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    Laravel Multi Vendor Marketplace

    Laravel Multi Vendor Marketplace: The Multi-Vendor Extension transforms your Bagisto store into a thriving multi-vendor marketplace. It allows vendors to create, update, track and manage their products and orders through their own dedicated dashboard. The Admin can easily set global/separate seller commission for all the sellers.

    Laravel Multi Vendor Marketplace Laravel Multi Vendor Marketplace Laravel Multi Vendor Marketplace Laravel Multi Vendor Marketplace Laravel Multi Vendor Marketplace Laravel Multi Vendor Marketplace Laravel Multi Vendor Marketplace Laravel Multi Vendor Marketplace Laravel Multi Vendor Marketplace Laravel Multi Vendor Marketplace
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    Laravel Multi-Vendor Marketplace: Multi-Vendor Marketplace for Laravel converts your Bagisto store into Multi-Vendor Marketplace with separate seller product collection and seller order management. This extension allows the customers to buy the products from various vendors using the single cart. The customers can also provide feedback and rating based on vendor product/service.

    The seller can manage the inventory, shipment, Seller Profile page and much more. The seller can add products like Simple and Configurable on their online store.

    Laravel Marketplace Stripe Payment - Integrate Stripe Connect into Bagisto Multi Vendor Marketplace to accept online card payments from customers supporting split payment, refund, 3D secure, saved card details, and more.

    Note - New Product Types (Booking, Bundle, Grouped) are available on Laravel Multi Vendor Marketplace.

    Laravel Multi Vendor Marketplace

    Highlighted Features

     Separate seller account

    In the marketplace module, a seller can create s separate account with dedicated Shop URL.

     Simple and Configurable product type supported

    In Laravel multi-vendor marketplace A seller can create a simple and configurable product.

     Seller and product's review management

    Admin has the right to approve or disapprove the vendor's store and vendor's product review

     Create Attractive Landing page for the seller

    Admin can create an attractive landing page like a banner, feature icon, etc. for a seller.

     Seller dashboard management

    A vendor has separate dashboard management

     Product management at seller end

    A seller can easily manage the product; they can delete, edit the product

     A seller can sell the Admin Product

    A seller can import the product from the admin panel and modify(prices, images, etc.) that product and also sell that product

     Category Attribute Mapping

    Admin can do the product mapping according to the category so that when seller add a new product, they select a category and attribute family according to the new product

     A Seller can view review

    A seller can view both reviews which are disapproved or approved by the admin

     A seller can view Order and Transaction

    A seller can view separate order and transaction for their shop.

     Admin can update or delete seller profile

    Admin has the right to approve or disapprove seller profile

     Global/Separate Seller Commission

    Admin can set global commission for the sellers and can also set separate commission for an individual seller.

    Headless Commerce Marketplace Development

    Webkul Multi-Vendor Marketplace supports Headless Commerce Development with popular frontend frameworks and modern technologies including- React.js, Vue.js, Next.js, Vue Storefront, Gatsby.js.

    • Build and design a completely customized storefront
    • Ultrafast frontend performance with server-side rendering
    • Connect with multiple third-party integrations- PIM, DAM, CRM
    • Developer friendly architecture with zero downtime
    • Dynamic content following the API-first approach

    For Headless Marketplace Development you may check our Bagisto (Laravel) Headless Multi Vendor Marketplace.

    Headless Commerce Marketplace Development

    What is the need of Laravel Multi Vendor Marketplace module?

    By using this module, admin can gain good traction on its shop by attracting sellers to sell from its own shop. Small vendors who are looking to sell on the global platform can make use of the shop and sell either a new product of its own or an existing product at a different price.

    It is also useful for a customer as they can see a variety of option for a particular product on a single website. By this, a customer can compare a product on a single website rather than going on multiple websites.

    Support Multiple Type of Products

    In Laravel Multi-vendor marketplace the seller can create simple and configurable product type. If Admin wants they can set the Product Approval required yes or no for the product.

    Simple Product - A simple product is a physical item with no configurable option like size, color, etc. Channel owner can sell the simple product individually.

    Configurable Product - A configurable product allows the seller to sell the product in a different variation in bagisto. For example, a merchant can create a product such as a t-shirt with different sizes and color so that the customer can choose the product based upon the variation as provided.

    • Product approve and disapprove by admin
    • Create a simple product
    • Create a configurable product
    Support Multiple Type of Products

    Manage Commission by Admin

    Admin has the right to change the commission in the form of the percentage. Admin can set the commission configuration from the admin panel.

