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CS-Cart WooCommerce Connector-Integrate your WooCommerce store with your CS-Cart store with the WooCommerce CS-Cart Connector, then synchronize products, categories, and orders between the platforms.

Merchants may import/export simple and varied types of items using the WooCommerce CS-Cart Connector plugin.

The administrator can link several CS-Cart accounts to exchange and synchronize data between CS-Cart and WooCommerce.

Highlighted Features

 Categories are simple to map

The WooCommerce category can be simply mapped to the CS-Cart category by the admin.

 Having several CS-Cart accounts

The administrator can add numerous-Cart accounts.

 Products that are simple to import

The administrator can quickly import both simple and variable product types from CS-Cart

 WooCommerce product export to CS-Cart

The admin can quickly export the items from the WooCommerce store to the CS-Cart store.

 Product & Order Auto Sync

The products and orders will get automatically if any new products is created or an order is placed.

 Mapping Currency and Status

The store owners can map the currency and status of both websites.

 CS-Cart orders import

The CS-Cart orders can be readily imported into the WooCommerce shop by the admin.

 Price fixing rule

The administrator can establish the price rule for both imported and exported items.

Why WooCommerce CS-Cart connector is required?

Do you have two stores, one on WooCommerce and the other on CS-Cart? Is it difficult for you to handle merchandise for multiple stores separately? Then you've come to the correct spot.

You can quickly manage the products by using the WooCommerce CS-Cart Connector. This allows you to quickly synchronize products, orders, and categories across your WooCommerce and CS-Cart stores. You can also effortlessly export your WooCommerce store's items to your CS-Cart store.

Add Many WooCommerce Account

The data between WooCommerce and CS-Cart may be readily synchronized by the administrator. To sync data, the administrator must first add a CS-Cart account.

  • The admin may easily add the CS-Cart account from the admin panel.
  • To synchronize data, add additional CS-Cart accounts.
  • The administrator may add a CS-Cart account by entering information such as the store or app name and store URL.
  • The CS-Cart account may be simply removed from the WooCommerce CS-Cart Connector by the administrator.

Import Product Easily

  • Easy to import the product from the CS-Cart store.
  • Select the location to import the product.
  • Like to upload the file or user can mention the URL Supported files are CSV and XML
  • Popup will be there after the addition of WooCommerce product in CS-Cart store.

Simple Product Management

  • Easy to add the new product in the CS-Cart store.
  • Change or add a new category for the product.
  • Edit the price rule like the list price of the product.
  • Track the inventory of the product in the store.

Category Mapping

The merchants can set the default CS-Cart categories and map the categories between CS-Cart and WooCommerce websites.

  • The user has to click on the plus button to set the default CS-Cart category in the product settings during CS-Cart account editing.
  • The store owners can select a suitable category from the list.
  • Similarly, the categories can be mapped between CS-Cart and WooCommerce stores to import the products.
  • The categories can be single-mapped or mass imports can be done.

 CS-Cart WooCommerce Connector- Support

For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com

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