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Magento 2 Marketplace Import Vendors: This extension allows the admin to add a bulk number of vendors into the marketplace. The admin can download the sample files and then upload bulk vendor data using CSV, XLS, XML files. The admin can see the list of all uploaded vendors. Once the admin has uploaded the vendor profiles they will get notified through the mail. Through mail, they will receive a link to set the password.

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Highlighted Features

 Bulk Vendor Import

The admin can upload the vendor profiles data in bulk through CSV, XML, or XLS file.

 Uploaded Vendors List

The admin can view the list of all vendors which are uploaded by them in bulk.

 Email Notification

The vendors get notified through email that they are a registered vendor now.

 Easily Set a Password

The vendors can easily set a password for their account.

Why do we need this module?

If the admin has to upload a huge number of vendor profiles from the back-end, then it gets very tedious task for them. They need to create the vendor profile one by one from the back-end and it indulges hours. Also, the chances of making mistakes while creating the profile got to increase.

To solve this problem of the store owner, the admin must introduce Magento 2 Marketplace Import Vendors module into their website. This module is one only solution to this problem. It helps the store owner to bulk import the vendor profile into the marketplace.

Vendor Mass Upload

The admin can easily upload the vendor profiles now in bulk. The admin can download the sample file according to the convenience.

  • For importing the profiles, the admin needs to provide profile information.
  • The admin needs to provide the profile label and upload the supported files.
  • After uploading the file, the request gets queued for further processing.

Vendor Profile List

Once, the store owner has imported the vendor profiles, they can see the list of all the vendors imported lately.

  • From the list, the store owner can check the profile name of the vendors.
  • The admin can also check the vendor's shop URL and their email IDs. 
  • The admin can check the status of the imported profiles either they got completed or are queued.

Email Notification

The email notification helps to inform the vendors that they are registered on the marketplace successfully. Once the store owner has imported the file, then after getting processed, the vendors will receive the email notification.

  • In the email, the vendors will receive the link to set a new password. 
  • Also, the vendors can log in to the store using the provided log in link.
  • In the email, the vendors can also see what access they have through their marketplace accounts.

CSV Data Entry

The store owner can upload the seller profiles into the marketplace through various files such as CSV, XML, XLS. The admin needs to keep the column name the same as the column code of the vendor attributes.

  • The admin can view the column codes of the vendor attributes from the column attribute.
  • If the column name is not the same as the column code of the vendor attribute, then the file couldn't get uploaded successfully.
  • The admin can make an entry of bulk data in the supported files and import it.


  • The admin can bulk upload the vendor profiles.
  • Download sample vendor upload files in CSV, XLS, XML formats.
  • The admin can see the list of uploaded vendors.
  • Set a custom profile label.
  • Email notification to the seller in uploading the profile.
  • The sellers can set the password from their end.


For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/.

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