    Admin can set the commission under the configuration section. Admin can pay the amount to the seller after commission deduction

    Global Commission - Admin can set the Global Commission for the seller. so that It will manageable for all vendor

    Percent Based - Admin can set the Commission in the form of percentage so that will be easy in case admin want variation in commission according to the sales

    Separate Seller Commission - The admin can set the commission in percentage for any particular seller.

    • Admin will take a commission
    • Admin will pay the amount to the customer after commission deduction
    Admin can manage commission

    Seller Profile Management

    seller has a separate page to manage their profile. they can edit the profile like shop URL, shop title, contact no, etc. From the seller profile page, they can be redirected to the "View collection page" and "View seller page".

    On the profile, page seller can set the Banner and logo also add social media link like twitter id, facebook id, Skype id, etc. this all detail will visible to the customer.

    Seller's information will be helpful for the customer, to know more about seller shop. The customer can easily check review about the seller.

    • A seller can edit address
    • A seller can set shipping policy
    • A seller can set return policy
    • A seller can set privacy policy
    Seller Profile Management

    Category and Attribute Mapping

    Admin can do the product mapping according to the category so that when a seller adds a new product they select a category and attribute family according to the new product.

    Category - A category is a structure of the catalog, so by creating category customer can search the product easily. so by using the category seller can manage the hierarchical arrangement of their website

    Attribute Family - By using Attribute Families, you can import all the required information about the product in a single step. It can be specified as a list of attributes that are related to a unique product.

    • Seller has to select Attribute family according to the product
    • Seller has to select Category according to the product
    • Admin can create product attribute
    • Admin can create product attribute family
    Category and Attribute Mapping

    Admin can manage product and seller review

    Admin has the right to approve or disapprove the product and seller review. once the admin will be approved then it will be visible on the front end.

    For Seller's Product review admin will approve under the Customer section on Admin panel and for seller review, admin can approve under the seller review section.

    If Admin wants they can also delete the review of Seller's product and Seller.

    • A seller can view approve and disapprove both review on their page
    • A Seller can view product review
    • Admin can delete the review
    Admin can manage product and seller review

    Order Management

    The order is created when a customer goes to your website, select some product and then place a request for it. When a customer placed an order from the front end, on the admin panel, the order status is generated from where the admin can further process the order.

    If Admin wants they can provide shipment and invoice creation and order cancellation access to the seller. So that the seller can create invoice and shipment for a product order.

    Admin can set these detail under the Configuration section. Once Admin will set "Approval Required" on shipment "Yes" then the seller can not create shipment without Admin Approval.

    • If Admin wants they can generate invoice and ship the product.
    • An admin can create a “Payout” for the seller.
    • A seller can also generate invoice and shipment once admin will allow
    • A seller can also cancel the order once the admin will allow.
    Order Management

    Vendor Profile Page

    Vendor Profile page will be visible by a customer, where the customer can view all detail about the vendor. A customer can directly contact to the customer.

    A customer can see vendor detail like shipping policy, return policy and many more. A customer can also view the review of the vendor. The customer can also view the logo and banner of the vendor.

    • A customer can view vendor review
    • A customer can view Vendor Shipping Policy, Return Policy, etc
    • A Customer can contact to Vendor
    Vendor Profile Page

     Complete Features List

    • Separate Seller/Vendor Profile with a dedicated Shop URL.
    • Manage Seller Branding by providing the banner, social links and SEO friendly URLs for their shop.
    • Product Search by Seller/Vendor on Vendor Panel.
    • Separate view for seller's product collection.
    • Seller's feedback and interactive review system with the star rating.
    • Dedicated seller dashboard to view income, payouts, order details, latest comments, and reviews.
    • A proper check on Stock availability.
    • Admin can set a global commission for the seller.
    • Vendor/Seller can be Enabled/Disabled by Admin
    • Product Approval by Admin
    • Special pricing available for Sellers with date filter.
    • An attractive landing page with top sellers and their associated top products.
    • The seller can edit shop URL for the Profile page, collection page, and the shop information.
    • Multi-Lingual support / All language working including RTL ( Hebrew and Arabic).
    • The seller can edit or delete products from their dashboard.
    • Once an order is completed, an admin can create a “Payout” for the seller.
    • Admin has the option to generate invoice and ship the product.
    • Sellers can maintain everything transparent between them and customers by displaying return & shipping policy and providing shop description
    • The Seller can add multiple images of the product.
    • The seller can check total sales as made, total payout and remaining payout as done from Admin end.
    • Functionality to either create New Product or provide own details on the existing product.
    • Admin can choose to auto-approve orders or not.
    • Admin can delete or update Seller's profile and products. 
    • Admin can set a global/separate commission for the seller.
    • Product Assignment by Admin to Seller Account.
    • The seller can also cancel the order.
    • Admin can refund the seller's products after the invoice generated for that particular product.


