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Marketplace Review Reminder for Magento 2


Marketplace Review Reminder for Magento 2: This module allows the store owner to enable review reminder mail for the products as well as for the seller's profile. The admin can select the customer groups for sending the email reminder. This module also facilitates the admin to add discount coupons for the successful review. The customers can even review the seller profile and get a discount for the same.

Please Note - This is a marketplace add-on, so you need to install Webkul's Marketplace Multi Vendor Module for Magento 2 first.

Highlighted Features

 Emails To Customers

After purchasing the products, the admin can send the review emails to customers for providing their valuable feedback over products & seller profiles if in case.

 Automated Review Emails

Send automated review reminder Emails to customers via cron or also can send manually by the help of terminal commands.

 Email As Per Customer Groups

The admin can select the respective customer groups to whom the emails to be sent only.

 Offer Attractive Offers

The add-on provides the discount coupons to the customers upon successful reviewing the products or seller profile that can be used in their next shopping.

 Improve Conversion Rate

Exciting discount offers given to customers will definitely help in overall store conversion rate.

 Count/Delay for Review Emails

The admin can set the count & delay for the emails to be sent and when with the specific input

Why To Use This Add-On?

Increasing customers in flow is the only desire of any business owner whether online or offline. In such a competitive market retaining customers is also a very tough task to achieve. But by the right strategy one can lead to that easily.

Now if you’re having an eCommerce online marketplace, we have made it easy for you. By using our Multi Vendor Product Review Add-On, you can send review emails to your customers after they made a purchase from your online store.

After a successful review, you can also send the discount coupons to those customers via email which they can use later on for doing further shopping.

Easy Admin Management

The admin will perform some basic configuration in the add-on by general settings of the extension like-

  • The admin can Enable Asynchronous Sending of review email automatically or manually.
  • Select the customer groups to be included.
  • Can set the email of the user from whose Id the email will be sent to the customers.

Product Review Reminder Email

After the basic configuration, admin will perform some basic configuration for product review reminder like

  • Enable/Disable the product review reminder email to the customer.
  • Set the order status at only which the email will be sent.
  • Can manage the reminder count, delay period.
  • Can select the pre-created email templates to be sent to registered or guest customers.

Product Review Confirmation Email

The admin can also configure the review confirmation email setting for the emails sent to the customers. Here the admin

  • Enable/Disable the discount coupon option for sending it to the customer after a successful review given by them.
  • Enable/Disable the seller review confirmation email to the customer.
  • Set the order status at only which the email will be sent.
  • Also can set its reminder count, delay period.
  • Select the pre-created email templates to be sent to registered or guest customers.
  • Give a discount title that will be visible on the discount section of review confirmation email template

Email To Customers

The customer will receive emails after doing shopping from the online store for

  • Providing feedback over the products & respective sellers.
  • The email received by the guest & registered customers are different as selected by the admin during configuration.
  • If the customer gives a successful review, they will receive a review confirmation email too.
  • The review confirmation email will be having a discount coupon for the customer if enabled from the admin end.
  • The discount coupon can be used by the customer for their future shopping at the store.


  • The admin can configure product review settings.
  • The admin can configure the seller review setting.
  • The reminder emails can be sent automatically via Cron setup that needs to be done on the server
  • Can also be sent manually by the help of commands.
  • Also, the emails can be sent out to the customers by the help of a dedicated Run Process Manually button which will send emails as per the order status set under configuration by the admin.
  • Allowed to select dynamic email templates for both logged in as well as guest customers.
  • The admin can enable and disable asynchronous email sending.
  • The admin can set the reminder email counts.
  • The admin can also set reminder email to be sent with hours as well as days delay.
  • The admin can send reminder emails as per the specific customer groups.
  • The admin can select the order status at only which the review reminder & confirmation email can be sent out.
  • Can enable the discount option to the customer on the provision of successful review.
  • The discount can be given to the customers who give the review as per the cart rule created.
  • The discount coupon provided to the customer via email can be used on further shopping on the website.


For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/.

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