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Shopware 6 Product FAQ: This module allows the admin to display FAQ's related to any product on its product page. The FAQ tab will appear after the review tab in the product details. Only one answer will be displayed for one Question. The admin can set FAQ for any specific product.

Highlighted Features

 Admin Management

Admin can create and can edit and delete the created FAQ.

 Better Communication

This module provides better customer communication to avoid more support from the store.

 Add Multiple FAQ's

In this admin can add any number of FAQ for the product.

 Frontend View

Customers can see FAQ's on the product page on the after reviews tab.

What is the use of Shopware 6 Product FAQ?

Admin can increase customer involvement and building trust with your customers. When FAQ will be posted on the store that makes admin free from answering to customers asking the same question again and again and that increases the sales as now buyers have most of their doubts sorted in the form of FAQ pre & post-purchase of the product.

Customer can see a set of FAQ's which help them to guide regarding different queries and questions which may arise in the mind of buyers about the product without disturbing the store sales and support teams. With the help of FAQ's customers can find more features of the products that may help customers to make a quick decision to buy the product from your e-commerce store.

Backend Configuration

Using this module admin can post the Frequently Asked Questions which gives a detailed description regarding the product.

In this admin can add any number of FAQ related to the product and can edit/delete the FAQs added to the product. See a complete list of all the Questions and Answers. To add new FAQ, the admin needs to fill data like -

  • Select the product
  • Question-related to the product
  • The answer to the question
  • Statues

Frontend Buyer View

FAQ act as a set of information in the form of Question and answers, which gives a detailed description of the product.

Using this module customer can get an answer related to the product different queries and questions which may arise in the mind of buyers about the product.

Customers can easily view the FAQ on the front end. They can see a tab of FAQ on the product detail page just after the review tab.


  • Added Product FAQ menu into Catalogues.
  • Customers can get product related FAQs on the product detail page.
  • In there admin can set question and answer for any specific product.
  • FAQ tab Added after reviews tab in product detail page, where active FAQ list will be shown.
  • Admin can add any numbers of FAQ’s.
  • Customer doubts regarding the product will get resolved.
  • The latest added FAQ will be visible at the top of the list.


For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/

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