitates the seller to display the Instagram images of the products on these pages: Dedicated, Shop, and Product. Although this module is very useful for promotional purpose as this module allows the buyer to view the images of the products uploaded by its users on Instagram.

Note: This module is an add-on of WordPress WooCommerce Multi-Vendor Marketplace, before using this module you first need to install WordPress WooCommerce Multi-Vendor Marketplace.

Highlighted Features for Multi-vendor Social Feeds for woocommerce

 Store Hashtag Visibility

The seller can choose the visibility of the hashtag on the pages- Dedicated, Shop, and Product.

 View Hashtag Image

The customer can view the images of the product uploaded by the users on Instagram.

 Catchy Image Tags

The tags attached to the products make them more prominent and eye-catching for the customer.

 Hashtag Product Link

The module provides the option to link the products to the hashtags.

Create Image Hashtag

The seller can create hashtags by using the seller panel and while creating the hashtag the seller needs to enter the following.

  • The seller needs to enter the hashtag name.
  • The seller can select the visibility of the hashtag on the shop page, product page, and dedicated page.
  • The seller also needs to select the products that he wants to link to the hashtag.
  • The seller can also disable the previously created hashtags.

Hashtag Image Import

For displaying the Instagram feeds on the frontend the seller needs to import the images from Instagram first.

  • The seller can fetch the images from Instagram only by editing the hashtag.
  • After fetching all Instagram images the seller needs to select the images which he wants to import from Instagram.
  • Only the imported images from Instagram will appear as an Instagram shop feeds for the linked products.

Visibility of Instagram Feeds

This module facilitates the hashtag creator to choose the visibility of the created hashtag.

  • All the hashtags can be viewed on a dedicated page for hashtags i.e. Instagram shop feeds.
  • The customer can also view the hashtags on the product page as well as on the shop page.
  • On the shop page, all the hashtags can be viewed at the end of the products.


For any query or issue, please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/

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