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Magento 2 Product NFC Tags: Magento 2 PWA NFC Tap Purchase extension empowers the PWA with an additional feature. With the help of this feature along with a Progressive web app, the user will get a feature of NFC( Near Field Communication) tag. Thus, with the help of this PWA, the user not only enjoys fast speed but also a seamless checkout process. The only requirement here is of tap and the product will be part of the cart. Thus, helping in saving time and effort of users in e-Commerce store and Sales agent in Physical Outlet. It escalates the user experience and leads to more conversions in return.


  • The device browser must support the NFC feature.
  • The functionality works on HTTPS only.

Highlighted Features

 Prompt Add to Cart Process

The NFC feature in PWA allows the user to add the product cart without actually fetching it all over the store.

 Quick Cart Update

The customer needs not now manually edit the quantity of the product they can do so by increasing the Tags.

 High User Engagement

The tap and add to cart feature take the shopping experience to the next level allowing them to invest more time. Henceforth helping to generate more conversions.

 Native App-Like

The PWA is just like any other native app with the additional advantage of the web.

Using Product NFC Tags with Magento 2 Online Store?

Just like Casio, Burberry, and Made.com the NFC feature can help your physical and e-Commerce store to retain maximum customers. This Webkul extension can allow the users to tap the NFC tag and add products to the cart. This makes the shopping experience much effective for customers.

Thus, adding to an edge in physical stores wherein the customer feels self-reliant for the purchases and need not struggle in long queues. Similarly, e-Commerce customers can be at a supreme edge as they need not struggle to fetch desirable products.

Time-Saving Contactless Purchase Solution

The NFC feature can help in saving the time of users. With quick add to cart facility, the checkout process is made much efficient. It adds to a great advantage which increases the conversion rate and dimension the bounce rate.

  • Faster checkout.
  • Smarter purchases
  • Keeping Pace with the Upcoming trends.

Enhanced User Experience with NFC

The result of a vicious cycle of any business is customer satisfaction to increase their retention. The admin can enable the NFC settings to give the user the advantage of the feature. This plugin allows the user to cross easily purchase the desired product with an app tap.

  • Increamentation in revenue.
  • Setting to allow or restrict the NFC.
  • Deliver the best user experience at POS and website checkout.
  • Maintain a healthy customer relationship with high speed and easily accessible applications.

Offline Mode to Save Checkout Data

PWA is a great tool when it comes to weak internet connectivity. The hero behind this feature is service workers that work as a virtual proxy between browser and network. In this application, the products added in the cart remain saved even if the internet goes.

  • Customers need not add the product to the cart again and again.
  • Saves them from special research.
  • Add product can be checkout when the internet comes back.

Add Product to Cart with Tap

The product using this extension can be added to the cart with just a tap. This makes the checkout process much manageable and allows them to accelerate the procedure. The POS sales agent and e-Commerce customer just need a tap to add the product. Thus, helping them with checkout in a few steps.

  • Tap more to increase the quantity.
  • No need to search the product on the POS system and e-commerce website.
  • Avoids hassle at POS in a physical store.

Perfect for Omni Channel Sales

This one solution is unified is for both the brick and mortar store and the e-commerce store. This NFC feature allows users to manage the checkout procedure. Be it POS or e-Commerce store the NFC can add a lot of advantage in incrementation of sales.

  • Perfect for POS to manage crowds in the physical store.
  • Quick sales management with an app.
  • Encourages the Mobile-first approach to Physical stores.

Take Advantage of Device Capabilities

This PWA is just like any other native app in which we can take advantage of the device based feature of NFC. The Near Field Communication (NFC) is a standards-based wireless technology for short-range connectivity. In the app, it reads the NFC tags to recognize the product and make it part of the cart.

  • Advanced technology integration in PWA.
  • Works on Https and device browser must support the NFC feature
  • Makes PWA more productive.


  • More user-friendly than a web application.
  • Works lightning fast if compared to the website.
  • Supports push notification for Android devices.
  • Completely responsive on all the platforms.
  • Launches without the internet or low-quality internet.
  • It looks and feels like a native application.
  • Users do not need to update the progressive web application.
  • No app store requires managing the application.
  • Increases user engagement in the store.
  • Increases store revenue due to user engagement.
  • The application name can be entered by the admin.
  • Admin can upload and change the application icon.
  • The splash background color of the Progressive Web Application can also be changed by the admin.
  • Admin can set the theme color of the Progressive Web Application and manage the NFC settings.
  • The products are added to the cart by just tapping the respective NFC tag with the help of the smartphones.
  • Additional quantities can be added to the cart by scanning the same tag multiple times.
  • The admin can create/update NFC tags for the products from the code end.
  • Easy checkout with the desired product using PWA.
  • Managed long ques in the physical store.
  • It makes the POS management much easy.


For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/.

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