    For any issue related to this module, please create a support ticket here at - or send an email to [email protected]

    You may also check our quality Bagisto Extensions.

    Rating 5.0
    based on 6 reviews

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    Excellent Support Team

    Posted On - June 7, 2022

    This team member (Simant Verma) is very helpful to me, he guides me well and also created a ticket for me,

    Great Support!

    Posted On - June 6, 2022

    Great Support!

    Excellent Support Services

    Posted On - May 9, 2022

    good support and clear answers

    Great service and support

    Posted On - August 21, 2019

    Good Job Guys!!

    Great extensions and support

    Posted On - August 21, 2019

    Excellent software with even more excellent support

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     Frequently Asked Questions

     Can Seller add Admin's product also?
    Yes, Seller can add admin products, and the seller can also modify the product like name, images, and price.
     Is there any limitation to add the number of the product by the seller?
    No, there is no limitation to add the product by the seller.
     Can Admin approve or disapprove vendor profile?
    Yes, if Admin wants they can approve or disapprove vendor profile.
     Can a seller set the shipping policy and return policy?
    Yes, Seller can set shipping and return policy.
     Can Seller add a configurable product?
    Yes, Seller can add configurable products.
     Can Admin set the commission?
    Yes, Admin can set the commission.
     Can Admin Approve or Disapprove the Seller review?
    Yes, Admin can approve or disapprove the seller review.
     Can the customer cancel their orders?
    The admin and the seller can cancel the orders but the orders cannot be canceled from the customer end.
     Can the admin assign the product to the seller?
    Yes, the admin can assign the product to the seller.
     Can the seller add Facebook and Twitter URLs?
    Yes, under profile section seller can add Twitter or Facebook link for their shop.

