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Multi Vendor AliExpress Importer for Magento 2
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With this Adobe Commerce module, the sellers can easily sell the products even without the burden of managing a gigantic inventory system. The sellers just have to import products from the AliExpress e-commerce website by following an elegant process, then the imported product will be visible on the seller's storefront as their products.

This module provides the opportunity to drop shippers as they do not need to make any extra efforts. Also, they can easily modify the imported product details. The seller can manage the default settings from the seller panel. They can set the default Price, weight, quantity, Tax Class, Category, Website, Attribute Set ID under which the products will be added. The seller can also manage the status of the product.


Highlighted Features

 Import From AliExpress

The vendor can import products from AliExpress to the selected store.

 Product Details Modification

Edit the details of the product while editing it.

 Enter Default Product Details

The vendor will provide the default details of the imported product.

 No Private Inventory Required For Vendors

No more stress about the store inventory as the product will be delivered from the main store.

 Vendor Credentials

Username and Token is required for the vendors to import the product, which only allows the genuine products.

 Store Authentication

The system authenticates the store by adding the store URL.

B2B Wholesale Dropship Supplier

This module will work very well for the drop shippers and wholesalers as they will get an authenticated platform by which the product supply will be easier. The module will benefit the wholesale supplier in multiple ways.

  • The merchants will not require to have any inventory for selling the products to the customers.
  • No shipping cost as the product will be shipped by AliExpress shipping services.
  • The module does not only source the products but also ship them with all the responsibility.
  • Overhead charges will be lesser as the order is managed from the supplier end.

Integrate Marketplace AliExpress Importer at Seller End

This module is specific to allow the seller to import the products from AliExpress. Before this, the sellers couldn't do so. The sellers receive various liabilities by this module.

  • The seller must install the AliExpress Chrome Extension to import the products.
  • The seller can update the Username and Token too, which will be used for seller authentication at the time of fetching the products.
  • The seller can add the default Quantity, Price, Weight, Attribute Set ID, Tax Class, Website, and Category.
  • The seller can even manage the status of the product which is going to be displayed in the Magento store.

Note: The sellers must tap on the Save button for saving the updated token.

Store Authentication

AliExpress allows only genuine marketplaces for importing its store products.

  • The seller must authenticate the Magento 2 store in which the imported products will be stored.
  • The store URL must follow the general instructions.
  • The products can also be stored in a particular folder, for which the folder name can be added with the URL.
  • The system also authenticates the seller by asking the valid Username and Token.
  • This feature will ensure that the products will be imported to the authorized and genuine stores.

Edit the Fetched Product Details

This module provides the seller to modify the product details as per their Magento 2 store.

  • The sellers can edit the details like Name and Price of the imported product.
  • The Title, Description, and Keywords of meta tags can also be changed by the seller.
  • Most of the products have the reference images, the seller can also delete the images as they desire.
  • If any of the fields is remain empty while editing, then the system will take the default information.
  • The seller can also fetch the reviews of the products.
  • The seller can either display or hide all the reviews at once, depending on the needs.

Import product data [reviews, attributes.... ]

In the process of importing the product, the chrome extension plays a vital role, and it fetches the product data along with the product.

  • Whenever the seller imports any product, its details also get fetched along with the products.
  • The details include the Description of the product, its material details, and much other information.
  • Most products on AliExpress has some specific reference images, these images also get fetched with the product.
  • The seller can fetch the reviews of the products done by the customer on the AliExpress store.

Product at Magento Storefront

After the successful product import, the product will be visible in the Magento 2 storefront.

  • The product will be visible just like a regular Magento store product.
  • It will display all the details which are added at the time of fetching the products.
  • The details and descriptions will also be displayed as they were in the AliExpress store.
  • Customer reviews will get import along with the product details. Which will be visible in the Magento storefront.


  • The sellers can import products from the AliExpress site.
  • The admin can enable/ disable the module from the admin panel.
  • Product details like the Name, Price, Description, etc can be edited by the seller after fetching it.
  • Default quantity, weight, price, category, etc can be added from the seller panel.
  • The sellers can also import the SEO information for the imported product.
  • The seller can update the token depending on the need.
  • The seller can install the AliExpress Chrome Extension from the seller panel.
  • The product will be present in the list of admin’s as well as the seller’s product list.
  • The seller can choose to fetch the Reviews of the product among All, None, and Custom.
  • The seller can manage to fetch the product in Active or Inactive status from the seller panel.
  • The seller can check and place the marketplace AliExpress orders placed previously.
  • Admin can set the import minutes interval for which the session will remain active.


For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/.

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Posted On - April 16, 2020
Perfect Customer services
To be honest, I'm not sure of the extension I got from webkul as I have not used it yet, but it sounds perfect. But what I have seen is extremely perfect customer service that help you right away. If you have any problems they won't leave it till they fix it and solve the issue right away.

I only recommend webkul extensions.
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