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Magento 2 GST ExtensionIn July 2017, the Indian government has replaced all indirect taxes with a single taxation system of GST. This module allows the addition of GST to the order price. This helps the store owner operating in India to abide by the taxation rules.

The admin here can assign the taxation percentage to the products in the store as per the slab in which they lie. They need to make the product as Taxable good.

However, this GST set by the admin gets applied automatically to the order at the time of checkout.

Also, you can check the Magento 2 GST for the Magento 2 Multi Vendor Marketplace which allows the vendors of the marketplace to configure their GSTIN number, select their region, and more.

Highlighted Features of Magento 2 GST Extension

  Minimum/Maximum GST Price Set

The store owner can specify the GST rates of the product. They can even mention the rates when the product is sold at some discounted price.

  Product Wise Taxation

The admin can assign the rate of GST for each product as per the taxation slab associated with it.

  Customer GSTIN specification

The customer can make even specify their GSTIN which will be reflected in the invoices.

  GST Auto-Split

The GST Intra and Interstate as per the customer address. For intrastate SGST and CGST are applied whereas, in the case of the interstate, IGST is implemented.

  Implemened GraphQL

GraphQL has been implemented for the Magento 2 GST Extension.

  Compatible with Hyva Theme

The extension is fully compatible with the Hyva Theme.

Why do we need Magento 2 GST Extension?

Are you planning to build an eCommerce business in India? If yes, then the major requirement nowadays is to make it compatible with GST. As per the legal norms set by the Indian Government, every business needs to be registered under GST.

So, to have a business based in India we need to have the GST in our business.The GST Module for Magento 2 module supports the functionality to make the eCommerce website compatible with the GST.

Implementation of GST on Website

The admin can set the configuration for the GST module. The admin can customize the product tax, this will allow the allocation of the tax cost on products as set by the Indian Government.

  • The admin can enable the module.
  • Declare the GSTIN for identification.
  • Select the state from where the store is operating.

The admin then can abide by the rule set by the Indian taxation law.

Product GST Assignment

Every product in the store can be assigned a particular rate. Herein the admin needs to search for the product and edit the product. This rate will depend on the type of tax slab in which it lies. Thus, the admin can -

  • Select the product as a taxable good.
  • Specify the taxation price rule in case of the maximum and minimum price.
  • Mention the minimum price of the product at which the minimum GST is applicable.
  • Even add the HSN code of the product.

Thus, allowing the GST management in a much efficient manner.

Customer End GST Display

The customer end can view the applied GST in the frontend. The customer can view the rate of GST in various sections.

  • The customer can view the GST rate in the shopping cart, at the time of checkout, and in the invoice of the order.
  • There is a split in the GST rate depending on the address.
  • Herein, the GST rates are divided among CGST and SGST for intrastate. However, IGST is implemented in the case of inter-state.
  • Customers can maintain the records of the GST rate by downloading the PDF of the order invoice.

Mass Upload CSV

The store owner finds it quite tedious to add the tax rate to every product. Hence the module gives the advantage to the store owner to add GST rate collectively. With the help of Mass Upload CSV, the admin can add details of the product inclusive of the GST rate in a CSV file and upload it.

  • This saves time for the store owner and provides ease of work.
  • GST rate can be uploaded in one go. No need for an individual update.
  • The admin can enter the product name, GST rate for the maximum price of the product, the minimum price of the product and the maximum and minimum GST of the product.

Automation of GST Process

The extension provides the usability where the admin can add the rate of GST to the product. A similar rate is added at the time of checkout. Any change in the product edit detail will be automatically reflected at the time of checkout.

  • Easy GST calculation.
  • Quick division of SGST and CGST for the intra-state transaction.


  • Admin can enable/disable the module at any time.
  • Admin can add GST percent and HSN code product-wise.
  • Admin can set a production state.
  • Products GST percent and HSN code mass update features are available.
  • GST is applied according to per product.
  • GST is categorized in SGST, CGST, and IGST.
  • Customers can add their own GST numbers from creating an account page and customer edit page.
  • Gst info is displayed in the invoice, emails, and pdf.
  • Normal tax is applicable for other than India.
  • Min/max GST feature added.
  • The extension is Compatible with graphql.
  • GST info is displayed in the invoice, emails, and pdf.
  • Normal tax is applicable for other than India.
  • Min/max GST feature added.
  • The extension is compatible with GraphQL.


For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/.

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