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QloApps Tours and Packages - QloApps Tours and Packages is an add-on that will unlock a whole new dimension of hotel business for the admin. The admin will be able to sell tours and packages from his website and not just hotels, Tours and Packages option on a hotel booking website is always one of the USP for that website.

People prefer booking tours instead of making all the bookings separately due for many reasons. It saves them time, money and is very convenient. For the hotel websites to offer tours and packages is very fruitful. They help the admin to fill out the inventory quickly, also earn some extra revenue on the services offered in the package

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Highlighted Features

 Separate Tours and Packages Interface

Users will have a separate and attractive page for tours and packages where he can search for his desired location and date.

 Advance Filters

The user can filter his search results on the basis of price, duration, theme and activity in order to find his desired package on the go.

 Book or Enquire

Allow the user to book a package directly or allow only to raise queries and then resolve those queries manually.

 Dynamic Pricing

Admin can set the dynamic pricing on tour packages based on fixed price, occupancy wise and room wise.

 Intelligent Discounts

Offer discounts if the user books a certain number of people or rooms.

 Smart Inventory Management

Set a limit on the number of rooms that can be booked in a package.

 Smart Occupancy Management

Set a limit on the number of adults and children that can be added in a package and that can stay in a room.

QloApps Tours and Packages Features -

Front Office Features

    • A totally separate interface for the tours and package
    • Attractive and elegant design to display packages
    • Responsive to different screen size
    • Customer make the search for location and date
    • User can filter the search results on the basis of package duration
    • The customer can filter search results on the basis of the package price
    • User can filter search results on the basis of package theme
    • Customer can filter search results on the basis of package activity
    • User can filter the search result for the location
    • Search results show the offer tags for the packages that have a discount in them
    • Customer can check the full itinerary of the tour
    • Customer can add the room types to the packages as per their choice
    • Book or Enquire about the package
    • Book the whole package from a single cart

Backend Features

    • Admin can create packages of any duration
    • Admin can create as many packages as wants
    • Decide if a user can book the packages or he can only enquire about it
    • Three kinds of package pricing
      • Fixed package price
      • Price per person
      • Price per room
    • Decide child age for no charges
    • Offer a discount on the minimum number of persons or rooms
    • Admin can define his Terms and Policies
    • Admin can decide which room type will be offered in the package of a particular hotel
    • The Admin can create the whole itinerary
    • Admin can add activities in the package
    • Add transport facility in the package
    • Admin can Add special events in the package
    • Admin can Add nearby attractions to the package
    • Select the theme for the package
    • Manage all the inquiries from the customer
    • Decide the limit of rooms a user can purchase in a package
    • Decide the max occupancy that can be added in a package
    • Limit number of adult and children per room

Classy and Alluring Landing Page

QloApps Tours and Packages will create a separate landing page for such products. The landing page is smartly designed to attract traffic and increase the conversion rate of your website.

Here are some features of the landing page:

  • Dynamic header image
  • Seperate Location and Date search for tour packages only
  • Theme Slider to check packages of a particular theme
  • Best Offer Slider
  • Dynamic Slider for best selling packages
  • Destination Slider to check packages of a particular destination

Tour Detail Page

Tour detail page has all the details that a user needs for a package. From this page the user can book or enquire about a package. This page shows the overview, itinerary, package inclusions and detailed itinerary of the package.

The user can choose the desired room type, activity, event and transportation for the itinerary section.

Dynamic Pricing

The admin can price his tour package on three bases.

  • Fixed Price: Select a fixed price of the package and sell it at that price.
  • Price per person: Enter per adult price and age of child below which the child will not be charged. The cost of the package will be calculated as per the number of people added to the package by the user.
  • Room wise price: The cost of the package will be calculated as per the number of rooms added to the package by the user

Smart Occupancy Settings

The admin has the option to decide the maximum occupancy that this package can accommodate.

  • Limit the number of rooms that can be added in this package.
  • Limit the number of adults and children in this package.
  • Limit the number of adults and children allowed per room in this package.

Submit Query Form

The user has the option to enter this information and ask his question. He can ask anything he wants by just writing his question.

The admin will get his query on the backend and will resolve the query manually. The admin can also mark a query pending or resolved.

User selects per room occupancy

The system allows the maximum possible freedom to the end user when it comes to package booking.

The user can add the desired number of adults and children in each of the rooms he is booking. But the user will not be able to add occupancy more than the limit set up by admin.

Advance Filters and Package details

The website is designed in such a way that the user is never directionless. The user has all the options to search his desired package.

All the details of a package are well expressed and displayed so that a user can select and book the package.

The search result page will have the following filters:

  • Duration Filter
  • Price Filter
  • Theme Filter
  • Location Filter
  • Activities Filter

QloApps Tours and Packages Support -

For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com

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Ahmed Katayfji
Posted On - December 24, 2020
Very professional with the work & products.
They are very professional company .One of the best companies that I worked with and bought their services. They advise you to provide the best service at reasonable prices, thank you
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