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Laravel eCommerce SaaS Subscription: This module helps the store owner or super admin to create multiple subscription plans for the tenants to purchase. However, a restriction can be done according to the number of products, orders, attributes, and categories.

Also, the saas subscription modules allow the super admin to create not only trail subscription plans but also the super admin can create free plans for the tenants to successfully grab the tenant trust towards their store.

In addition to this, the module also supports a Paypal recurring profile which helps both the store owner/super admin and buyer to activate and renew the subscription plans.

Important Note - This module is an add-on of Webkul's Laravel e-Commerce Multi Company SaaS Module, So for using this module you need to install Webkul's Laravel e-Commerce Multi Company SaaS Module first.

Highlighted Features

 Unlimited Subscription Plan

The module allows creating an unlimited subscription plan for tenants with special prices and exclusive features.

 Trial Plan

Offer your tenants a free trial for any of your subscription plan, for any length of time you’d like.

 Custom Plan

Create unlimited custom subscription plans based on products, categories, attributes, attribute family, and orders.

 Free Plan

The super admin can also create free subscription plans for their tenants.

 Renew Subscription Plan

The module supports PayPal recurring profile to activate and renew the existing plan.

 Set Recurring Payment

Setup the online recurring payments using PayPal. The tenants will find the payment methods at the time of checkout.

What is the Need for Laravel eCommerce SaaS Subscription Module?

Laravel eCommerce SaaS Subscription is a wonderful module as it allows the super admin to charge the user to become a tenant. The super admin can create multiple subscription plans to expire time as well. This way, no random user will become a "Tenant" in your store, rather they have to pay to become a tenant. It will secure you and your store from Fraud Users.

Benefits of Laravel eCommerce SaaS Subscription Module for Super Admin

Laravel eCommerce SaaS Subscription module facilitates the super admin to create an unlimited subscription plan with a specific period. Apart from this check the below list of super admin benefits:

  • By running a subscription site allows the store owner to generate recurring revenue. The tenant will pay you a monthly and yearly basis in exchange for accessing your platform.
  • For the super admin, the subscription site is easy to set up.
  • The subscription site helps the store owner to generate a regular income.
  • Increase in Market Value - As you are providing unlimited subscription plans and you have a large number of members/tenants your site becomes more and more valuable in the market.
  • As the Laravel saas subscription module allows the super admin to provide a trail plan to the tenants, this will not only help you to increase the sales but also build the tenant's trust towards your site.

Benefits of Laravel eCommerce SaaS Subscription Module for Tenants

Laravel eCommerce SaaS Subscription Module provides several benefits for the tenants. It makes it easier for whole tenants to search for potential tenants and to complete the sales cycle.

  • The tenant can renew the subscription plan when it expires.
  • As super admin is providing trail and free subscription plans so before going to pay the tenant can have an experience of the platform.
  • No maintenance cost is required also providing fast browsing speed.
  • If a user/tenant is a non-technical person but they want to start their eCommerce business, so simply they can buy the subscription plan and start selling the product online.
  • The tenant can upgrade the subscription plan to the upper level.
  • As Laravel eCommerce SaaS Subscription module is supporting Paypal recurring payment system, so the tenant does not need to remember the payment date or due date, the payment will be done automatically. This will helps the tenant to work smoothly and focused.
  • The tenant can buy any subscription plan as per their choice and need based on the number of products, orders, attributes, and attribute family.

Add Unlimited Subscription Plans

The super admin will have all the recurring subscription plans which they have created for the tenants to buy. Here the super admin can see all the details about the subscription plan such as code, name, monthly amount, yearly amount, and status. However, while adding the subscription plan you need to mention the below details:

  • Set the code for the plan.
  • Enter the name of the plan.
  • Enter the plan description.
  • Mention the monthly amount.
  • Enter the monthly amount for the year.

Purchased Subscription Plans

Under the purchased subscription plan section, the super admin will find all the purchased plan list of their site. Also, the super admin will find some information like Id, Plan, Company Name, Amount, Period Unit, Profile State, and Action filed where the super admin can check all details such as:

  • Billing Cycle.
  • Next Billing Date.
  • Payment Status.
  • Expiration Date.
  • Profile ID.
  • Plan Features Details.

Attractive Subscription Plans for Tenants

The tenant can buy a subscription plan and become a member of a store. However, subscription plays an important role for a tenant as it helps in luring customer traffic, and hence the revenue generation is more for the store. This also enhances the goodwill of the tenant in front of the admin.

  • The tenant can add products only after purchasing the subscription plan.
  • The tenant can also add the product to the free subscription plan.
  • Also, only one subscription is active at a time.
  • The tenant can add several products that do not exceed the product list of a subscription plan.
  • The tenant can also look out all features provided into the specific subscription plan under the overview section.
  • A seller can choose any membership plan as per the requirement and after purchasing the plan view it under Activated plans.
  • Once the tenant buys the plan after that they can manage their store products, payments, and orders.

Subscription Plan Limitations

Under the subscription plan limitation, the super admin can restrict any of their subscription plan based on several values, accordingly, they can charge their tenants for buying a particular plan. Moreover, the super admin can also define the plan limitations even when they are adding any free plan to their site.

  • Enter the number of products allowed in a specific plan.
  • Enter the number of categories allowed.
  • Mention the allowed attributes number.
  • Enter the number of attributes of the family.
  • The number of channels tenant can manage.
  • Mention the number of orders for a plan.

Supports Paypal Recurring Payment

This module Supports PayPal Recurring Profile which includes information about the recurring payments details for an optional trial period and a regular payment period

  • Select the mode as Sandbox or Production.
  • Enter the Merchant Paypal Id.
  • Enter the username.
  • Enter the password.
  • To configure the PayPal API enter the signature.

Complete Features List

  • The super admin can create unlimited subscription plans.
  • The super admin can also create a free subscription plan for the tenant.
  • The super admin can allow trial for the tenant.
  • Also, the super admin can set the number of days for the trail plan.
  • The super admin can set the period of subscription plan.
  • The super admin can restrict the subscription plan based on the number of products, orders, attributes, categories, and attribute family.
  • The super admin can manage the duration type such as monthly and yearly.
  • The tenant can purchase plans according to their need.
  • The module supports PayPal's recurring profiles to activate the plan.


For any issue related to this module, please create a support ticket here at -  https://webkul.uvdesk.com/en/customer/create-ticket/ or send an email to support@webkul.com

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