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Multiple Shipping Methods for Magento 2
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This Adobe Commerce module allows the admin to create multiple shipping methods for the delivery of products. Which facilitates the customer with various available shipping methods to select from based on their region Zip/Postal code. The admin can even select the countries for which this shipping method will be available and give a suitable name for the shipping method. While creating a new shipping method the admin can set the title shipping, price, weight range, and zip code range for the delivery of the products.

Moreover, the admin can any time change these parameters such as pricing, zip code, or even weight range. Hence, the shipping methods can be adjusted based on requirements.

Highlighted Features

 Multiple Shipping Methods

Now manage and create multi-shipping methods moreover, the customers also get various shipping options to select from.

 Instant Shipping Estimate

The customers get an estimate of accurate shipping charge by selecting the available shipping method.

 Checkout With Multiple Address

This module is compatible with multi-address shipping.

 Supports Guest User

Even the guest users can purchase by selecting the available shipping method from the multiple shipping options available.

Why Incorporate Multiple Shipping methods in Adobe Commerce Website?

When you are selling globally or even in a country alone. To ensure the proper needs of your customers you have to provide them with those shipping options that they find feasible enough based on the product type majorly(weight) that they are buying and the place where they reside.

By creating Multi-Shipping methods in Magento 2 you can instantly generate custom build shipping methods with the amount you want to charge based on customers zip/code product weight and even allow specific countries for which you want the shipping method to be available.

All these features simplify your job and convert more sales on their own as customers don't quit purchasing a product just because they couldn't find a suitable shipping option.

Manage Multi-Shipping Methods

Simplify and manage shipping methods collectively from the admin end.

  • The admin can choose to include or discard all the shipping methods by disabling the module.
  • Can enter a suitable name and title for the shipping methods.
  • Select to ship to only on all the applicable countries or allow specific countries.
  • Sort the position at which the created shipping methods will be visible.
  • The admin can enter a required error message for no shipping method available scenario and can even change it anytime.

Create & Edit Shipping Methods

The admin can view all the shipping methods under one table and can edit the shipping methods.

  • The admin can add a new shipping method or even make changes to the existing shipping methods.
  • The admin can set the price that is the applicable charge of the associated shipping method.
  • Set the range of the product weight and zip/postal code range only on the purchase of product lying in the range the available shipping method will be visible.
  • For Alphanumeric zip simply use add the record to add as many as such zip codes.
  • The admin can enter the shipping method name, title, and state/province.
  • The admin can even select the country and using which shipping method will be applicable.

Enter Region and Estimate Shipping

Whenever a customer makes a purchase shipping charge will be applied based on their shipping option selection.

  • The customers can see the Imposed price on multiple shipping options and can select the one best accordingly.
  • List of Multiple Shipping options is visible when the buyer adds the products into his/her shopping cart.
  • The available results for shipping methods are filtered on their own as soon as the user enters the country, state/province, and ultimately the zip/postal code.
  • The customer’s zip/postal code determines whether the shipping method will be available or not.
  • Even the guest user can make a purchase using the multi-shipping methods available.
  • The calculated amount is visible on the order total and the checkout page as well.


  • The admin can add shipping labels with multiple shipping options.
  • The admin can enable/disable the shipping method/label.
  • Mass delete/status change at admin end.
  • Shipping will be calculated based on Country Id, ZIP, and weight.
  • Customers can select enabled shipping options according to the address.
  • This module is compatible with multi-address shipping.
  • Customers can also use multiple shipping checkout cart pages.


For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/.

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