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    Official OpenCart Gold Partner and Core Code Contributor
    Working for OpenCart since 2010 and contributed to latest stable release v3.0.3.7

    Opencart HelpDesk

    Opencart HelpDesk: Opencart support extension module is a next generation support ticket management system which allows tons of modern ticket system features including email piping , service level agreement (SLA) , Event Triggers and many more features . This helpdesk system is not a SAAS based service that means you dont need to pay every month / years

    Also available for Opencart version 3.x.x.x
    Opencart HelpDesk Opencart HelpDesk Opencart HelpDesk Opencart HelpDesk Opencart HelpDesk Opencart HelpDesk Opencart HelpDesk Opencart HelpDesk Opencart HelpDesk
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    Opencart HelpDesk Opencart support extension module is a next-generation support ticket management system that allows tons of modern ticket system features including email piping, service level agreement (SLA), Event Triggers, and many more features. This help-desk system is not a SAAS based service that means you don’t need to pay every month/years

    Opencart HelpDesk

    Highlighted Features

     Supported templates

    It works with multiple templates, including responsive themes.

     Open Source

    It is open-source and can easily be customized.

     Merging tickets

    Through the Opencart Help Desk System, it becomes easy to merge tickets and split threads as a new ticket.

     Creating Multiple agents

    The admin can create multiple agents and agent levels.

    Why use this module?

    The support system helps the business owner to manage the business in a hierarchal way and provide the supports to the customers using the HelpDesk System. If you’re serious about the business and looking for a long-term business then you must have to be customer-centric.

    You must have to listen to your customer and solve their problems. To short out this problem, you can use the OpenCart HelpDesk system and let your customers contact you regarding their query.

    Manage Email Piping

    This helpdesk system is one of the best helpdesks that provides an email piping feature. It means support staff/agents can reply directly from the ticket system. They don't need to login to the inbox and reply from there.

    • Ticket creation based on new email arrival.
    • Supported by IMAP, POP3, and SMTP.
    • SSL/TSL encryption
    • Works with all the mail services from Gmail to Yahoo to Zoho.
    • Reads and replies to emails directly from the helpdesk system.
    • Supported by all media types
    • All headers / Mime Type supported
    • Email fetch into the helpdesk system
    Manage Email Piping

    Roles and ACL Management System

    Roles and ACL systems are the backbone of any scalable helpdesk system. Store admin can create multiple roles according to the requirements. This module supports.

    • Multiple roles creation
    • Multiple access level for the agents
    • Various permission levels e.g - ticket assignment, ticket creation, update, and deletion.
    Roles and ACL Management System

    Service Level Agreement (SLA) Management

    Service level agreement is another important aspect of any helpdesk system. This support system module adds more features to it not just the static priorities flags. Using this module, the admin can -

    • Define the custom priorities flags e.g (high, urgent, and normal)
    • Decide the time period Assignment for every flag.
    • The assistant agent assigned automatically in case the ticket is open or not solved within a time period.
    • Manage different SLA policies.
    Service Level Agreement (SLA) Management

    Support Center Management

    As per many surveys and reports, customers/users do not create new tickets if they find the issues solved in the previous reply or in most asked questions. This module supports -

    • Multiple Support Center creation.
    • Support Center assignment based on department.
    • Easy search for Support Center.
    Support Center Management

    Business Hours and Holidays

    Business hours and holidays management within the support system are hard to manage as customers may exist in various countries and geolocation and time-zone. HelpDesk system manages that part beautifully.

    • The admin can set business hours
    • The admin can add holidays based on their country and location
    • Decide the multiple set of the business hours
    Business Hours and Holidays

    Custom Fileds Management

    Helpdesk is needed in various ranges of industries from vertical to horizontal. This helpdesk extension provides options for custom fields.

    • Using this feature, the store owners can create support forms with multiple and different fields as needed.
    • Unlimited fields supported
    • The admin can apply the field validation
    • All HTML input type support.
    Custom Fileds Management

    Event(s) & Trigger Management

    Event triggers are kind of observers in standard design patterns like to trigger some event when one action has been fired or acted. The helpdesk system is super smart to understand that part. This module supports -

    • Various event triggers for the events
    • The admin can set the triggers before or after the event
    • Super useful and well-integrated with helpdesk SLA system
    Event(s) & Trigger Management

    Raise a Support Ticket

    The customer can easily create a support ticket whenever required. Furthermore, the customer can also view the status of the created ticket from the customer account.

