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      Magento, 2.0.x , 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x, 2.4.x

      Speed Optimization Extension (WebP) for Magento 2

      Store Optimization for Magento 2: Speed up your online store performance with various image optimization techniques to provide a faster browsing experience to customers. Utilize Google's WebP image compression format to load images faster than before. Make your images responsive with srcset attribute and enable defer js loading for non blocking JavaScript.


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      Store Optimization for Magento 2: This module will allow the admin to optimize the store. The admin can optimize the images by enabling image optimization and responsive pixels. This will convert the image file format to .webp and this will help in faster loading of images. This module even allows the admin to increase the performance of the store by allowing defer loading.

      Defer loading means loading the page content first before loading the script.

      Highlighted Features

      Image Optimization (WebP Support)

      This module automatically converts the image file format to .webp

      Defer Loading

      This will increase the performance of your website by loading the page content first.

      Improve Google Ranking

      By improving the performance and loading speed the Google ranking of the website will increase.

      Image Responsive Pixels

      This module is responsive in nature and adjusts the images according to mobile, desktop, and tablet.

       JPEG Image Compression

      Convert your online store images into JPEG compressed format, reducing file size significantly without reducing quality.

       Mass Image Conversion

      Using the command-line tool, convert the bulk number of images into compressed formats - JPEG or WebP.

       Lazy Loading Images

      Enable Lazy Loading image technique to reduce page load time and size. Only viewable images are downloaded and shown.

       Infinite Scroll on Category & Search Pages

      Provide a seamless shopping experience to view more products on the same page.

      What is the use of the store optimization module?

      Store optimization is a very important part of any e-commerce webstore. This will make your website lightning-fast and increase the number of visitors to it. especially if your website is based on the Magento plate form. Because Magento is not a lightweight platform. So, to increase the performance of the website we need to optimize it.

      Under website optimization, image optimization plays a very important role. Because there is no use of the website which takes the user's essential time for loading. That's why we have integrated image optimization also in our module.

      It will help to compress the image by using .webp file format but the quality will not affect. Also, it will help in faster loading of images and increasing the performance of your website.

      Image Optimization (WebP Support )

      The admin can optimize the images by using the configuration option under the store tab. This will increase the process of store optimization and make your web pages light in weight to load.

      • The admin can enable image optimization to convert the image file type to .webp.
      • The .webp file format will compress the images without affecting the quality of the image.
      • Because of the small size of images, the webpage will load faster.
      • This will improve performance for your website.
      Image Optimization

      Defer JavaScript

      The admin can enable defer loading to optimize the code and increase performance.

      • After enabling defer loading the page content loads before loading the script.
      • As the page content load first, that's why the performance will increase.
      • The performance will get displayed only by running the Audit.
      • You can also check the accessibility and SEO of your website by using Audit.
      • This will help in decreasing the loading time of the webpages.
      Defer javascript

      Image Responsive Pixels

      Using configuration the admin can enable image responsive pixels for this module. The following are the advantages of image responsive pixels.

      • The image resolution will adjust according to the screen size of the device.
      • The quality of the image will not get affected.
      • The admin can enter a comma-separated list of the responsive pixels and the image responsive pixels will be applicable for that list.
      Image Responsive Pixels

      JPEG Images Compression

      JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) is a commonly used method of lossy compression technique for reducing the file size of digital images and digital photos. It is the most popular image compression standard across the world and the best-chosen file format for managing digital images and pictures online.

      • Most common file format for capturing, storing, and sharing images on the web.
      • Huge Reduction in file size as compared to other formats.
      • Minimal or no loss in quality when compared to the original image.
      • Improves web page size and loading time significantly. Automatically compress images on the product, category, and search pages.
      JPEG Images Compression

      Mass Convert Images to WebP or JPEG

      Using the command-line tool, the store administrator can convert the multiple numbers of image files to WebP or JPEG formats. This is useful for compressing a large number of different images quickly.

      • Convert any image file using the command line too.
      • Batch image compression and optimization.
      • Helpful in saving time and file storage.
      • No loss in the quality of the images.
      Mass Convert Images to WebP or JPEG

      Lazy Loading Images

      Enable Lazy Loader to optimize the images to appear as per the scroll of the user. Lazy loading works in a way that it shows only those images which are on the viewpoint and defer other images below.

      • Greatly helpful in reducing page load time.
      • It doesn’t affect the browsing experience of users.
      • Images are instantly loaded when the page is scrolled.
      • Improves web page performance, reduces cost and resources needed.
      • Lazy Loader optimized for the category, product, and search pages.
      Lazy Loading Images

      Infinite Scroll on Category & Search Pages

      Infinite scroll component is used on popular internet platforms and social networks. With this, the user gets to experience seamless content while scrolling. The new content appears automatically without leaving the current page.

      • No pagination for category and search pages.
      • Automatically shows products after each scroll.
      • Improves online store browsing experience.
      • Save page load times to a great extent.
      • Engages customers to view more and more products.
      Infinite Scroll on Category & Search Pages

      TTFB Support

      TTFB stands for time to the first byte. It is the amount of time to takes from when a client makes an HTTP request to it receiving its first byte of data from the webserver.

