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Marketplace Delivery Boy App for Magento 2
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Marketplace Delivery Boy App for Magento 2: With this marketplace delivery boy app, the sellers can also manage delivery boys for their orders. While the delivery is processing, the seller can track the delivery boy. The seller can also manage the delivery boy details and add the new delivery boy anytime needed.

From the delivery boy’s end, a proper authentication process is available to ensure the correct delivery to the customer. The seller will be able to assign the orders to the online delivery boys only. The delivery boys can change their status as per their availability.

The delivery boy can chat with the admin using the mobile application easily. The map location is provided for each order so that the delivery boy can easily reach the location.

Note - For Marketplace Delivery Boy, you need Webkul’s Magento 2 Multi-Vendor Module.

Highlighted Features

 Purely Native iOS and Android App

Build your customizable on-demand meal delivery application for Android and iOS platforms.

 Fast and Feasible Delivery

The app provides the express delivery method for providing swift delivery.

 Nearby Location Search

Delivery boy can search for the location of pickup and delivery.

 Track your Delivery Boy

The admin and the customer can easily track the delivery boy for getting the order updates.

 Accept or Reject an Order

The delivery boy can either Accept or Reject the order.

 Stay Connected via Chat Facility

The delivery boy can connect directly with the admin via chats.

Why use Marketplace Delivery Boy App for Magento 2?

  • The vendors of the store will get the authority to assign the delivery boy.
  • Delivery boy management will be at the seller end.
  • The admin no more needs to stress about the delivery by management
  • These sellers will have their own delivery employees.
  • It can be used in industries like food delivery, daily needs, essential items, household groceries, etc.
  • Sellers can manage their own orders and shipping.

Informative Dashboard

  • This is the most demanding feature for any mobile application.
  • The app includes the relevant monitoring data about the sales and orders.
  • The orders and sales are shown in the form of graphs.
  • The delivery boy can also check the Pending, Processing, and the Complete Orders for the day.
  • When the seller logs in to the application, they can also check the Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly store

Delivery Boy Management By Vendor

  • The seller can add the details of the new delivery boy.
  • The seller will add the Name, email Vehicle details, Password and Address of the Delivery Boy.
  • The seller will also add the avatar of a delivery boy.
  • Delivery boy can be enabled or disabled by the seller.
  • The seller can also edit the details of an existing Delivery boy.
  • Whereas, the delivery boy can check their profile under the settings tab.

Express Delivery Shipping Method

  • The admin will manage the Express delivery settings from the admin backend.
  • The admin can change the title of shipping visible in the storefront.
  • The admin will select the shipping type and handling fee type from the available options.
  • The shipping price that will be applicable for shipping, will also be added by the admin.
  • Shipping will be provided in all countries or some specific countries as restricted by the admin for the delivery.
  • This will reduce the delivery time to a great extent.

Order Assignment By Vendor

  • The seller will assign the delivery boy for their orders.
  • Only the online delivery boys will be visible to the seller.
  • The seller will select any one among them.
  • As the seller assigns the order, the customer will get the OTP (one time password).
  • The order status will change from Pending to Processing.
  • The seller will get notified once the order is completed.

Direct Chat with Delivery Boy

  • The admin can chat with the delivery boy.
  • Any urgent information can be shared over the chat.
  • For any query or concern, the delivery boy will connect with the admin.
  • The admin can chat with the delivery boys and the customers.

Order Management By Delivery Boy

  • Once the order is assigned, the delivery boy will accept or reject it.
  • For Rejecting the order the delivery boy will have to provide the genuine reason.
  • After accepting the order, the delivery boy will pick up the order.
  • The pickup and delivery location can be checked on the map provided.
  • The delivery boy will authenticate the customer via OTP verification.

Delivery Boy Ratings & Reviews

  • The customer can rate the delivery boy with the star rating.
  • The customer can type the review for the delivery boy.
  • Admin can enable or disable the review from the backend.
  • The admin can also edit the reviews added by the seller.

Delivery Boy Management By Admin

  • The admin can also manage the delivery boy from the backend panel.
  • The admin can assign orders to the available delivery boy.
  • The admin can also track and manage the delivery boy.
  • Details of the delivery boy can be added from the admin panel.
  • The admin can add comments to the order.


  • Fully Native Android and iOS Application, built on Java and Swift Respectively.
  • The seller will manage their delivery boys.
  • Express delivery shipping method added for customers.
  • The seller can add, upload profile information, and edit accounts of delivery boys.
  • The seller can assign a delivery boy for his order.
  • The seller can manage the delivery boy review.
  • The marketplace admin can monitor the complete delivery boy management.
  • Dashboard to view sales graph, orders, location.
  • The delivery Boy can change the status among Offline and Online.
  • The seller can assign the orders to the Online delivery boys only.
  • Online chat with the delivery boy from the app.
  • The delivery boy will do proper customer authentication before delivering the product.
  • A delivery boy can accept or reject any order from the app.
  • OTP verification code for order confirmation.


For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/.

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Kassim Abdela
mesrak.com/ (ET)
Posted On - August 10, 2021
Quality Customer Service & Products
To tell the truth, initially since I only know them online, I had some doubts about their service and product. I tried them with two products.

Their professional customer service, the quality of their products, their dedication to improvement and to correct issues, their speedy response all make you feel you found the right technology company.

Thank you Webkul.
Posted On - April 6, 2021
Good Service and Support
Very happy with the service
Az Konnekt
Posted On - September 9, 2020
Most dedicated and committed team
They are the most dedicated and committed team on any project.

I have embarked on. They go above and beyond in resolving any issues I have, are courteous and make my experience as frustration free as possible.
Honestly, Webkul is the second to none.
I wholeheartedly recommend them, - without any reservation - to anyone who might need there services.
Yassir Eltahir
Posted On - July 13, 2020
Excellent Support 24/7
You are totally working 24/7.
Apologize for the inconvenience
I sometimes don't remember the time zone and differences between my time and yours!
Shain David
Posted On - July 6, 2020
Highly Recommend Webkul Services
Marketplace Delivery Boy App for Magento2 Android App was successfully installed and configured by the Webkul Team. Communication via the tickets was very helpful and swift. I highly recommend Webkul services

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