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    • - [Features]
    • - [Bugs]
    Version 1.4.5
    • [bug] Fixed compatibility issue with bagisto 1.4.5.
    Version 1.4.3
    • [bug] #565 After order seller downloadable product download links are missing in the customer profile.
    • [bug] #640 In Admin Panel -> Manage Product Creation -> Functionality issue in the selection of products type.
    • [bug] #681 When seller is Unapproved then the details must not appear for the admin assigned product to the seller.
    • [bug] #722 There is a warning message if the seller is editing his profile.
    • [bug] #705 Mobile View - Unable to Logout seller or customer.
    • [bug] #704 Seller Bundle product added to main cart is showing exceptional error.
    • [bug] #703 QTY of Downloadable product and Bundle product is appearing in Main Cart.
    • [bug] #707 Please fix the Vulnerability Security Check issue at the seller profile Product Editing.
    • [bug] #702 Please fix the Vulnerability Security Check issue at the seller profile.
    • [bug] #719 We are able to assign Admin Products to a new seller who is not even approved.
    • [bug] #717 Getting 404 error on add to wishlist product on the shipping cart in the marketplace - Default theme.
    • [bug] #712 After Editing and Saving the seller product from seller end, It gets Inactive from the Admin catalogue section.
    • [bug] #710 In Config Product we are unable to see the images of the Variants after adding the images to the Variants.
    • [bug] #709 Creating Bundle and Group Product from seller end, Unable to add simple products in it as options are missing.
    • [bug] #705 Mobile View - Unable to Logout seller or customer.
    • [bug] #703 QTY of Downloadable product and Bundle product is appearing in Main Cart.
    • [bug] #698 Sell Page - Seller Details is having UI issue.
    • [feature] #716 Please add Background at the Status field in the Admin Panel Marketplace.
    • [feature] #664 UI Enhancement - Review Status Box should have the Box Background.
    • [feature] #621 Enhancement - When we delete the account of the seller shop, A mail must be sent prior to the seller for the confirmation of the account deleted.
    Version 1.4.2
    • [bug] fixed compatibility issue with bagisto 1.4.2.
    Version 1.3.3
    • [bug] fixed compatibility issue with bagisto 1.3.3.
    • [bug] fixed cart issue with bagisto 1.3.3.
    • [feature] Added feature for dynamic product type and validations for seller related to product type.
    • [bug] Default theme bugs and issues fixed.
    • [feature] Email was missing in many activities such as reporting product and payment requested added functionality.
    • [bug] Mobile UI issues fixed.
    • [bug] Icons added for better visibility.
    • [bug] Sell Pier Chart for marketplace seller and earning dashboard fixed.
    • [bug] Add to cart issue.
    • [bug] Quantity not getting updated for different seller product id the product is same.
    • [bug] Datagrid filter issues.
    • [bug] Seller Profile Issues fixed and validation implemented.
    • [bug] Language Translation Added.
    • [feature] Seller and Customer have different-different sig-up pages.
    • [feature] Seller can create Booking, Bundle, and the Grouped product also.
    • [feature] Admin can allow or disallow Seller to create products [Booking, Bundle, Grouped].
    Version 1.3.2
    • [bug] fixed compatibility issue with bagisto 1.3.2.
    • [Issue #443] Replace transactions name as payment request in payment request page in the seller end.
    • [Issue #442] Update changelog file [Issue #410] Incomplete data is showing on mobile view.
    • [Issue #423] Getting an issue in the seller's dashboard on creating configurable products.
    • [Issue #416] Incomplete data is showing on mobile view.
    • [Issue #416] Incomplete data is showing on mobile view.
    • [Issue #415] UI Isuee in mobile view
    • [Issue #409] UI issue in payment details page(seller's end)
    • [Issue #413] Url is not found to cancel the order on the seller's end
    • [Issue #433] UI issue in the canceled order page when customer canceled order
    • [Issue #430] Payment details at seller's end redirect to admin panel order page
    • [Issue #432] Enable to edit payment details, it is showing payment requested pop up message again and again when order is canceled by the seller
    • [Issue #426] UI Issue at a special price in product card and product view page
    • [Issue #438] Getting an exception to write a review by the customers in sellers' end
    • [Issue #437] UI issue in downloadable products page at customer's end
    • [Issue #436] UI issue in orders page at customer's end.
    • [Issue #435] Status of the canceled product must be canceled in payment details in the seller's dashboard as well as Admin Page.
    • [Issue #434] UI Issue in canceled order page at customer's end
    • [Issue #434] UI Issue in canceled order page at customer's end
    • [Issue #407] 1.3.2 - Exception on edit products page from seller's end if Seller category is not assigned to that specific seller
    • [Issue #406] 1.3.2 - Not able to access cart if we add assigned products it from more seller's product page
    Version 1.3.2
    • [feature] Seller can create virtual product also seller can be assigned virtual product by admin.
    • [feature] Seller can create Downloadable product also seller can be assigned Downloadable product by admin.
    • [feature] Admin can assign category and subcategory to the seller.
    • [feature] Admin can edit seller profile. Mail for the same will be sent to the seller
    • [feature] Seller can create virtual product also seller can be assigned virtual product by admin.
    • [feature] Seller profile page is now SEO-friendly.
    • [feature] Seller can request for payment of the particular order and a mail will be sent to admin for the same.
    • [feature] Admin has now three landing pages for the marketplace and can be switched from the configuration.
    • [feature] Google-captcha has been added to the seller review and contact page.
    • [feature] Seller can now view their pending payment for the orders in the dashboard.
    • [feature] Seller can change their profile page background.
