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Laravel eCommerce Multi-Tenant SaaS PWA Module


Laravel eCommerce Multi-Tenant SaaS PWA Module: Laravel SaaS PWA Extension uses web compatibilities and provides an application experience to the individual Saas-Tenant. By using this extension you can do the thing like work in low internet connection, load on the home screen, etc. The Progressive Web Application is lightning fast compared to the website.

Important Note - This module is an add-on of Webkul's Laravel eCommerce Multi Company SaaS module, To use this module you need to install Webkul's Laravel eCommerce Multi Company SaaS module first.

Highlighted Features

 Offline Mode

The PWA will work in offline mode as well as in the poor connectivity.

 Push Notification

The Progressive Web Application supports the push notification feature, which helps to attract the user's attention to the web store.

 High Speed

The loading time of PWA is very less, so the application provides fast browsing speed.

 Require Less Memory

The PWA requires very little memory in the respective devices.


The progressive Web Applications are very lightweight in comparison to the native applications.

 Device Compatibility

It is compatible with various devices such as smartphones and tablets across Android and iOS platforms.

 Easy Installation

The users just need to add the PWA of the website to the home screen.

 Require No Update

Since it is not a native app, it is a web application. So it requires no update.

Module Configuration

Once the module has been successfully installed the tenant needs to configure the module from the admin panel. The tenant needs to navigate to the Configure>>PWA under the admin panel where the admin can perform the following actions.

  • The tenant can set the name and short name of the application.
  • The tenant can set the theme color and background color.
  • The tenant can set the icon for the application according to the size ratio available.

Create Push Notifications

The PWA supports Push Notification, and the notification can be managed by the tenant from the back-end. The tenant can add, delete, and edit the notifications.

  • The tenant needs to enter the title for the notification.
  • The tenant needs to enter the description for the push notification.
  • The tenant needs to enter the Target URL to which the user will be redirected after clicking the notification.
  • The tenant can set the icon of the push notification.

Add to Home Screen

The user can easily add the PWA icon to the home screen of the device that will perform lightning fast as compared with the website.

  • The user can easily develop the app by adding to the home screen.
  • The customer can also edit the name of the application while adding it to the home screen.
  • The PWA launches the same as a native application.
  • The application launches with a splash screen with an icon image.
  • Both guest users and registered users can use the PWA app to purchase products.

Offline Mode

One of the best features of PWA is that it works perfectly in the low connectivity mode as well in offline mode.

  • The users can access the application in poor connectivity.
  • Using the PWA, the users can easily access the store even in the offline mode.
  • The pages of the stores, which are already cached, don't need to load every time.
  • The users can easily navigate through the pages, which they already visited in the offline mode.

Features List

  • Each Saas-companies can access their separate microsite.
  • Works lightning fast if compared to the website.
  • Launches without the internet or low-quality internet for each saas-companies.
  • It looks and feels like a native application.
  • Increases user engagement for each saas-companies.
  • Increases the saas-companies revenue due to user engagement.
  • Each saas-companies can provide their application name.
  • Each saas-companies can upload and change the application icon.
  • Each saas-companies can set the splash background color of their Progressive Web Application.
  • Each saas-companies can set the theme color of their Progressive Web Application.


For any issue related to this module, please create a support ticket here at - https://webkul.uvdesk.com/en/customer/create-ticket/ or send an email to support@webkul.com

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