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Laravel eCommerce Marketplace Hyperlocal Extension
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Laravel eCommerce Marketplace Hyperlocal Extension: This module is very beneficial for both sellers and buyers. The seller can easily add the location where the seller can ship the products. The customers can enter their location and can check the available sellers and products in that particular location.

Note - This is a marketplace add-on, so you need to install Webkul's Laravel Multi Vendor Marketplace first.

Highlighted Features

 Single Or Multi-Seller Checkout Available

The admin can set a single seller/multi-seller checkout.

 Find & Browse Seller Shop

The buyer can search the shop according to the location and can do purchase through the seller's shop.

 Customer Location Search

The customer needs to enter their location and after that customers can buy products from the nearest seller's store.

 Google Maps API Integrated

All the location-based activities and searches are provided using Google Maps API integration.

 Seller Deliverable Area

The seller can add their postcodes for which they can deliver the product.

 Enter Longitude and Latitude

The sellers can also add Longitude and Latitude for their shops under which they can ship the product.

What is the marketplace HyperLocal System?

In a marketplace hyperlocal system, the customer can do purchase according to their location, whenever the customers enter his location the customers will be able to see the sellers and products according to their location. This can be very beneficial for the sellers and the customers as it reduces the shipping cost and time.

What is the need of the Hyperlocal system?

The hyperlocal system gives the advantage of shorter delivery distance to the customer that increases the speed of order fulfillment and also reduces the delivery costs.

What is the future of the Hyperlocal Marketplace?

The hyperlocal local marketplace has a bright future, as lots of customers are getting delivery in very less interval of time, that will also reduce the shipping cost and time for the delivery of the product. A hyperlocal system helps the customer to connect to the local store of a particular geographical region. According to the survey, there will be a great raise in the hyperlocal eCommerce business by 2020.

Google Maps API/ Product filter range (km)

In order to run the Hyperlocal system, the geographical location of sellers, as well as customers, is a critical criterion.

  • The add-on for the location search functionalities uses the Google Maps APIs’.
  • The admin needs to enter the Google API Key.
  • Can set the product filter range in Km or Miles.
  • The admin can enable a single seller checkout option.

Show Sellers & Products Based on Customer's Location

The customer needs to enter their zip code on the website. And based on that will find the desired results on entering their location will automatically help them to view the list of sellers available in that location.

  • The customer needs to enter the zip code inside the pop-up which is visible for the first time when the customer visits the website.
  • The customer can also change their location anytime from a location field available adjacent to the search product field on the website.
  • Based on customer location, all the sellers who deliver in that location will get visible.
  • The customer needs to visit the seller store and can select and add to cart the product from the seller collection page itself.
  • The customer to purchase the product needs to visit the seller collection page.
  • The products available to the customer depends upon the customer location only.
  • If the seller has not added any product in the outlet for that location, so in this case, the customer will find a message that no products are available for that location.

MSI (Multi-Source Inventory)

Help out your marketplace sellers by providing them with one of the most important inventory management features MSI - Multi-Source Inventory.

  • The admin can add Inventory along with the Postcode.
  • The admin can also add longitude and Latitude for the inventory.
  • The seller while adding a new or editing an existing product can assign it to the desired inventory.
  • The seller manually can change the stock status of the inventory for products as well as can assign the product quantity to the inventory.

Enable/Restrict Multi-Seller Checkout

No need to place orders multiple times, when you can get all your products from different sellers on placing the order in a single time.

  • The admin can enable or disable the single seller checkout feature.
  • The customer can place a single order with products from different sellers if the option is enabled by admin.
  • In case the option is selected as “no” then the customer can add products in cart for a single seller only.

Auto-Empty Cart on Location Change

It is better to buy products from the seller near to the customer location. The module features an interesting functionality that allows empty carts on customer location change.

So that the customer can get their goods delivered from the only sellers selling products in the nearby area.

  • The customer will see a pop-up message stating that “On changing the location will empty the cart”.
  • The feature is added to counter down the error if by mistake the customer adds products to cart and on change of location can still place the order for the same.

Complete Features List

  • The seller will be able to add multiple shop’s zipcodes.
  • Products will be visible of seller’s which matches the customer’s location.
  • Admin can set a single seller/multi-seller checkout.
  • Customers will be able to view all sellers in their area.
  • TheCustomer will be able to view all the products available in its area.
  • Customer will be able to view all the products available of a particular seller


For any issue related to this module, please create a support ticket here at - https://webkul.uvdesk.com/en/customer/create-ticket/ or send an email to support@webkul.com

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Excellent support and service
Saurabh and Kavita give me a full information about products, and show me everything. And give me advice about additional product, what I need. Thanks a lot!
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