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Daily Deal for Shopware 6: The Shopware 6 Daily deals module is a great idea for selling off. Create as many deals as you need and sales. You can assign the deal to any product in your Shopware store and make the deal by active the date and time of deal activity.

The best way to improve the sale is by offering deals to the consumer regarding the pricing of the products. The consumer can see Top selling deals and newly selling deals block under the Daily Deal option.

Highlighted Features

 Add Daily Deal Feature

The Daily Deal feature can be added for products.

 Set Deal Price and Duration

The admin can add the deal price and duration.

 Activate/Deactivate Deal Product

The admin can activate or deactivate the Daily Deals product.

 Countdown Timer

The countdown timer can be added to the deal products.

What is the daily deal for Shopware 6?

The daily deal day is generally known as an effective increase in which e-commercial websites offer products with appealing discounts to customers in limited time. In the Daily Deal of Shopware 6, the admin can select the product and can schedule the start and end date of the deals.

After entering the price of the product the admin can activate the deal on that product. The Store owner can easily add the deal in-store product with the deal quantity, price, date-time.

Why should we use the daily deal for our e-commerce platform?

With the help of this module. the store owner can create many sales for your website to engage customers through various discounts like - weekly/monthly and holidays. The daily deal works by allowing the store owner to market discounted services or products directly to the customers of the deal company, which receives a portion of the retailer's profit.

This provides retailers to build brand loyalty and quickly sell additional inventory. With this module, the customer can see daily top-selling deals.

Easy to Set Daily Deals

The admin can enable the daily deal option for any product from the back-end. It helps the admin to attract the customer towards several products.

  • The admin can select the product.
  • The admin can set the deal duration - date & time.
  • Select the deal date from the calendar.
  • The admin can set the deal price.
  • The admin can activate the product.

Admin product Overview

The admin can here manage to add, delete or edit any feeds. Admin can enable any particular feed by editing it and can perform mass delete also.

  • The admin can add, delete, or edit any feed.
  • The admin can see the product name and product number.
  • Admin can see the actual price and deal price.
  • The admin can see the deal duration.

Daily Deals Discount

The Store owners present a discount label on every deal and the consumers can simply get the discount information at the first look. The daily deals products will be visible on the store on the product page, category page, search page, and checkout page.

  • The consumer can add deals on any product.
  • The consumer can set the quantity & price of the deal.
  • A consumer can also see the deal price on the checkout page.
  • The consumer can filter deal products based on categories.

Show Daily Deals with Countdown Timer

The Consumer can get the same product for a special price, and this deal facility is limited for a certain period. Consumers can buy products by displaying a countdown timer on the product page.

  • Consumers can see deal value information - percent off & save the amount.
  • Consumers can see the dynamic label and deal description.
  • The consumers can see the countdown time on also checkout page.
  • The timer interface can attractive to consumers at first sight.

Deals Collection Page

Consumers have an option to view all the available deals on the store. A consumer can view the Deals Collection page. The Logged in Consumer can reach through the Daily Deals option from the main menu.

  • The admin can list all the special deals on a single page.
  • The consumers can view all the available deals in one place.
  • The consumers can view top deals of the day.
  • Consumers can view top viewed deals.

Features List

  • The cart page will show the deal price to the consumers.
  • The consumers can view the deal information on the product detail page and checkout page.
  • The consumers can also view the deal information on the category and search product list.
  • The admin can view the list of all the deals.
  • Allow adding daily deals feature in your products.
  • Filter with categories and periods.
  • The consumer can see top selling deals and recently selling deals block.
  • Date time picker for date and time selection.
  • A countdown timer for the deal product.


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