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Food Delivery Marketplace for Magento 2
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This Adobe Commerce module allows the owners to land their restaurants over the online marketplace and sell food online with seamless order management, using mobile apps and web platforms. The hyperlocal System is used to fetch the nearest restaurant to the added location. The sellers can simply add the products, manage the seller's restaurant information, and work on the order management system from the mobile application and web both the ends. The application is built on Kotlin and Swift languages.

This module provides a combination of services for managing the online food delivery business. The services include a Marketplace system, Delivery Boy application, and Vendor Hyperlocal mobile app.

Note: The seller can only Add/ Edit the Simple and Virtual product type in Food Delivery Marketplace Mobile App.

Check live web demo:

Check delivery boy demo apps:

Highlighted Features

 Find Nearby Restaurant

The customers can get food delivered from the nearby located restaurants

 Track Live Order

Keep an eye on your order without even bothering the delivery boy.

 Choose Food Items from Menu

Either it is a food product or beverage, find all cuisines and type in the store easily.

 Get Fast Delivery

The system provides special and express food delivery to the customers.

 Single Seller Cart Checkout

The customer can easily checkout with single seller products.

 On-Demand Custom Apps

Build your customizable on-demand meal delivery application for Android and iOS platforms.

Why Choose Food Delivery Marketplace App?

After having a tiring day or getting bored with the regular tasteless food, most people wish to get their food magically in front of them. This application made that possible.

  • People can order their favourite cuisine or beverages anywhere and anytime they wish to.
  • Just simple clicks can make the food delivered to your doorsteps in no time.
  • This application will not let you skip any of your meals as you can find food products of your type and cuisine.
  • Most of the customers have many eating preferences. For them, the app users can filter the restaurants and find food as per their requirements.

Food & Restaurant Search Landing Page

The customers will get to experience the interactive landing page with the mentioned features.

  • The customer can search for the nearest restaurant by entering the location.
  • While searching, the customer will also the suggestions for nearby locations
  • The cuisine types are available under which the food will be listed for the specific and selected location.
  • The customer can select the desired restaurant to place an order for their favourite food.
  • The customer can also search the restaurant by cuisine or food.

Order From Nearby Restaurants - Hyperlocal System 

The most beneficial point about this module is that it provides a list of the nearest restaurants available.

  • The customer will get the food and beverage delivery from restaurants in the nearest location.
  • Ordering food from the nearest will result in fast delivery and fresh food condition.
  • The customer will get the suggestions from the nearest location while adding their location.
  • The customers can also add their food name or restaurant name which will display the nearby restaurants

Vendor Associated Products

When any customer visits the restaurants then their food products must attract them

  • The products associated with a single vendor will be visible under the specific restaurant.
  • The customer can not visit or see the product of any other seller being in a specific restaurant.
  • This will not distract the customers and let them focus on the products of the current seller/ restaurant.

Restaurant Vendor Management

The admin can manage the settings of the restaurant from the backend by providing some of the basic details.

  • The admin must have the Google Map API keys so that the customer will get the location suggestion while selecting their location.
  • Restaurant Delivery Time will be added by the admin, which will be selected by the seller while entering the restaurant details.
  • Landing Page Appearance will also be managed by the admin end. It includes the Title, banner image, Heading, and Sub-headings which will be visible in the front.
  • The admin can also enable the application for downloading the application from the App Store.
  • The admin can also enable the application for downloading the application from the Play Store.

Express Delivery Shipping

The customers will enjoy the quick delivery of their ordered products, by selecting the Express shipping method.

  • The admin will manage the Express delivery settings from the admin backend.
  • The admin can change the title of shipping visible in the storefront.
  • The admin will select the shipping type and handling fee type from the available options.
  • The shipping price that will be applicable for shipping, will also be added by the admin.
  • Shipping will be provided in all countries or some specific countries as restricted by the admin for online food and beverage delivery.

Restaurant Mobile App (Vendor)

Not only the web end but the seller can now manage the orders of their restaurants directly from their mobile devices.

  • The seller can proceed with the order management by using the mobile application that is easily available in the play store and app store.
  • The sellers can ship items for their orders, create invoices, and cancel the orders from their end easily.
  • Under the seller profile, the restaurant details will be present which can be customized by the seller.
  • The seller can add new food products for specific cuisine and category to their restaurant.
  • Restaurant timings and opening days will be managed by the sellers from their end.

Customer-Centric Mobile App

The customer wants the food delivery to be completed as quickly as possible. This can be easily done by the Vendor Hyperlocal Food Delivery app.

  • The customer can place an order using the mobile application only.
  • Regular notifications will be visible to the customers for getting the order updates.
  • The customer can track their order once it is assigned to the particular delivery boy.
  • The customer can review the restaurant that will be visible in the storefront.
  • Most of the time, the customer wants to repeat their previous order, for that they can go to the specific order and proceed with the reorder.