    • [feature] Added default flag options for the seller product and sellers and a mail will be sent for each flag raise.
    • [feature] Now admin can check the total remaining amount to be paid to sellers at the dashboard and top-selling sellers.
    • [feature] Now seller can not add products until he fills in basic profile details.
    • [feature] Now admin can check the seller profile front admin panel through the seller grid.
    Version 1.3.2-beta
    • [bug] fixed compatibility issue with bagisto 1.3.2.
    • [bug] fixed After creating virtual products, not getting any product on the website.
    • [bug] fixed seller product image issue on checkout.
    • [bug] fixed seller product Datagrid inventory issue.
    • [bug] fixed header layout issue
    • [enhancment] implemented active/inactive for seller/product flag
    • [bug] fixed seller rating on seller page.
    • [bug] fixed removed price input for assigned configurable product.
    • [bug] fixed seller report text issue.
    Version 1.3.1
    • [bug] UI issue in related product added in the product.
    • [bug] NOt getting product image in top-selling product
    • [bug] Getting issue on storefront if the linked product is added
    • [bug] UI issue on the seller profile page, provide some space between all three buttons and on scrolling button goes on the upside of header.
    • [bug]No need for a scroller for review on the product page.
    • [bug] Correct the button size of the written review.
    • [bug] Correct the button size of the Invoice and shipment.
    • [bug] Not able to delete Marketplace->Products.
    • [bug] UI issue on creating the product from seller end.
    • [bug] Getting 404 when clicking on to view review from Quick view.
    • [Bug] Not getting the option to close the variant pop-up when editing configurable product
    • [Bug] different currency in base total or total amount at seller order grid.
    • [Bug] Not getting sales by location.
    • [compatability] compatible Bagisto v1.3.1.
    • [feature] Added product video feature.
    • [feature] Added Product Copy Feature.
    • [compatability] Added Out of Stock feature.
    • [bug] earning side menu icon at the seller end is missing in the mobile view.
    • [bug]Base total and order counts should get updated if the customer places the order again.
    • [bug]correct the spelling of commission in earning menu of seller.
    • [bug]Not getting close option for contact seller and report seller form.
    • [bug]Not able to click on submit button of contact seller form.
    • [bug]If the order is not available for selected dates then it should not display.
    • [bug]by default the status should be true for marketplace
    • [bug]Alignment issue on the shopping cart page.
    • [bug]Correct the text to view all products on the product page.
    • [bug]Not getting seller name when redirecting to seller page for the product, by clicking on One more seller link.
    • [bug]Not getting product name and variant name in admin product grid, if the admin has created configurable product
    • [bug]Ui issue for selecting the product for mass delete.
    • [bug]UI issue on checkout/cart page.
    • [bug]Cart subtotal showing in bold.
    • [bug]UI issue on product grid of seller.
    • [bug]Not able to work with customer group price in mobile view.
    • [bug]If the seller's product is selected by the customer to purchase then in the cart it should display the product image according to the seller's product image.
    Version 1.2.0
    • [feature] Added functionality to enable/disable featured and new products
    • [feature] Now each seller can set their own google analytics. Admin can enable/disable this feature.
    • [feature] Now each seller can see their customer and their total order amount
    • [feature] Seller/Admin now can set the minimum amount need to place the order. Admin can enable/disable this feature.
    • [feature] Added map view for sellers selling. Now seller can view their sales over the world. the darker country will have the highest number of sales. Hovering over the country will show if any has been placed ( number of orders and total seller earnings).
    • [feature] Seller can see their earnings and filter their earnings.
    • [feature] Admin can add reasons for the flagging for the dropdown for both the seller flag and the product flag.
    • [feature] Admin can enable/disable the flagging feature from the configuration.
    • [feature] Customer can flag for any issue with the seller.
    • [feature] Customer can flag for any issue for the product.
    • [Bug] Layout issue at seller end invoice create and order view page.
    • [Bug] Velocity theme, In mobile view seller details sidebar menu, is missing.
    • [compatability] compatible Bagisto v1.2.0
    Version 1.1.0
    • - [compatibility] compatible with velocity theme.
    Version 1.0.0
    • - [compatibility] compatible with bagisto v1.0.0 with product type simple and configurable only
    Version 0.1.6
    • + Seller can cancel an order.
    • + Cart and catalog rule get applied on seller products.
    • + compatible with bagisto v0.2.2
    Version 0.1.5
    • + Admin can refund seller products after the invoice generated for that particular product.
    • + Admin can see the list of refunded orders.
    • + Added refund section in seller end so that the seller can see a list of his refunded orders.
    • - Discount not applying for the seller end order information.
    • - Refund not applying for seller end order information.
    • - Refund and Discount not applying to seller invoices.
    • - Dashboard and transaction grid should get updated after refund at the seller end.
    • - showing Refunded(0) before processing refund at seller end.
    • - Wrong calculation of the amount in case of Refund for seller product.
    • - Showing Incorrect remaining amount to pay to Seller, the discount amount is not subtracted.
    Version 0.1.4
    • + Admin can assign the product to the seller.
    • - Getting exception after clicking on orders under the marketplace grid at admin.
    • - If a customer is just checking the image of any assigned product only then the product is getting added to the cart every time.
    • - Wrong product is showing on the seller page.
