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OpenCart Live Sales Order Pop-up Notification: With this module, the admin will be able to display various notifications on the websites. The notifications will include the updates about the latest orders and ratings of the store. The admin can manage the appearance in the desired way. The functionalities of the notifications like the delay in the consecutive notifications and the duration of notification visibility will be managed by the admin.

The customer can click on the notification to know more about the product, as they will get redirected to the respective product page. This module will help increase the conversion rates and sales revenue of the store.

Please Note -

  • This module supports all templates and themes including the Journal theme.
  • Opencart Live Sales Order Pop-up Notification module supports the Multi-Store feature of the default Opencart.
  • The user must view the website in a single window and browser at a time. The notifications will not be visible if the user views the website on the same browser or window.

Highlighted Features

 Live Notifications

It displays the live notifications for sales and rating of store products.

 Customize Popup Appearance

The popups will appear in various customized ways.

 Multiple Popup Positions

The popups can be placed in six different positions.

 Interactive Layouts

Multiple border layouts are available for an attractive web appearance.

 Increment In Conversion Rates

The popup notifications will increase conversion rates as the products will be easily accessible.

 User Re-engagement

The customer will repeat their visits to the store that will increase the website traffic.

Why Do We Need OpenCart Live Sales Order Pop-up Notification?

The notifications on the storefront work as a point of attraction for the customers. While accessing the store they must give a look at these Popup notifications.

  • This module will provide more reliable customer re-engagement.
  • The conversion rates will increase to a huge extent as the products present in the notification may hit the mind of the customer and they will purchase it directly.
  • This will also reduce cart abandonment as the customer will be more attracted to the products on the notification popup.
  • This will also help to target the right audience.

Store Owner Configurations

The admin can manage the general settings related to the functionalities and appearance of the notification popup.

  • The admin will set the duration for the visibility of the notifications.
  • The admin will decide the delay between two consecutive notifications.
  • The number of notifications will be limited by the admin.
  • The admin can restrict to display the notifications when the customer view in their mobile devices.
  • The various custom fields can be displayed on the notification popup.
  • The admin can select the customer group to which the notifications will be visible.

Customize Sales Popup

The notifications are visible on the website frontend with a lot of updates regarding the stores. Plus, the sales notification popups are customizable and will display the updates regarding the latest purchase.

  • The admin will enable the sales popup notifications whenever needed.
  • Under the settings, the admin will manage the border design of the notification popup and can choose the desired layout.
  • The admin can set the preferred position for the notification to be popped up.
  • The appearance of the sales notifications like the link color, text color, last caption, and background color can be changed by the admin.

Manage Ratings Popup

Rating popups are the notifications which will display the updates about the latest ratings done by the customers.

  • The functionality can be enabled/ disabled from the backend.
  • The admin can manage the popup layout.
  • The rating popups can be positioned in six different places in the store.
  • The appearance of the rating notifications like the link color, text color, last caption, and background color can be customized by the store owners.
  • With this, the customer can check the ratings of the products and accordingly, purchase the products.

Hidden Customer Details

The notifications which are displayed on the website contain various details about the customer who made the purchase or ratings.

  • The feature is available in the module, by which the customer can hide the details.
  • The admin can hide the customer details like name and city from the website frontend.
  • If the admin hides the details then "Someone" will be visible to the customer in place of the customer name.
  • The city will be completely hidden.
  • Most times, this feature is needed for the store, as the store owner does not want to share their customer details.

Notifications Frontend View

The customers very concerned about the frontend of the websites, within which they are going to make the purchase.

  • The notification will be visible on the website's front view.
  • There are multiple positions available on which the notification popup will be displayed.
  • The notifications will be visible in various amazing layouts selected by the admin.
  • The notification will be clickable and redirect the customer to the respective product page.
  • The delay and duration of the notifications will be as per the configurations done in the backend.


  • The customer can see live order notifications of products.
  • Customers can see live rating notifications.
  • The admin can Enable/ Disable the module at once.
  • The admin can Enable/ Disable the sales and rating popups separately.
  • The customer will be able to go on the product whose notifications are being popped-up.
  • The admin can hide the customer's details.
  • The admin can customize the appearance of notification popups like Popup Layout, Text Color, Position, Link Color, Last Caption, and background-color.
  • The customer will redirect to the respective product page by clicking on the notification.
  • The admin can manage the functionality of notifications which includes the Delay in notifications, display time, notification limits.
  • The admin can even restrict the visibility of the notification when the website is viewed on the mobile phone.


For any query or issue, please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/

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