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Magento 2 Store Locator: Drive more store sales by using this module and let the buyers shop online and pick the order from the nearest store. It also facilitates the merchant to lower the shipping costs and increase buyer choice. Boost up the store sales, save shipping time, provide a faster delivery in one round, and minimize the product return rate by using this module for an eCommerce store.

Highlighted Features

 Add Multiple Pickup Locations

Merchants can add multiple pickup locations to the store.

 Check Nearest Store

Facilitates the buyers to check the nearest pickup store.

 Faster Delivery Option

Buyers can get their items faster than waiting for delivery.

 Save Shipping Charge

Store pick up saves the shipping charge of buyers.

What is the use of this module and why should I use it?

In-Store Pick Up is the core service of the omnichannel eCommerce business. It is the main purpose businesses buy retail order management systems. It benefits the merchant in numerous ways it brings more foot traffic to the stores, saves on shipping cost, boosts customer loyalty, and strengthens brand image.

Also Nowadays customer prefers to quickly get ordered product from the nearest store for free than paying shipping charges for delivery. This module is perfect for brick-and-mortar businesses and merchants selling their products online. This module facilitates customers to shop online and pick up the parcel from the nearest store.

The customers need to go to the shopping cart page or select Store Pickup option and then proceed to checkout. This also reduces the delivery time and cost while their customers save time and money on shipping. This module allows showing pickup locations based on the customer's advanced search for the store within the defined radius.

BOPIS Facility for Shoppers

This module lets customers shop online and pick up from the nearest store. The list of all the stores present in the searched location will be displayed.

  • Manual location setup to get the nearest pickup store.
  • The address search feature to fetch the nearby pickup points.
  • List of pickup locations for buyers.
  • Pickup point store details.
  • Pickup store selection.
  • Store pickup shipping in the order summary.

Navigate Pickup Store through Google Map

Find the nearest store using your latitude and longitude then navigate through google map to pick up the parcel.

  • Provide latitude and longitude.
  • Easy to navigate the pickup point.
  • Get a nearby pickup store list.
  • Order and collect the parcel.

Save Shipping Cost and Time

Offer in-store pick up to store buyers and save the shipping costs. Lower shipping fees and utilize that to run more advertisements and deeper promotional offerings.

  • Setup the store pickup module.
  • Define calculate handling fee - Fixed or Percentage.
  • Show pickup location list to customers.
  • Determine the pickup store range to cover.
  • Allow address search for shoppers.

Add Multiple Pickup Locations

Facilitates the merchant to add multiple pickup stores. Also, let the buyer collect purchased order from the nearest pickup point.

  • Complete Information on Pickup Points.
  • Define Pickup Store's Timing.
  • Add Store Holidays.
  • Give Collection Point's Contact Information.
  • Provide Pickup Center's Address Details.
  • Assignment Products in Bulk to Pickup Stores.

Store Pickup Management

Pickup store management allows the admin to handle overall store pickup operations from a single panel.

  • Admin can add a new pickup store, also can edit/delete existing.
  • Authorizes the admin to monitor all the pickup store orders stored in one place.
  • Add a new holiday or edit the existing holiday from the list.

Schedule Order Pick Up Time

This module allows admin to schedule pick up orders for the customer from the order view page, it also allows admin to reschedule the pickup.

  • Admin can schedule pickup orders.
  • Admin needs to set the date and time for scheduling pickup.
  • Also enables the admin to reschedule pick up.
  • Customers can view "Pickup Scheduled At" information.


  • Buyers can see all the nearest pickup stores on google map.
  • Shoppers can see the distance and route to the pickup store from his location on google map.
  • Consumers can choose the nearest pickup store where he/she can pick his/her order.
  • The customer will get notified by email when the order is scheduled/re-scheduled by Admin.
  • The owner can create multiple pickup stores.
  • The admin can set holidays on specific dates as well as in date range.
  • Store admin can set store timings in different modes.
  • Merchant can see a list of pickup stores order.
  • Store owners can set a specific range in kilometers for the nearest pickup stores.
  • The owner can assign multiple products to pickup stores.
  • The admin can assign multiple pickup stores to products.
  • Merchant has an option to close the store urgently.
  • The extension uses the MSI Distance algorithm for calculating distance.
  • The module does distance range calculation in offline mode also.


For any issue related to this module, please create a support ticket here or send an email to support@webkul.com

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