    • - Getting an incorrect message on approving review at the admin end.
    Version 0.1.3
    • - Getting an error message after clicking on products from the seller page.
    • - Getting error message while assigning configurable products to sellers from the admin end.
    • - Getting different prices when the seller searches other's products to sell in different currencies apart from USD.
    • - While editing any product if we enter any invalid product id which does not exist, then it should give failure message.
    • - Wrong product is showing on the seller page.
    • - seller is unable to add products in Arabic locale.
    • - After deleting the seller, inventory is deleted.
    • - Getting exception everywhere from where one can visit seller profile and can check reviews and ratings for the seller.
    • - Getting an exception when printing an invoice from the seller end.
    Version 0.1.2
    • - Admin will get a notification when the seller is registered.
    • - Product Name is not showing according to locale.
    • - The page is redirecting to the admin product page while clicking on the edit of the marketplace product edit of the variant.
    • - The channel root category's child is not showing properly on the product edit page.
    • - logo of the shop in the email template.
    Version 0.1.1
    • - Product order status gets changed if products of 2 sellers get purchased together and one of them created an invoice. And after this second seller is not able to create an invoice, getting the error message that order invoice creation is not allowed.
    • - Module functionality not working properly if multiple seller products get purchased. Please check the complete flow.
    • - The product status of the seller product remains to disable after approving for seller product.
    • - In Order section of the seller account "Admin Commission" and "Total vendor amount" are not displaying. The same thing is applicable in the admin Marketplace Order section. Because of this getting incorrect calculation of the amount to be paid to seller from seller end.
    • - Change "config.json" to "composer.json" in read me file.
    • - The price of the product is showing as zero on the product page if the seller creates a new product. Working fine in case of Sells Yours.
    • - After entering the shop Url at registration page "Register" button should be Enable.
    • - In the transaction, grid add seller Id also so that there will be no confusion to identify the seller transaction details if there are two sellers with the same name.
    • - Not showing admin commission in the Marketplace order section.
    • - The seller logo is not visible properly on the Sell page.
    • - Getting an exception when changing the locale from any of the Datagrid of the marketplace.
    • - Issue when customer purchase order of 2 sellers.
    • - The order should not display in Marketplace order grid, if the seller is unapproved by admin and order is placed for seller product.
    • - Not displaying variants column properly after adding the scroller also.
    • - Getting an issue if the user clicks on submit without entering Subject and Query. After this, if the user enters data in the query and subject field then also not able to submit the form.
    • - Name and Email field should be auto-filled for Contact Seller pop-up in case of the log-in customer.
    • - Getting Exception on the mass deletion of Product.
    • - The newly created product should display on top.
    • - Getting an exception when clicking on ratings and reviews.
    • - Seller is unable to save his profile. After click on saves also the same form remains open and no data displayed on the seller page. This issue occurs because the TAX/VAT number is set as required
    • - Getting Exception on applying the filter on Id and Created At column of Seller grid of Marketplace.
    • - Getting Exception on applying the filter on Product Id, Price, and status of Product grid of Marketplace admin panel.
    • - Getting Exception on applying the filter on some columns of Marketplace Order grid of Admin panel.
    • - Getting exception on applying the filter on any column of the Order grid on the frontend.
    • - Getting exception on applying filter through id in the review in seller account.
    • - The action column is not properly visible in the order grid of the Marketplace.
    • - Banner Image is not changing after uploading the image from Configuration.
    • - Getting an issue if the user clicks on submit without entering Subject and Query. After this, if the user enters data in the query and subject field then also not able to submit the form.
    • - Layout Issue on the Edit Product page in case of Configurable Product.
    • - Correct the success message after deleting the seller from Admin.
    • - Getting a back arrow on the Search Product page.
    • - The button is not properly visible for Contact Seller pop-up.
    • - When Seller clicks on the create a button of Order page it redirects to create a product page.
    Version 0.1.0
    • + Separate seller/vendor profile/microsite.
    • + Seller can add banner, shop logo custom HTML text.
    • + Seller/Vendor product search in the vendor panel.
    • + Separate seller's product collection.
    • + Feedback and review system with interactive star rating.
    • + Contact to seller support.
    • + Back-end admin product assignment for a seller account.
    • + Interactive Seller Dashboard.
    • + Stock Availability check.
    • + Vendor/Seller and Admin moderation and approval.
    • + Seller/Vendor Enable disable from the admin of the store.
    • + This module provides an attractive landing page with the top 4 sellers with their top 5 products.
    • + Allow to the seller to edit shop URL for Profile page, collection page, review page, Location page.
    • + Admin can do the Landing page setting.
    • + Multi-Lingual support/All language working including RTL ( Hebrew and Arabic).
    • + Product Edit and Delete option on seller panel.
    • + Interactive view for seller profile and easy to upload seller logo and banner with colors.
    • + Latest order at vendor dashboard and order management.
    • + Seller/Vendor transaction report at the seller panel.
    • + All currencies Supported.