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Shopware 6 AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)


Shopware 6 AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages): Implement Google AMP technology on your Shopware online store and transform your web pages into AMP content. With the Shopware 6 AMP extension, the home page, product pages, and the search page will load faster on smartphones.

Google Search indexes AMP pages to provide a fast, reliable web experience to users. This further helps in higher search engine results rankings and also provide mobile-optimized content for Shopware store customers.

Highlighted Features

 Supports various smartphones and devices

Improve the web page content and data accessibility on various devices.

 Instant loading and caching

AMP pages speed up the website load time that directly brings more visitors towards your site.

 Enhanced SEO

AMP’s focus on lightweight content that attracts more traffic is to improve the browsing experience.

 Low Bounce Rate

AMP pages deliver faster load times and provide better product visualizations that dropped bounce rates.

Home page

Using the AMP page for the home page is a great way to increase the likelihood that your visitors will stay on your pages longer because the experience is fast and easy. The home page is like the welcome page for your users. If the home page loads up instantly then users will be able to surf through the page without any delay.

  • Speed up your homepage for people using mobile devices.
  • Faster loading page for mobile users.
  • Improved search engine ranking.

Category page

After the proper installation of the module, the AMP would work on the category page. As the category page is one of the vital parts of any eCommerce website. When any user comes to any eCommerce site, the customer will for sure navigates through the category page to check the products.

Now, AMP Template implemented in the category page allows the users to quickly navigate through the categories which save their time and engages them.

  • Fast loading mobile category page.
  • Improve mobile compatibility
  • Engages the customers for a long time.

Product page

The most important thing for every e-commerce store is the products that are present in it. If everything is fast and working great on the website but the product page is slow then, then the customer would go to another eCommerce store.

For that reason, Webkul AMP module works on the product page which makes it faster loading and mobile-optimized web pages for the products of the website will attract and engage more users and henceforth it will generate more purchases from the users.

  • Makes the product page fast.
  • Better user experience.
  • Improve SEO ranking.

Search page

Almost 70% of users use the search bar to get the desired product while running an eCommerce website on mobile. The search bar itself is at the heart of whether a user stays or leaves. Therefore, AMP on the search page helps users quickly identify the desired product that loads quickly and smoothly.

  • AMP for the search page is geared around speed.
  • AMP pages are more than fast rather than mobile site pages.
  • Better experience for searchers.
  • Rich mobile search results

Features List

  • No configuration needed, install the extension, and your store becomes PWA ready.
  • Build AMP home page
  • AMP navigation menu for categories
  • Category listing AMP page
  • Product details AMP page
  • Search on the AMP page
  • Supports various smartphones and devices
  • Complete responsive design layout
  • Mobile-optimized content
  • Instant loading and caching
  • SEO optimized


For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/

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