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OpenCart Warehouse Management System (WMS) Mobile App
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This OpenCart WMS Flutter Native Mobile App allows the admin to configure the warehouse as per requirement. Wherein the admin defines the structure of the warehouse-like stating the number of rows, columns, shelves, and racks. The admin can even define the number of totes assigned to the warehouse.

These warehouses will have a staff agent assigned who can manage the order with the help of the application. The products in the order are added to totes and then staff verifies the products by scanning the barcode of the totes.

Highlighted Features

 Defining Warehouse Structure

The store owner can have more than one warehouse in the store. Wherein the admin can define the number row, column, shelves, and racks.

 Inventory Management

The admin can define the placement of the products in the warehouse.

 Staff Agent Allocation

Whenever an order is placed the admin can assign it to a staff agent for the management.

 Quick Verification

The staff member quickly verifies the products in order by scanning totes.

 Auto Status Update

The order status changes as per the action taken by the staff agent.

 Standardize Order Processing

The order management with the help of the WMS can be made much systemized. Wherein staff members can pick, and pack the order easily.

Why is WMS Flutter Native application vital for e-Commerce business?

WMS application can help the e-Commerce store owner to manage the order easily. Now they can help in the acquisition of maximum customers by providing the best order management system. The staff member can easily find the product as allocated in the warehouse. Additionally, the staff members can verify the complete tote post adding the products to the tote.

Warehouse Management

The admin can set the structure of the warehouse. This will enable the store owner to manage the warehouse much efficiently.

  • The admin can create multiple warehouses for the management of orders and inventories.
  • The admin can enable the warehouse and set its title.
  • The number of rows, columns, shelves, and racks can also be defined by the admin.
  • For better order management the admin can assign totes to the warehouse.

Staff Registration

Any store management is done in the best way by dividing the efforts among people. The admin can now register the staff member and assign the warehouse to them.

  • The admin enables the staff member and selects the warehouse.
  • The admin will enter the personal details of the staff member.
  • The registered staff member login details are also mentioned here.
  • The staff member will use the application to manage the orders.

Order Management at Admin end

The WMS structure aims for best order management. Wherein the admin will assign the orders to the staff. This will allow the store owner to improvise the pick and pack procedure.

  • The order is assigned to the warehouses as per products.
  • The admin can select the staff member as assigned to the warehouse.
  • This will allow the staff member to manage the orders at there end. It will encourage uniformity in the procedure for quick processing of orders in the warehouse.

Totes Management

Just like a cart in a physical store(Brick and Mortar shop). The warehouses are having totes in which the staff member will add the product present in the order. These orders can be seen by the staff member in the WMS application.

  • The Orders are visible in a separate Order List.
  • Totes here are having a barcode for identification.
  • The staff member can add products to the tote.
  • With the verification option, tote products can be validated.

WMS Flutter Native Mobile App

This native app which the staff agent uses to manage an assigned order. It helps the staff member to process the packing of the orders. Wherein the staff member can view the products of the orders and pick them easily to allow the addition to the tote. Thus the app is highly helpful in the following ways.

  • The orders can be managed easily.
  • The staff member can view the assigned orders in one place.
  • The app allows staff members to search and filter orders.
  • The totes can be managed easily using the application.
  • Verify the products of order easily by scanning the tote.


  • The admin can create multiple warehouses from the backend.
  • Warehouse configuration can be done as per requirement likewise stating the number of rows, columns, shelves, racks, and totes.
  • The admin can even assign the inventory to the warehouse wherein the position of the product is also stated.
  • Additionally, the admin can register and assign a staff member to the warehouse for systemized management.
  • The sales agent will manage the assigned order with the help of the applications downloadable from the App and Play store.
  • The admin can assign orders to the staff member.
  • The order verification is done by staff members by scanning the barcode.


For any query or issue, please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/

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Posted On - July 17, 2020
Great team to work with
Great team to work with. Service and modules are the best thanks guys
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