      • This module provides two types of image compression features i.e WebP and jpeg compression which helps to reduce the size of the page, and it helps in faster loading of the page.
      • It features lazy loading which stops images from loading at the time of page load and after the page gets loaded images start loading, this will result in faster page loading.
      • This module gives the feature to move all the scripts at the bottom of the page thus while page loading js does not load and results in faster page load, it is commonly known as defer loading.
      TTFB Support

      Varnish + Redis Cache Support

      As we know that caching in Magento is itself a very huge part. Magento 2 e-commerce platform provides three types of caching - Default Full Page Cache, Varnish Cache, Redis Full Page cache. Speed Optimization Extension (WebP) supports and works with all the three types of cache storage.

      • Varnish cache stores fragments of files in memory, that helps to reduce the response time for the equivalent requests.
      • A great tool that is used for speeding up website performance by caching static content.
      • Redis (Remote Dictionary Server) is a popular NoSQL database server that supports frequently asked questions in the cache. Helping end-users in saving their time.
      • It also helps to boost up the speed of the backend and frontend of the e-commerce store.

      Core Web Vitals - Google Ranking Factor 2021

      With Google announcing upcoming algorithm update on ranking factor, measurement, and page experience. The site owners are now guided with three key metrics (LCP, FID, CLS) that are essential for delivering a great user experience.

      • Largest Contentful Paint (Loading) - It measures the time taken to show the main content element (such as a large image or text) to the user. This is useful to check page rendering time and loading performance.
      • First Input Delay (Interactivity) - It checks how quickly a page responds to user interaction (such as clicking a link or tapping a button).
      • Cumulative Layout Shift (Visual Stability) - It scores unexpected page layout shifts (such as - movement of text, link, button) during the loading phase.

      Magento 2 SEO Extension and Magento 2 Speed Optimization offers various important features (WebP/JPG Image Optimization, Improve Lighthouse Page Performance, Cache Support, LazyLoading, Defer JS, Srcset). Helping to optimize your web store content and support upcoming 2021 Google Algorithm UX changes with Core Web Vitals.

      Core Web Vitals - Google Ranking Factor 2021


      • The admin can enable image optimization features with the help of this extension.
      • The admin can select the image compression type i.e .webp or Jpeg.
      • The selected type will result in the conversion of images into that selected file type from its original type
      • WebP file format will improve product and category page performance by loading the images at a faster rate.
      • Image responsive pixel functionality is available.
      • The admin can enter a comma-separated list of responsive pixels.
      • Defer loading functionality is available in this module.
      • The extension features an infinite scroller option for products available on category pages on the website. Thus helping in loading all the products of a category to be available on a single page.
      • The extension also features an image lazy loader feature which basically helps in loading the category pages faster.
      • In order to convert mass images available on CMS pages of the website then for that, the admin can easily by the help of terminal commands convert the images to .webP or to Jpeg file format.
      • Makes website performance and rating better.
      • This module works well with other caching options in Magento like varnish and Redis.


      For any query or issue please create a support ticket here

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      Fast and appropriate support

      Posted On - July 24, 2020

      Excellent services. Quick response and trouble shooting.

      Great service and support

      Posted On - July 24, 2020

      The team always ready to solve the issues with fast respond.
      among all the companies i know , this company the best
      good luck guys

      Professional Developer Team

      Posted On - July 17, 2020

      Quick and professional response by the support team.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      How to speed up a website based on Magento platform?
      For speeding up any website the best solution is to optimize that website. You can use this module to optimize your website and to increase speed. This module also facilitates you with the image optimization feature.
      Does this module improve the SEO of the website?
      There is no such option to improve SEO in this module. But by optimizing the images and enabling defer loading, the google search rank will increase for your website.
      Is it necessary to enable JS defer loading to increase the performance of the website?
      Yes, because by enabling defer loading the page content load first and then the scripts are loaded.
      Will this module automatically convert the image file format to optimize the images?
      Yes, you just need to enable image optimization and then the file format for the product images will get changed to .webp.
       Does the extension work with Varnish and Redis cache?
      Yes, Magento 2 Speed Optimization Extension, does support Varnish cache and Redis cache to serve the files quicker and reduce the loading time.

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      • + Features
      • - Bugs
      Version 4.0.0
      • + Compatible with Magento 2.4.x
      Version 3.0.1-p1
      • - Fixed issue with defer load js setting on ajax requests.
      Version 3.0.1
      • + Jpeg compression added
      • + image lazy loading added
      • + Infinite scroller added
      Version 3.0.0
      • + Compatible with Magento 2.3.x
      • + Makes website performance and rating better
      • + Admin can enable webp image format on the frontend for compressed image loading
      • + Enabling webp image format will improve frontend product and category page performance
      • + Admin can enable srcset attribute of image tag for responsive image loading
      • + Admin can enable defer js loading for non blocking js
      Version 2.0.0
      • + Compatible with Magento 2.1.x
      • + Makes website performance and rating better
      • + Admin can enable .webp image format on frontend for compressed image loading
      • + Enabling .webp image format will improve frontend product and category page performance
      • + Admin can enable srcset attribute of image tag for responsive image loading
      • + Admin can enable defer js loading for non-blocking js