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      Opencart Facebook Messenger Chat

      Opencart Facebook Messenger Chat: With this module, you can integrate Facebook Messenger into your Opencart store and allow customers to chat. Once you configure your Facebook page credentials, the Facebook Messenger widget will appear on the Opencart storefront. A customer can quickly one-tap login to Facebook and send messages directly from the Opencart store.


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      Opencart Facebook Messenger Chat: Social media can be a boon for any business, especially for the online market. With the vast reach out of 1.3 million people using Facebook messenger every month. Will increase your customer span to a new level.

      Integrating one of the most well-known chat systems into your Opencart store will help the admin build a good customer relationship due to the ease of conversation between the buyer and the store owner.

      Opencart Facebook Messenger Chat module will help admin to clarify the doubts, query or requirements of customers. Along with the conversation the buyer can even share images and attachments to validate their points.

      Note: If you want a communication system other than Facebook messenger then you can check the following Opencart Admin Buyer Chat module.

      Highlighted Features

       Easy Integration

      With few adjustments allows the customer to conversate over the facebook with ease.

       Real-Time Feeds

      The module provides the customer real-time feeds for their queries.

       Connects Anywhere and Everywhere

      The module allows the admin to reply to queries with the help of any device(mobile phone, tablet, or laptop).

       Unique Response

      The response is manually sent by the owner or their representatives which make the response unique and to the point of making the user experience better.

      Why should you integrate Facebook Messenger to your website?

      Social media is one of the most used platforms in the whole world. In most case scenario, people avoid raising question due to the hassle of creating new ids for the website each time they visit a new one.

      Or You may take a case when a potential customer comes up with a custom requirement that you can quickly fulfill, but the customer does not approach due to long and lengthy registration/login procedure to ask the question with endless time for response.

      But with this module, these issues can be sorted with ease as the customer will get a real-time response and notification alerts on the messenger. This will increase the level of customer satisfaction and boost up sales as well.

      Integrating Facebook Messenger Chat

      The admin can easily integrate and configure the module without any hassle from the admin backend panel.

      • The admin can enable/disable the module.
      • The admin can integrate any Facebook page to the store by adding the respective order id.
      • The color theme can be set by the admin by entering the color code or by selecting the color from the color box as desired.
      • The welcome and log out messages can be configured for increasing the user-friendly experience.
      • Various custom style can be set like: Show, hide and Fade.
      • The admin can set the lag time/delay time after which the messenger icon will display on the front end.
       Integrating Facebook Messenger Chat

      Facebook Page Configuration- Admin’s End

      The admin can configure the chat module with the Facebook page by creating a new page or configuring the existing one.

      • The admin needs to add the Facebook Page Id to the admin backend.
      • The admin needs to add the following domain name of the website on which the chat module is needed to integrate.
      • The admin can add multiple domains which will help the module to be functional for various stores.
       Facebook Page Configuration- Admin’s End

      Messenger Chat Box: Customer’s View

      The customer can log in to Facebook and chat with the store owner with the help of this module.

      • If not logged will be notified by a custom message added by the admin.
      • Once logged in, the customer can communicate to the admin.
      • The customer can share the queries or requirement along with the attachments (images or documents).
      • Emojis can be shared by the admin or the customer during the conversation.
      • The customer can turn On/Off the conversation.
      • Mute conversation option is present which will avoid customer distractions.
      • The customer can navigate to the messenger or can move the Admin’s, Facebook Page.
       Messenger Chat Box: Customer’s View

       Complete Features List

      • The admin can Enable/disable the module.
      • Custom color theme can be set by the admin.
      • The admin can configure the message which will be displayed on Login the site or when the customer is not logged in to Facebook.
      • The admin can configure the pop-up messenger display.
      • The admin can set the time after which the icon will pop-up.
      • Quick single tap activates the chat window.
      • Send images, documents, file attachments, and emojis in messages.
      • All the conversations are stored in the Facebook Messenger.
      • Link to visit the Facebook Page, View on Messenger, Mute Conversation, Turn Off/On Messages.


      For any query or issue please create a support ticket here

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       Frequently Asked Questions

       Will the module work for non logged in customers?
      The module will work for all customers who are logged in through Facebook.
       How will the customer get notified for the store owner response?
      The customer will be notified in the similar manner as notified in the facebook messenger.
       Does the module work for multiple stores?
      The module does work for multiple stores.
       Can the customer drop the conversations?
      The customer can drop or can turn off any conversation if required.
       How to integrate Facebook Messenger with Opencart store?
      With the Opencart Facebook Chat Messenger Module, you can easily integrate chat system to your opencart store.

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