    • The customer can raise a support ticket as per their needs.
    • Customers can select the subject of the ticket.
    • Select the type of ticket from the available options.
    • Select the group of the ticket.
    • Enter the message and upload the file as well if required.
    • Add the additional information along with the message.
    Raise a Support Ticket

    Opencart Help-desk Features

    • Working with All the Templates ( Including Responsive Themes) and source code is Open so can be easily customized.
    • Allow admin to create ticket status, ticket priority, ticket types, ticket custom field.
    • Allow admin to create customers.
    • Allow admin to create an organization and manage tickets based on Organization level.
    • Allow admin to create multiple Agents and agent level.
    • Admin can create unlimited agent group.
    • Allow admin to create roles.
    • Admin can define business hours and holidays based on SLA's.
    • Allow admin to prepare responses with action.
    • Allow admin to create a support center category.
    • Email tickets fetch support.
    • Reply by email.
    • Admin can create Service level agreements (SLA).
    • Complete the agent management system.
    • Event Triggers support found.
    • Ticket merge and split support found.
    • Custom fields support for tickets.
    • Complete and flexible ACL system.
    • Ticket Lock feature support.

    Opencart HelpDesk Support -

    For any query or issue, please create a support ticket here

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    Product Version3.1.1.7
    Released8 years ago
    Last UpdatedOctober 10, 2023 (6 months ago)
    Supported VersionsOpenCart  2.x.x.x  3.x.x.x  
    Rating 5.0
    based on 3 reviews

    Recent Reviews

    Write a review

    support team is very kind

    Posted On - November 2, 2016

    the people on the support team is very kind and helpful. ıt depends on every peny on this module. hope they don't lose this skill. thanks.

    very good support services

    Posted On - November 2, 2016

    Nice application ...
    very good support services.
    Thank you. I would recommend.

    Excellent extension with amazing support

    Posted On - December 19, 2015

    Excellent extension with amazing support. Many features! Highly recommended.

     Frequently Asked Questions

     What are the significant features of Opencart Help Desk System?
    Some of the significant features of Opencart HelpDesk System includes email piping, service level agreement (SLA), Event Triggers.
     Is Opencart HelpDesk System SaaS-based?
    No, the Opencart HelpDesk System is not SaaS-based which means the user need not pay every month or year.
     Does Opencart HelpDesk System allow merging tickets?
    Yes, Opencart HelpDesk System allows merging tickets.
     Is the admin allowed to create SLA’s(Service Level Agreements)?
    Yes, the admin is allowed to create the SLA or the Service Level Agreements. The admin can define the business hours and holidays based on the SLA’s.
     What benefits does the Opencart Help Desk System provide?
    It is an enhanced way to provide high-quality support to our valuable customers.

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    • + Features
    • * Bugs
    • * Resolved git issues.
    • * Resolved the placeholder issue in the email template.
    • * Fixed the Activity list issue.
    • * Fixed the code error on dashboard activity issues
    • * Fixed the invalid user login date record.
    • * Fixed the issue with the response data form.
    • * Fixed the issues with ticket events.
    • * Resolved layout issue in the journal in 3.x.x.x version.
    • * Status, Agent, priority, etc delete issue resolved for the admin end.
    • * Resolved error log undefined language file load issue.
    • * Mail fetching issue resolved.
    • * Fixed the undefined index error in ticket responses.
    • * Fixed the Ticket Custom Field validation issue.
    • + OCMOD file was placed in the system folder.
    • + Action was added to show selected file's names to upload on the ticket form
    • * Resolved languages issue in the connect email
    • * Edit Button icon was corrected in the ticket list
    • * Group is not deleted issues was resolve in OC_3.x
    • + Journal 3 theme_patch.
    • * Resolved input accepting negative numbers and special characters in module option.
    • * Resolved git issue no 66 in all the versions
    • * Minor issue resolved in agent group delete
    • * Bug resolved in fetched email time
    • + Updated for Opencart version
    • + Admin can also generate tickets for customers.
    • + Tickets_create File added into admin/view/template/ticketsystem/tickets_create file
    • + Create() and getCreate() Functions added into admin/controller/ticketsystem/tickets.php file
    • + GetAllCustomers() Function added into admin/model/ticketsystem/customers.php file
    • + GetCustomerByOCEmailId() Function added into admin/model/ticketsystem/customers.php file
    • Initial Release