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    Official OpenCart Gold Partner and Core Code Contributor
    Working for OpenCart since 2010 and contributed to latest stable release v3.0.3.7

    Opencart Quick Edit

    Opencart Quick Edit: This extension adds Quick Search feature to the admin panel. Finally, you can save tons of time and can search & edit the important info on the order, customer and catalog page from a single Quick Search & Edit page from the backend panel.


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    Opencart Quick Edit: This extension adds Quick Search and Edit feature to the admin panel. Finally, you can save tons of time from searching the particular page and visiting the particular page to perform an action. Now the admin can search & edit the important info on the order, customer and catalog page from a single Quick Search & Edit page on the backend panel.

    Highlighted Features

     Saves Time

    This module saves your time, by allowing the admin to quickly edit the data under orders, customers & catalog sections.

     Enable and disable quick editing

    The admin can easily enable or disable the section to be quickly editable.

     Handy filter options to search for products

    Enter the minimum information under the desired page, then based on that Filter option provides search criteria for a particular item based on the information provided prior for the desired page.

     Better Management

    The quick search & edit functionality makes the admin end highly productive to be used for webstore management.

    How Is Opencart quick edit extension beneficial for your Store?

    With the help of this extension, the admin ( Store owner ) can easily manage the order, customer & the catalog page from the admin backend panel. The admin can easily select among the various pages like order, customer or catalog, then after selecting the page to be modified, the admin enters significant data in the fields available & based on that will filter the corresponding data.

    For example:- If customer page needs to be modified, then firstly, the admin will enter information in the fields provided for customer page like name & email id, after this will click on the filter button and based on that entered data will get significant customer results. Now to quickly edit the information about that searched results- just click on the value you want to change, select it then a pop will display, change the value as per choice then hit update to save the changes. Clicking outside the edit box will cancel the edit.

    Extension Configuration

    The admin can easily configure the module from the backend panel.

    From the backend panel, the admin can-

    • Can set the status to enable, to make the module live.
    • Catalog- The admin enables this field to allow the catalog pages to be reflected in the quick edit.
    • Product- This will allow the quick search and edit feature for the product page.
    • Option- The Product Option can have the functionality of Quick Search and Edit by setting this field as enabling.
    • Manufactures- The admin can easily search and edit the information about manufactures by allowing this field too.
    • Orders- The admin can Quickly search and edit the orders by enabling this field.
    • Customer- The admin can enable this field to allow quick search and edit of the information related to the customer information.
     Extension Configuration

    Order Page

    The admin can choose the order page under this section, which will allow the admin to filter out the orders by simply entering the detail related to the orders to enable the filter, which can be later edited quickly.

    The admin can enter information regarding orders in attributes like-

    • Order id.
    • Customer Email.
    • Order Status.
    • Total.
    • Multiple Order Status etc.

    Based on this information, the admin can easily filter out orders that can be edited quickly.

     Order Page

    Customer Page

    The admin can Quickly search and edit the customer data with the help of Quick Search and Edit module. So, here the admin can enter details as-

    • Name of the customer.
    • Customer contact number.
    • To the Group, the customer belongs like default or some other special customer.
    • The Date on which the customer was added.
    • The email id detail of the customer.
    • The Status of the customer can be entered by the admin.
    • The IP address of the system by which the customer is accessing the website.

    Based on the entered information, the admin can easily filter out the customers that can be edited quickly by the admin.

     Customer Page

    Catalog section

    The catalog section contains four major pages- Product, Categories, Options, and Manufactures.

    The admin can easily choose among the mentioned pages to be quickly updated by entering the necessary data in the attributes required.

    • Firstly the admin will select the catalog page from the dropdown on the left & will select a page from the dropdown having the product, options, manufacturers pages on the right.
    • Each subpage will have a different attribute and based on that the admin will get the results that can be quickly edited.
     Catalog section

     Complete Features List

    • Enable or disable the extension
    • Select page to edit: order, customer, catalog.
    • Search customer by phone no, email, name, groups, status.
    • Search orders by the customer by phone no, email, name
    • Search orders by order ID, Status.
    • Search orders b/w date ranges.
    • Search orders by Shipping postcode.
    • Search product, manufacturer, categories & options.
    • Search product by name, ID.
    • Search product by price,SKU, quantity.


    For any query or issue, please create a support ticket here

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    Product Version2.0.0.1
    Released5 years ago
    Last UpdatedOctober 10, 2023 (6 months ago)
    Supported VersionsOpenCart  2.0.x.x  2.1.x.x  2.2.x.x  2.3.x.x  3.x.x.x  
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     Frequently Asked Questions

      Is it required to fill information in each attribute to search for a page?
    No, it is not essential, one can simply search the results on respective pages by filling details in one or more attribute, then filter out the results based on the entered information.
      How to edit the results quickly from the grid?
    To quickly edit a result, the store owner just need to click on the value under the column and change the value there only.
     Is it possible to allow this feature for specific pages only?
    Yes, from the module configuration, the admin can easily enable this feature to be used for specific pages like for order or customer, etc.
      Do the page refresh every time when a value got updated under any column?
    This module supports AJAX based loading which helps your page from being refreshed from the scratch on every field update.
     Do this module supports multi-language?
    Yes, this module supports the multi-language.

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