Restaurant Information Management

Having an online food delivery application is not enough, its management and updates are more than mandatory.

  • The restaurant owner can manage the restaurant details from the seller profile.
  • For the astonishing appearance, the seller can also manage the banner image, restaurant icons, and shop title.
  • Opening and closing timings of the restaurants can be selected from the dropdown in which the services are provided.
  • The sellers can also select the days for which the restaurant will be open.
  • The owner will also add the locality of the restaurant and can select the country from the dropdown.

Single Vendor Checkout

To reduce the delivery time and efforts, the customer is allowed to order food from a single restaurant at a time.

  • The customer can checkout with single seller at a time.
  • Products from a single seller will provide better offers and discounts.
  • The shipping charges will be lesser as the order will get delivered from one restaurant.
  • The customer will get food earlier than the expected time.
  • Proper commission sharing among the seller and the admin.

Complete Features List

  • Extensive Hyperlocal Marketplace platform.
  • Google Maps APIs are integrated for location-based filtering while ordering or delivering the product.
  • The admin can set the time required (30m, 1 hr, 2 hrs) for the restaurants to deliver the product.
  • The vendor can customize the restaurant landing page details like headings & banners from the seller profile.
  • The restaurant owner can publish their mobile application on Google Play and App Store.
  • The customer will select the express delivery shipping method for getting their product delivered.
  • The admin can add or manage the delivery boys – orders, ratings, dashboard.
  • The customer can view the Marketplace page to see all the available restaurants.
  • Both customers and sellers can manage the orders and personal profiles from the mobile app.
  • Sellers can add or edit the product and attributes using the app.
  • Customers remain engaged with quick order placement and easy checkout using the app.
  • Store owner and delivery boy both can receive notifications about Orders.
  • The admin can track the status of the delivery boy and assign them an order.
  • Admin can chat with customers to answer their queries and receive feedback.
  • The admin can even chat with the delivery boy to ask them questions and answer their queries.
  • Delivery boys can set their status as Online/Offline through the app if no pending orders are remaining in their end.
  • Delivery boys can either Confirm or Cancel the new order assigned to them.
  • OTP authentication is available for the right customer verification.
  • The customer can even track the delivery boy activities, from the app or the web.

Build On-Demand Service Marketplace

We live in a world where time is of prime importance. Thus services like Fiverr, Upwork, Thumbtack, and UrbanClap become a vital choice for the consumers where they can get the service related to their daily lifestyles such as home cleaning & repair, shifting home, tutors and lessons, wedding services and many more by sitting on a couch just in a few clicks away.  Various aspects of home service hyperlocal marketplace application are:

  • People can register on the application and find any service professional from designing their homes to capturing key moments, learning arts, filing taxes, getting healthier, etc
  • Just simple clicks can make the service professional at your doorsteps as scheduled time.
  • Fast registration and social login for local vendors or use guest checkout.
  • A service provider can chat with the customer in the application itself.
  • Admin can manage all the functionality such as Work, Records Bill, Payments History, Promotion and Accounts in a powerful web dashboard.

Build Online Pharmacy Medicine Marketplace

Looking for a full-fledge mobile application for an online pharmacy marketplace such as 1-mg, Netmeds, Apollo Farmacy where medicines can be ordered and home delivered with ease.

  • This application is a pre-built multivendor eCommerce mobile app with several features for vendor, customer and delivery boy that helps you to boost your pharmacy business online.
  • Multiple pharmacists can simply register themself and sell their products under a single storefront.
  • Not only the web end but also the vendor can also access order information from the mobile device itself.
  • Customers can easily download the application from the play store and app store to get the experience of the interactive & intuitive landing page.

Build Pet Shop/Supplies Market

Launching a hyper-local multi-store application for a pet shop is a good choice, isn't it? Due to the stronger demand for pets and the advent of online purchasing, the pet industry such as Petco, PetSmart, Chewy offering pet products and services through a mobile application as well as a web store to continuing a steady upward trend.

  • Now, establish your own online pet marketplace application on a full fledge platform on Magento allows users to get a certain type of premium, human-grade pet foods at your doorstep in less time.
  • This application will give power to the customer to choose and incentivize ethical sellers if you don't like certain seller practices.
  • There are plenty of features are available for the customer, seller, and store owner to play around within the application.
  • Sellers can sell their items online and proceed with the order management directly by using the mobile application itself.  


For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/.

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based on 2 reviews
Nidal Elayache
Posted On - June 8, 2023
excellent product and support
Friendly application and easy to use and configure, the support team is doing a great job, always they try their best to solve any concern that you have, great work guys keep going
Jay Morfe
Posted On - June 23, 2021
Excellent product
Excellent product. I'd like to thank you guys for the great opportunity to accomplish the project together, it's been a great time and it was successful. I would also like to thank Ardash and his team as they were very professional and kept me updated frequently and answered every one of my questions without hesitation.
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