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OpenCart Mobile Emoji Push Notification - With the Mobile emoji Push Notifications for OpenCart, the store owners will be able to add the emojis in push notifications. The feature is more liable for the store owners that require better customer engagement and sales rates in their store.

Sending attractive emoji push notifications actually communicates with the customers in some other way. The store owner can simply add the push notification and select the desired emoji related to that notification from the available emoji dropdown. The same will be visible to the customer when they receive it.

Please Note - This is an add-on to the default app, so you must purchase the Opencart Mobile App first.

Highlighted Features

 Add Emojis To Notification

The store owner will add suitable emojis to the notification.

 Increase Customer Engagement

Attractive notifications will increase customer engagement.

 Impress Customers With Emoji Push Notifications

It leaves a good impression in the mind of customers.

 Increase Conversion Rates

The store sales rate will also increase with satisfied customers.

Why Use This Module?

Even in this era when the technology is becoming smarter, the question of “how to send emoji in notification” is not disclosed yet. So, this module is the best answer, let’s see some of the benefits of the module:

  • The store owner can manage the emoji push notifications from the backend panel.
  • The emojis expresses more about the notification and is more attractive than regular text emojis.
  • It increases customer engagement in the store.
  • The customer can easily get a glimpse of notification by the emojis used for the same.
  • The customers are more likely to view the notifications with the emojis, it is highly possible that the customer will buy the products too.
  • It is widely used in the top industries like - food, commerce, booking reservations, etc.

Create Push Notifications With Emojis

The module allows the store owner to add/ edit the notifications with emojis seamlessly.

  • The admin will add the emoji notifications in a few clicks.
  • They just need to select the emoji from the available dropdown of the emoji that is a bit easy.
  • It is just that the admin selects the most suitable emojis for the suitable.
  • The admin can also edit the notification if need to change the emoji or content.
  • The admin can add emojis to the title and content of the notification.

Manage Notification List

The admin can check the emoji push notifications from the list available in the backend panel.

  • Under the list of emoji, push notifications the admin can inspect the various notifications.
  • The admin can select multiple Emoji push notifications and send them to the customers.
  • The title of the notification will be visible with the emojis, making it easy to analyze the notification.

Select From Various Emojis Available

The module provides a wide range of emojis to the store owner for adding it to the notification:

  • A dropdown button is available with the text field of the notification title and content.
  • Just by an easy click, a dropdown of emojis will be visible to the admin.
  • The drop-down includes various emojis, from which the admin will be able to select the most suitable one.
  • There are many kinds of notification available like emoticons, clothing, etc all the basic emojis.

Increase Push Notification Open Rates

Most times the customer ignores the notification popups.

  • For reducing ignorance by customers this module provides the best feature.
  • With emoji push notifications the user will surely open the notification that will increase the notification open rate for the store.
  • This is true because the emojis notification will leave a better impression on the customer’s mind.
  • With the open rates of notification, the chances of increasing sales also get an increase.

Attractive Notification Tab With Emojis

The customer can view the notifications from various screens of the mobile device:

  • The emoji push notification will be visible in the lock screen of the device.
  • Also, the notification will be visible under the notification bar of the mobile device.
  • The customer can also check the notification by navigating to the notification tab of the mobile application.
  • The customer uses the Opencart Mobile App for checking the same, as this feature is an add-on to this app.


  • The store owner will send mobile app push notifications with emojis.
  • Insert emojis into the push notification title.
  • Insert emojis into push notification content message.
  • Various collections of emojis are available for adding with the push notifications.


For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/

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