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OpenCart CRM Extension: Customer Data Management plays an essential in running a smooth business. The reason being, a business is nothing without its customers. Moreover, its the customers' traffic that decides the sales and revenue aspect of a store. Hence it is quite essential for business entrepreneurs to integrate tools and techniques to manage the customer data efficiently and what better than the OpenCart CRM Extension.

Through this extension, the store admin can manage the customers and their data smoothly. The customers generate leads through lead sources such as Abandoned Cart, Wishlist, Contact Us and Missing Orders which in turn can be managed through emails, notes, call logs and tasks. Thus OpenCart makes customer management easy to go and develops a sense of healthy relationships between the store admin and the customers.

Highlighted Features

 Create Multiple CRM Users

The admin can create multiple CRM Users using that manage the leads assigned to them.

 Allot Specific Roles to the CRM Users

Different User Roles can be assigned to different each CRM User by the admin.

 Create Custom Email Templates

The admin creates email templates and even the list of existing email templates.

 Lead Sources

There are various lead sources for which the customers can generate leads, such as, Abandoned Cart, Missing Orders, Contact Us and Wishlist.

Why do we need the OpenCart CRM extension?

One of the most crucial elements of any online business is ‘customers’. Therefore, it is important to develop healthy relationships with the customers; after all, larger customer traffic drives real sales and thereby satisfactory revenue generation. OpenCart CRM Extension allows the admin of the store to create multiple CRM users which in turn manages the customer’s data as per the user roles assigned to them. This, in turn, would make the data easily accessible. This extension has proven to make client handling much easier as it assures to offer advanced customer services and thus ensuring customer retention as well.

Admin Permissions: CRM Extension

CRM in every aspect has proven to be a trigger for enhanced customer relationships. Moreover, the store’s admin can incorporate the CRM extension and configure it as follows -

  • The general settings, notifications, and mail keywords are to be configured.
  • A time(in minutes) is set for the Abandon Cart and its lead status is set by the admin.
  • The admin even defines a time(in minutes) for Wishlist as well and it’s lead status also.
  • For Missing order as well, the admin can define time(in minutes) and it’s lead status.
  • The admin can set a default status of the Contact Us lead.
  • A default task comment is set by the admin.
  • Under the notification tab, the admin will define various mail to admin templates.
  • Mails are sent on lead and lead source creation, lead status changed and lead assign to an agent.
  • The admin will find multiple keywords under Mail Keywords.

Defining User Roles

The admin can create various user roles. Under each user role, there are multiple permissions that are defined by the admin.

  • The admin can find the user role list under the Roles menu option.
  • To view permissions of any existing user role, the admin can visit its edit page.
  • While creating a new user role, the admin must add a user role name.
  • The admin can choose from the given Access/ Modify permissions under CRM Resources.
  • Also, the admin can set Access/ Modify permissions under OpenCart Default Resources.
  • Defining User Roles help make the process of customer management easy and smooth.

CRM User Description

The admin of a store can create multiple CRM Users and assign specific user roles to each CRM user.

  • The first and the last name of the CRM User can be set by the admin.
  • The admin configures the email id of the CRM User.
  • An image can be set for the user by the admin.
  • The admin can set the status of the CRM user as enabled or disabled.
  • The login details, i.e. username and password are created by the admin for the user.
  • Under CRM User Role, the admin assigns a User Role for CRM User.

CRM Email Templates

For various stages of a CRM process such as, lead and lead source creation, lead status changed, and lead assign to agent, mails templates can be created.

  • On clicking the Templates menu option, the admin will find the list of email templates.
  • The admin can even create new email templates.
  • To create a new mail template, the admin must add a template name.
  • The admin adds a subject as well for the mail template.
  • The admin can add a message associated with the mail.

Generating Leads

The store admin will find a list of leads generated under Leads menu option. The admin can choose to create leads on behalf of the customers as well.

  • Under the Leads menu option, the admin will find a list of leads generated.
  • The admin can even view and edit details of leads.
  • The admin will find the lead source of any generated lead under Edit > Lead Info.
  • The admin can assign a lead to any of the CRM user present in the list.
  • Also, the leads can be reassigned by the admin.
  • The admin can resolve the leads and such leads will then convert to opportunities.
  • If need be, the admin can also, generate or create new leads on behalf of the customers.

Leads Administration

Managing leads the right way, is quite a responsibility for the store admin. Opencart CRM extension allows four options such as Lead Note, Lead Mails, Lead Call Logs, and Lead Tasks.

  • The admin can manage the leads under the Manage Leads menu option.
  • Further, the admin will find a list of lead notes under Lead Note.
  • To add a new lead, details like lead name, assigned user, date added, etc. are to be added.
  • The admin can find lead mails list under Lead Mails and even create new lead mails.
  • Lead Call Logs will include a list of call logs of the associated leads.
  • A new call log can be created by adding details like name, contact number, call subject, etc.
  • The admin finds the list of tasks under the Lead Tasks menu option.
  • The admin may even create tasks by filling in the details like Task name and its description.

Lead Source: A Closer Look

The customers in the frontend can generate leads and the admin can view the source from which the lead is generated. These sources are i.e. Abandoned Cart, Wishlist, Missing Orders and Contact Us.

  • The admin can view the abandoned cart lead source list under Abandoned Cart.
  • The details of the abandoned cart can be viewed.
  • The admin can even create a lead for the same.
  • The admin will find the wishlist lead source list under Wishlist.
  • Also, the admin can view the details and create a lead for Wishlist.
  • The admin will find contact us lead source list under Contact Us and create a lead for it.
  • Missing order lead source list is present under Missing Orders.
  • For Missing Orders as well, the admin can view the details and create a lead.

Opportunities: Resolving the Leads

CRM’s target is to offer effective customer service and optimize lead generation thus enhancing the way of handling the customers of the store.

  • The admin can assign a lead to a CRM user.
  • The lead can also be reassigned by the admin to the same CRM user.
  • A lead can also be set to a resolved state.
  • As soon as the admin sets a lead to a resolved state, it converts to an opportunity.
  • A lead that is resolved will list down under Opportunities.


  • The admin can create multiple Sales Agents.
  • The admin can provide various access permission and modify permission to the Sales Agents by assigning then different roles.
  • Custom CRM e-mail Templates can be created by admin.
  • The sales agent can create leads.
  • The admin and sales agent can view the opportunity list generated from leads.
  • The sales agent can manage leads by creating Notes, sending mails, adding call logs, and by adding tasks to the leads.
  • The admin and sales agent can view the lead source (Abandoned Cart, Wish List, Contact Us, Missing Order).
  • The admin and sales agent can view the list of leads out of the lead sources.


For any query or issue, please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/

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