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Opencart Geolocation Currency Converter: This extension will change the product price as per the current location of the customer. It converts the currency of the product on a run-time basis by fetching the current location of the customer. However, this dynamic product price will be visible to the customer on the product page.

This module helps the customer as there is no need to calculate the product price according to the currency as it automatically converts it into the customer’s location. It also converts the language of the product’s price according to the location of the customer. The configuration of this extension is also very easy.

Highlighted Features

 Auto Language Update

It converts the language of the message that will display with converted currency.

 Currency Conversion

The currency will convert according to the current location of the customer.

 Change Price at Product Page

The converted price will be displayed on a product page.

 Layout Settings for Message Position

The position for the message can also be set by the admin whether it will be on the left, top, or right.

Why do we need the OpenCart Geo Currency Location module?

This module is very useful to the customers from different multiple store outlets available for the store website. Whenever a customer searches for any product he has to calculate the price of the product according to his current location. OpenCart Geo Currency Location module detects the location of the customer and the product price with a message that will display on the product page as per the country currency and the language.

So this module is useful where multiple outlets are available in different countries for a website. By using this extension there is no need to calculate the price of the product as it will convert the price automatically according to the location of the customer.

Why use the OpenCart Geo Location Currency Converter extension?

Whenever any customer opens your store website and its store currency is the dollar but that customer wants the currency to be visible in Euro as the current location of the customer in the Netherlands.

  • this module will convert the currency into euros from the dollar
  • This extension converts the currency according to the customer’s location.
  • Customers have no need to calculate the price from their end.
  • It shows the product price after calculating it into the customer’s location.

Layout Selection for the Customer View

The store admin will select the position from the layout for the product page where the message with converted currency will be displayed. This module shows the converted currency on the product page.

  • The store admin can set the position of the message with converted currency as Content top, left, or right.
  • The message will display according to the product page layout settings.

Product View with Converted Currency

The converted currency will be visible on the front end with a message and with the store currency to the customer on the product page. The currency will be visible according to the position selected by the store admin.

  • The calculated currency will be visible with a message on the front end to the customer.
  • A message will also be visible with calculated currency.
  • The message will also be displayed in the language of that country as the auto language update feature is available.

Map Language with Country

The admin can add multiple countries to their store and map them with the required or preferred language.

  • There is a separate section available for mapping languages to the countries.
  • Admin can add or remove any country from the list.
  • As per the selected location customer will see the data in the mapped language.

Benefits from OpenCart Geo Currency Location

As the name suggests this module converts the currency based on the customer’s current location. The store view has a common store currency for its store and when the store website has multiple stores across the globe then this module is very helpful for the store admin as well as for the customers.

  • As the customer has no need to calculate the price for the product that he wants to purchase.
  • Automatic currency conversion is an edge to the store admin where multiple store websites are available for the store.

Opencart Geolocation Currency Converter Support -

For any query or issue please create a support ticket here https://webkul.uvdesk.com/

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